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  1. fortune favors the brave



    Going with that meaning.  It’s what John Wick’s tat says.  Wait, you nerds know that already 😆.


    I am not brave.  I want to be.  I think I’m broken.  I don’t want to be.  But how to put humpty dumpy back together?




    Yes you read that correctly.  



    Walk.  5 days a week.  Unless I get a job, then things will change.  I am looking, sort of.  Benefits would be nice.. Have an interview tomorrow.  We’ll see what we see.  Sadly, since I only have a Mrs. degree (🤪), I’m not qualified for much.  No one counts raising your children as work experience.  


    Weight has held steady (ish) at about 132.4.  Which is surprising since who has a f#*@ to give about calories.


    Will still be minimal. Stop by if you want to chat.  I’ll likely only be lurking in other threads.

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  2. Week one:


    5/5 walks done equaling 15.32 miles


    food:  there was some eating of feelings done, along with no-appetite-angst.


    Week 2 so far:


    3/5 walks equaling 9.14 miles.  Adding a mile onto the route Friday (unless something happens) to see what kind of time we have.  We wanted to hit a certain time goal before doing that, but it’s starting to feel like we won’t do that without jogging part of it consistently. And we’re sooo close.


    Less comfort eating this week.  Have gotten down to 131.6 though, even with some bad choices, which I haven’t been since 2013. 

    Yesterday we bagged 6 large lawn bags of pinecones, and boy I feel that in my back & hams.  Ouchie.


    Things are.......okay I guess.  Time will tell.


    Later, nerds.  🤪

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  3. 9 hours ago, Rurik Harrgath said:

    c495dee75f232078408583c34d1523b2.png Challenge Journal:

    Weight:  214.6lbs .

    Camp Nerd Fitness took place 4 years ago and my life hasn't been the same ever since.

    I'll let what follows tell the story.




    Bonfires with Nerds.


    Powerlifting bash brothers.


    The heart and soul behind this Rebellion.


    Ranger buds finally made real life friends!

    Adventures with my best NF forums buddy.


    Almost impossible to believe the journey since.  It seriously boggles my mind and baffles my senses.  Hard to imagine I would deadlift more than another 100lbs in competition, bench press almost twice what I hit at Camp, and squat like 5lbs more 🤣 (I've always had a lousy back squat lol), but what is even harder to fathom is how far Rurik has come since 2016.  I've leveled up quite a bit, learned new feats and harnessed new traits, but he's still the same human fella.

    One thing that hasn't changed about Rurik since 2016 is the relationships he formed at Camp Nerd Fitness and these remain an invaluable, intrinsic part of me still today in the murky uncertainty of 2020.

    But I wouldn't change a minute of anything these past 4 years because they've brought me to this moment in time.

    And this moment is pretty damn wonderful.

    I shouldn't be so lucky as to know all of you wonderful humans, ogres, trolls, and elves in this life, but here we are.  Thank you all, each and every damn one of you, here on the forums and off, who I met at Camp or not, and who keep me company on social media or elsewhere; you the real MVPs for Rurik 2020 (and Rurik through to End Game).

    Here's to keeping that #CampVibe burning the rest of my life.


    • Apothecarium:   ☐☐☐☐☐☐
    • Monastery Maintenance: 
    • Artifact Research & Armory:  ☐☐☐☐☐☐..
    • Chamber of Reflection:  I think I'll be reminescing about Camp for a week or two at this point.
    • Librarium:  Nothing to report.

    Ongoing To-Do List mini-quests…

    • Read:  [In ProgressSell or Be Sold by Grant Cardone.
    • Minimalism:  Making house sales ready.



    I feel bad for my little sister since I can't have kids (and never wanted them before that) and my middle sister has a lady partner.


    So much pressure to deliver grandkids! lol

    Yeah. I married at 18. Before the wedding it was “you’re too young!” And after it was “so, when do we get grandbabies?” It’s crazy. 

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  4. On 9/17/2020 at 4:15 AM, Dusk said:

    Bruuuhhhh I loved reading about the introspection you’ve been doing. You put a lot of my own thoughts into words.
    I’m another person who doesn’t want kids or a 9-5, you’re totally not alone about that! (Even though it can feel like it sometimes haha)

    Do you realize the pressure you’re putting on your brother? 🤪

    Seriously though, I’ve known too many people who made me wonder “why did you even?”  

  5. 14 hours ago, Dusk said:

    Not only does that sound HECKING DELICIOUS, that thread you linked describing how to cook it was hilarious. My soul is fed. I wish I had a waffle iron...

    Iffin you’re gonna splurge, get one like mine.  Plates can go in the dishwasher.  And the base unit has griddle/grill plates. 

    13 hours ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

    It helps if you put enough tots in the waffle iron that it takes some strength to close the iron, and run it for 1.5 to 2 cycles. 

    That writer is gifted, for sure. Will it waffle?

    As for waffle irons, I don't know your budget, but decent ones seem to be around $100 on amazon. Be warned, they are a pain to clean.


    I have a cuisinart,  plates go in the dishwasher.

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  6. 26 minutes ago, Dusk said:

    That's okay. It's a weird time right now. That's why I deleted a lot of my social media this week - it was just... too much. Too much all the time. It's ok to be less involved here for a bit if it means protecting your mental health. 💜 Love you mama~

    Love you too, baby mine. ❤️


    21 minutes ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

    The late Gen-X teen-in-the-nineties part of me heartily approves of your challenge title.


    I’m feeling pretty.......meh.  So it’s appropriate for now. 

  7. fd4eb556828ca63e52c9983370a36991d66f9ebf

    I debated on doing a challenge this go round.  Here I am. I am channeling my inner honeybadger though.


    I will continue to walk, unless doing some other form of exercise.  There was a lot of that, last challenge.


    Food, who knows.  I’ve been doing okay, but that can change on a dime.


    Posting, I will likely stick closely to my on thread, keeping my comments minimal.  Things are too weird, people seem to be on edge, and I am too fragile right now.  Last go round someone commented on something said and it sent me into a downward spiral.  I can’t do that again, not and stay here. That is why I debated being here at all.

    Hence my “theme”.  Whatever.  I don’t have much more to give, and stay......okay.



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  8. 12 hours ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

    Holy Crap what an emotional roller coaster. Glad things have gone from black to dark grey. Hopefully they go to a lighter shade of grey. Sorry about your dog, that stinks. 


    About the BIL, there's no good answer. We get a lot of "Found downs" at our hospital. If he gets to a point where he can't communicate (or he can't communicate right now and doesn't get better) tell your husband to expect calls from the hospital asking him to make decisions on his brother's behalf.

    The good thing is I knew it wasn’t my husband. Sadly the first thing I thought was scam, or impersonating an officer. He was in what appeared to be his person vehicle. But he was in uniform. And while I went in to tell my husband about it, he confirmed that it was bil.

    And they’ve already said he might need to make decisions due to heavy drugging and intubation prohibiting making his own.

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  9. So.  It’s been.......better.  Sort of.  I’ve graduated from black to charcoal to stone grey.  They abyss didn’t get me.  But damn. 

    Had a job interview yesterday.  It went well.  Now I wait to find out. It would be nice, as its full time with benefits.


    Today we are waiting for the vet to come evaluate our pupper.  We think her time has come.  Ut if it has, it will be done at home this time.  Outside in the yard.  With the trees and birds and stuff.


    Then a few minutes ago, a police officer showed up and said my husband was in critical condition at the icu. (He wasn’t thank God.  He was in the shower inside) Turns out it was my brother in law who we haven’t heard from in 5+ years.  They say he’s been transient, and they suspect he was hit by a car.  They found him in a ditch.  So now what. He never made any effort to be part of this family, and wasn’t there for his mom (we did all the heavy lifting so to speak) and probably doesn’t even know she died like 4+ years ago.  Can you tell I have mixed feelings? But we wait for the doctor to call. Son of a witch on a switch.  Can this day please be over?

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  10. So I guess I should update y’all........


    zero week was okay.  We got 5 days in, 3.2 miles each.  Not even watching the food.


    week one was.....a week.  We got 4 days in, 3.2miles each.  Not watching the food.  First half was a shit show, rest was recovering from said shit show.


    week 2......started as a shit show once again.  These days it doesn’t take much to put Me in the depths of despair.  It gets harder to climb out, mentally & emotionally.  I’m working on it.

    Today I skinned my knee & hands. I moved to the edge of our road for a vehicle.  The grader came through the other day, so the edge was very loosy goosy and my right foot slid right down into the ditch, left knee hit the gravel.  Hands are actually fine, knee is a bit ouchy.  Been a hot sec since I skinned anything, and it stings.  So much for being nice.


    12 hours ago, SkyGirl said:

    Somehow I missed a solid week of yarn discussions and I feel legitimately cheated. I've been deprived of working on my afghans because a certain feline roommate can bite through yarn in one or two chomps, and I've chosen Not To Deal with her right now.  :P  But yarn therapy is delightful and, in my opinion, very much acceptable.


    How are you feeling this week?

    Not great, mentally.  But I’m trying.

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  11. 2 hours ago, Salinger said:

    How do you process that? 

    One day at a time.  It sucks, royally.  But there’s nothing we can do to stop it.  Spend as much time as you can with him, enjoy the time you still have as much as possible. Grieving will happen, now and after, but don’t let it keep you away.  

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  12. 1 hour ago, loire said:

    dumbbells either a. don't exist anymore or b. are $500 for a pair

    Its a strange phenomenon.  My son just wanted olympic dumbbell bars (we have plates already) and lordy me they were super pricey!  Cheaper to just buy an actual dumbbells.  And everyone seems to be out of them anyway, so......


    1 hour ago, loire said:

    Is it Week 1 yet??  (TOMORROW??)

    Week 2 tomorrow I believe.  But time as ceased to have meaning.....

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