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  1. 3 hours ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

    But remember? TNG wasn't on prime time. It was syndicated, which meant instead of being on Network hours local TV stations bought the show and showed it whenever they wanted. In my Market it was on Saturday night half an hour after the evening news. There were reruns on at 10:30 every weeknight too on a different station, so I lucked out.

    Star Trek is awesome, resistance is futile. 

    I think I was in high school?  Wouldn’t have stayed up that late to see it.  But really, I just don’t remember I guess.   And some of those later ones we probably watched on AFN/AFRTS, who showed things at odd times.  (SNL came on at noon)

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  2. 3 hours ago, Salinger said:


    I will do, I will contact them tomorrow ❤️ thanks Rho xx

    My mom instead of 1 week on, 4 weeks off, would be the opposite, 4 on 1 off (if lucky). Unfortunate splooging episodes out of nowhere.  When they finally offered her a hysterectomy they found that her uterus was inverted/retroverted (something like that) basically folded in half backwards.  My point is, it wasn’t  the giant badness she was afraid of

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  3. 5 hours ago, shaar said:


    The same Madness that strikes whenever a new platform comes out around the holidays. Or any *new* thing.  Cabbage Patch Kids (someone actually did a song to the tune of satisfaction by the Stones about it), the first Wii. There were fights and such over the  wii. Neighbor only got one cuz he was a cop, and “knew” somebody. Had to literally sneak it out the back so as to avoid the crazy. 

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  4. 11 hours ago, RhiaWolfe said:

    I think I'll start with walking

    It works.  That’s what I do.  When I first started the route I do, it look me 1 1/2 hours.  Now it takes 47 minutes.  My knees would hurt so bad, I would almost be in tears by the end.  But now, they don’t hurt nearly as much. And I’ve lost 32 lbs over 2 years. (Granted, my weight has gone up & down, up & down.  But it’s staying down so far.)

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  5. On 10/28/2020 at 9:29 PM, spezzy said:

    Hi Rinna! How'd the interview go? And how is walking?


    PS You are brave by even stepping foot into a challenge and trying :D 

    walking is going. The past 2 weeks did 19.4\20.4 miles, and last week we started the 30 days of yoga with Adrienne challenge.  But right now we’re doing m/w/f since we’re old stiff farts. 

    Interview went well, but think they haven’t called because I wanted more than they wanted to pay. And there are people who won’t challenge their offer.


    On 11/7/2020 at 10:49 AM, Rurik Harrgath said:

    You still alive out there, Rinna?  Hope all is well!

    I’m still alive.  Or maybe undead.  Not sure some days.  Been a lot of......angst, anger, depression lately.  Family discord.  Feels like I’m gonna shatter some days.....And existence itself is an effort on those days.  Not suicidal or anything.  Just don’t have any f%#*s left to give.


    On 10/30/2020 at 6:03 PM, juliebarkley said:

    When I was interviewing for jobs, I totally used homeschooling my child as a way to show that I could prepare and deliver programming for children, make adjustment to suit the audience, adapt quickly to unexpected situations, demonstrate patience and compassion with a frustrating customer, etc.


    Hope your interview went well!

    It went alright.  But no offer thus far.  If it’s meant, it’ll happen.  We aren’t in a bind, praise the Lord.  But after so long as a mom/housewife I wanted to help, even if it was in a small way.


    Thanks everyone.  I def don’t feel brave, or worthy,  or worth a shit.  You’re kindness slays me. (In a good way)

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  6. 16 hours ago, Cheetah said:


    One should always guard one's low-hanging fruits.



    Geez, I almost swallowed my tongue. 🤪


    4 hours ago, Mr_Willes said:

    Oow don't mind us, most of us here are having a lot of fun picking fruit!









    I got really distracted searching for relevant GIFs


    And then this beauty pops up, too good not to share... 

    Low hanging fruit: easy ways for Trion/XL games to return 'The Alpha Vibe'  - Page 4

    That’s creepy AF.

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  7. 4 minutes ago, shaar said:

    wendigos have ALWAYS piqued my interest.......

    I read a couple of horror stories about them when I was younger (before I noped out of horror everything Horror related).........scared the crapola out of me.  These days I tend to take that garbage i to my dreams.......even the stoopid commercials.  I’m a big weenie. 😆

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  8. 9 hours ago, foxinthenorth said:

    Even the real sugar kind? 😂It's weird how Pepsi and Coke are the same category of drink but people tend to like one over the other.

    Pepsi is just plain nasty. 

    1 hour ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

    They are awesome. Do you also miss: Toddler Meltdowns? Toddler Teething as the Molars Come In? Toddler Messes? Toddler Poopy Diapers? Toddler Food Throwing At Dinner Time?

    Ummm. No.  But cherish those kisses.  Soon those toddlers become teenagers who no longer want kisses & snuggles. (Granted it would be weird)

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  9. 1 hour ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

    Fair enough.


    There is nothing wrong with saying what you learned growing up.

    "Pop" sounds so much more foreign to me that "soda." When I was a kid folks around here would sometimes say "Soda Water" which may be why Soda sounds somewhat more familiar.

    I remember taking a trip to Michigan Spring Break of my Freshman year (Not that kind of trip, it was a Mission Trip to preach in churches up there). We got Pepsi all the time and they were not diplomatic in telling me they had no Dr. Pepper. This was back when I drank regular cokes (generic term rather than specific) and Dr. Pepper was my jam. First thing I did when we got back to Texas was get a real Dr. Pepper.

    I'm sure you're not unfamiliar with the concept given the time you've spent in the south, but Tea here, especially when outside in the heat, often is iced. Having said that, no one will prevent you from firing up our electric kettle and making some tea.

    I'm bout to smite me some evil.



    Today is a good day. I had a good time with our daughter. She was in a good mood most of the time and we had fun. One of the cute things she did today was bring her books to me and insist I read them to her, sometimes more than once. Another cute thing she did was when she was sitting on the recliner with me. She was almost to the footrest between my legs and turned around and started climbing up. I couldn't figure out why then she gave me a kiss.


    Earlier that day, I was tired so I laid down on the floor while she played and I drifted in and out of sleep. At one point, she woke me up with a kiss.



    In the afternoon I did Kettlebells, and did a couple more reps than on Tuesday! Dinner was really good. The sides were mashed sweet potatoes (pre-made from the refridgerated section, I just nuked them) and frozen steam-in-the-bag green beans. I love the look and taste of the orange and green veggie combo on a plate. For the main course I seasoned a couple of flank steaks with himalayan pink salt, pepper and olive oil and let that set in for a bit. I cooked them in butter in a cast iron skillet. The first one I cooked medium for Sra. Tanque and Little Bit, the second was rare for me. The star was a sauce I made with butter milk, mayo, parmesan, horse radish, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and lemon juice. I whisked everything together and let the flavors sit with each other for a while before serving. It was really good. I picked up our grocery order and put them away.


    Toddler kisses! I miss toddler kisses.

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  10. 3 hours ago, DaemonCorax said:


    I love Colorado, but both Boulder and the Springs have their quirks. Colorado Springs has a lot of city-traffic sprawl, where Boulder is much more manageable. The Air Force Academy makes my prior-service husband distinctly not a fan. It's also a very conservative area, which may or may not be your bent. Boulder is in some ways the opposite - good dirtbag culture, lots of safe places to park overnight, navigable by foot and bike, good coffee, some bastions of queer culture that are safe and welcoming. However, Boulder is also pretty silver-spoon and expensive. It's a great starting place, but you could easily end up in Golden, Lyons or FoCo. I will say I have a number of van-dwelling friends who don't have problems finding places to park.


    My favorite part of Colorado is the western slope. Yes, it is also a place not politically aligned with me, full of oil&gas. But it's diversifying. And the rocks are orange. And deserty.


    If you go full vanlife, message me. MFH is an auto-mechanic that ends up working on a lot of van builds. It can go horribly wrong, and I might be able to save you some time.


    3 hours ago, Rurik Harrgath said:


    Thank you very much for the info!  I've been through Denver and Boulder, loved both, and Breckenridge obvs, but wasn't around long enough to get a real feel.  Conservative does not suit my bent one bit, so that bit was particularly relevant.  Plus as a 'dirty foreigner' there are further complications to consider, hence why this is simply an initial facts-finding process ;) but I am looking to purchase the van come spring and start working on it by then.  Here's to hoping we have something resembling a border solution by then!


    Also I meant to mention it my previous post, even though we've talked about it in the past, I am extremely jealous of your climbing attributes and that is something I really want to aggressively pursue in the near future (no climbing gyms or bouldering here, for example).  Are you currently climbing, or still in recovery/health mode?  Ideally home base would have climbing facilities and a Muay Thai gym nearby too!  :D

    I Also live in CO.  I love it (except shoveling snow.  That sucks). There’s a lot to see.  Cripple creek is cool, but very tourist-y (gambling town) but the drive in is pretty.  Royal Gorge is fun, Phantom Canyon Road if your vehicle can do unimproved........it’s absolutely gorgeous.  Woodland Park, Manitou Springs (legal pit here if that’s your thang).  Lots of backroads to get from Co Springs & Denver if you aren’t in a hurry.  Some of those drives have random (for me) hiking trails.  

    My 2 cents.  Sorry/not sorry 😁


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  11. On 10/21/2020 at 1:39 PM, GoodDoug said:

    I need to find that mug for my daughter

    Pottery Barn   I got my honey the you’re my lobster one.....


    4 hours ago, RhiaWolfe said:


    Really? That's just... that's just wrong. That's a cook out, not a BBQ. Unless you got pulled pork and/or brisket, don't call it a BBQ. 

    Well, it depends on if you going to do it or eat it.  But we always said cook out.

    4 hours ago, foxinthenorth said:

    It's because on the West Coast we use the word "barbecue" to refer to the grill itself, not the cooking method (or at least, not just the cooking method).  I get that this may be technically incorrect...but referring to any soda other than Coca-Cola as "coke" is also technically incorrect so we're not the only region with this problem. ;) 

    Lawd, I actually remember this happening to me.  I ordered a coke in Utah.  They gave me a coke. 🤪 I wanted a Dr. Pepper.   In Texas, when I was young, you ordered a coke, and they asked what kind.  But dammit , do not ask me is Pepsi is okay. It’s so.....not okay. 🤢


    4 hours ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

    . We don't refer to "sodas" as cokes because they were never sodas in the first place, they were cokes ;) 



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