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  1. Well, his challenge wasn’t a total bust.  We managed to exercise at least 3 days a week, last we we got 5 days plus 2 extra for me since I mowed 2 times for an hour +.  
    Haven’t lost weight, but I haven’t gained, so that’s a plus.

    Been somewhat better mentally.  
    Eating was so-so.  Didn’t implement The Plan, due to channeling my inner Honeybadger.  Most days were good, calorie wise, with a few “whatever’s” thrown in.

    So while I may not have won the day, I sure as s@#* didn’t lose it either.

    Now to figure out what the heck.

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  2. On 5/21/2020 at 6:02 PM, RES said:

    I had the privilege of seeing him perform in person...was even better live


    Dinner sounded and looked amazing! 

    I also got to see him live, with Buddy Guy, Kenny Wayne Shepard & others at  a blues festival 20+ years ago.  It was something special, for sure.

    3 hours ago, Scalyfreak said:


    I'm making an active effort to put aside my fury at the doctors who were willing to let you live with that kind of pain and health issues, and instead focusing on being happy for you, with the doctor you have now.  If she can help you prevent the headaches and get them under control, then the high blood pressure officially has quite a silver lining. :) 

    That’s how many of them work, though.  I had a Dr. tell  me, basically, that I was fine and if my headaches bothered me that much to cut my hair off.  I had very long, very thick hair at the time. (Still long, but not near as thick, sadly).  Turns out that they were triggered by the environment I was living in, which was a polluted third world country.  Once we moved, my daily migraines tapered off to 3-4 a year.

    And the other day, my honey was basically told “sorry you’re  having Weird alarming symptoms, but all the tests came back fine. Welcome to old age.”  He just turned 50, and is in relatively good shape.  There was something going on, and they basically just shrugged it off and threw meds at it.  Which he I didn’t take, because he’d probably have gotten worse.

    Sorry, bit of a rant there......

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  3. Week 1:

    3 walks @ 3.2 miles.  
    Food ~ dunno.  Better, not as much snacking.  Grazed one day, but healthy foods as we bought fresh grapes, cherries, & constellation tomatoes.  1 night when I sorta said screw it and had a snack that I shouldn’t have.

    Mental ~ up & down.  Mostly better this week, tho.


    Week 2 thus far:

    2 walks @ 3.2 miles

    Food ~ quite a bit better so far.  Except Sunday which involved cookies.  I didn’t go crazy, but we went to see some friends, so it was a don’t count day.  Yesterday I managed lunch, dinner, and 8-10 cherries as a snack.  Haven’t been bored/emotional eating so far.  Should have done my anti snack dealio for the one last week, but forgot.  Oops.  

    Oh well.  Not much else to report.  

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  4. 13 hours ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

    Why can't copycats look at what works for skillet instead of the music-by-focus-group formula so many Christian artists emulate?

    Thats why I listen to the rock station.  I love Skillet (saw them in concert years afo with @Shadri , they were just as good in person) but we only have 2 christian stations and the one that plays them has a weak signal.  The other plays the same X number of songs over and over, and they are cookie cutter songs.  I get bored, and it’s not heavy enough.


    13 hours ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

    That's some pain right there.


    I learned recently that Otis died days after that song was recorded, and therefore didn’t see the hit it became.  


    My angsty offering.  


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    7 hours ago, analoggirl said:

    I still think it is our own responsibility to sort bs from non-bs... 


    2 hours ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

    I think a way to reframe the threat to our democracy from social media is the lack of critical thinking, as analoggirl suggests.


    My 16 yr old son has his own political views and has for a while.  During the last election, I told him to listen, think, and form his own opinions.  Not to spout off what he hears of our opinions.  He already sees kids who just spout what their parents say, or what they hear on t.v.  He had one awesome teacher who would ask ”who has seen the news, and what do you think?”  He told them to think for themselves.  It was refreshing. 

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    4 hours ago, Scalyfreak said:


    If someone is pissed off at your opinion or how you feel, that is their problem, that they need to fix, and there is no reason for you to stop expressing either one just to spare their ego.


    Don't apologize for making intelligent arguments, we need them to combat the rampant stupidity that is far too common out there. :) 

    Thanks.  I tend to be a people pleaser and hate anything that even feels slightly like conflict (just ask my husband).  I fold in on myself like a piece of origami, smaller and smaller.........


    1 hour ago, analoggirl said:


    As was said above. I never thought you pissed anyone off, at all. Thanks for the spark for a debate! You better KNOW lots of people will be here to cool the waters and bring everything back to a civil level, if you ever do. No worries.


    I might have sounded a bit provocative, but don't let that (OR my tendency to write PARAGRAPHS UPON PARAGRAPHS of thoughts) ever dissuade you. 


    This is me:





    No, you were fine.  I just have issues (don’t we all?), and am particularly emotionally/mentally fragile right now......
    Fra GEE Lay.....sounds Italian 😁sorry/not sorry for the random Christmas Story quote


    How about another new angsty rock offering.  This one from Ozzy.  Spoilered because lots of side boob and possible naked girl butts.  (Didn’t want to look too close to find out)




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  7. I cooked with shiitake mushrooms once, which smelled and tasted like SHIIT(ake).  Can’t do any of them raw, omg that’s just gross.  But some nice button (generic white) shrooms, sautéed to death in butter & garlic?  That I can do.  We had dinner once and the hostess served portobello mushroom “burgers”.  Gag me with a spoon. 🤢🤮 No.  Just, no.  Give me the charred (or just well done😉) flesh of cow, please.  

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  8. 59 minutes ago, deftona said:


    Hmmm normally I would 100% agree with this, however I read in a book by Akala, that it is intimated in another book I own about the history of slavery that black people enjoyed being enslaved and if that's the case, that book is being burned the eff down because I certainly won't be keeping or passing it on to perpetuate that kind of nonsense. 


    49 minutes ago, analoggirl said:


    I think it's a good example for how NOT to be. A reminder of how bad views can creep into minds. Just like how the Germans are reminded of what Hitler thought. Deleting history /not studying  harmful views might increase the risk of repeating it.


    Btw, there are still people that say Balkan/Eastern Europeans enjoyed being treated like subhumans by the soldiers of the Ottoman Empire. 


    It's just what people with a Colonialist mind set like to say.


    PS - Okay I am getting way too philosophical for my own good. Time for some music and to get back to my chores and maybe try to write something :D


    Tank's, Whiteghost's (everyone's) pictures are making me hungryyy


    37 minutes ago, Scalyfreak said:


    I'm going to have to side with analoggirl on this. The best way to deal with this kind of racist bullshit is not to suppress or erase it. It is to silence it by providing accurate information and more enlightened viewpoints.


    Kind of like what Tank is doing by quietly illustrating the difference between the "belongers" and the real deal when it comes to Christianity. ;) 

     Everyone makes good points.  And I’m not trying to start something.  But.....

    There are people also who say that the holocaust didn’t happen.....and it should be removed from history books. Which would be wrong.  Like @analoggirl said, if we delete what we don’t believe/agree with/or what we think is wrong/stupid history might repeat itself.  Let the idiots be idiots, rational people should (hopefully) see through their stupidity.

    Plus, if we make allowances for that one (people being happy as slaves) we have to make allowances for everyone. Can’t keep the bible safe and burn Walt Whitman.  Can’t ban Harry Potter and keep Uncle Tom’s Cabin......who gets to choose?  That’s all I’m saying.  I would def not be worthy of make those choices.......

    Not then, I will go back to my silence.  I seem to piss everyone off whenever I share my feeling.  So, Sorry ☹️

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  9. On 5/10/2020 at 10:23 AM, Sloth the Enduring said:

    Wow. Christian D&D. Having lived through the purge*, I am shocked.


    *Mothers Against Fun were literally taking books out of school libraries and burning them in my hick suburb. When Harry Potter first came out my SIL was part of a group that banned it from schools.

     No books should be banned or burned.  If you don’t like it, don’t read it. 

    On 5/10/2020 at 9:46 PM, WhiteGhost said:

    The whole hulabaloo about the evilness of D&D came out shortly after I started playing and I was super confused by it at the time.  It's as if the people complaining didn't actually know anything about D&D and were basing their opinions on what their racist uncle told them.  When the Harry Potter thing happened, it confirmed that my suspicions were correct.

    I knew people who trashed Harry Potter for its evil & magic, etc.  But then they absolutely loved Tolkien and Lotr........hello?  Also evil & magic involved!  Good vs evil, dark vs light......they both got em.  Come on.  I mean, seriously.......

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  10. Final list of snack deterrent exercises:


    Tentative list:  pending me trying out planks & pushups to see if they hurt too much.

    1. Do squats for 5 minutes

    2. Do a plank until failure (elbow it is, full doesn’t feel right on my shoulder at this time)

    3. Do jumping jacks for 5 minutes

    4. Alternate standing on one leg for 5 minutes

    5.  10 minute yoga quickie - neck, shoulders, upper back

    6.  Step ups for 5 minutes (thanks to @aramis for the idea). (Pushups ars a def no-no right now)


    This week (0)

    Sunday - digging, pick-axing, turning dirt & pulling weeds for a long while, getting the in ground garden ready.  
    Wed - Zombie run.....1 h 4 m, 4.33 miles, 2 zombie packs evaded.  It was fun, but damn I hurt now ☹️
    Fri - Walk (hilly neighborhood).....54:39 m, 3.22 miles,  with hubby.


    Not bad for zero week.  Engaging Snack Protocol tomorrow.   

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  11. 18 hours ago, fleaball said:

    I'm shocked that no one has posted Linkin Park videos yet. Or am I too young for this thread? That was like peak High School Flea music.


    12 hours ago, Red1263 said:

    Flea, I immediately think you're awesome now. I grew up on Linkin Park and have listened to nearly EVERY album

    I vote for: Bleed it out or Papercut.

    I think I’m quite a bit older than y’all, but really like those 2.  

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  12. On 5/6/2020 at 1:58 PM, aramis said:

    That's why I said "slowly and low". Good example would be doing those on first step of stairs. If that's still too high, just put a phonebook/couple boards/concrete-filled pizza box on the floor. 

    Well, I have plenty of stairs to choose from......I also have an aerobic step somewhere......,


    5 hours ago, Jarric said:


    Why do you have a concrete-filled pizza box?




    obviously a weaponized pizza.......


    3 hours ago, aramis said:

    Strange question... You don't have one? 



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  13. 3 hours ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

    I'd say if planks are low and they won't jank your shoulder they are a perfect thing to have in the mix. So what if the reps are low? The point is that you do them and get better at it, not that you start out doing a zillion second plank. Pushups too for that matter. What's important is not the number of reps per set, but how often you work at the movement. I'd suggest planks and pushups are two of the best things to include in the list. You may want to include some physical therapy like movements for the shoulder as well, since that has the potential to help un-jank the shoulder.

    Good points.  And good ideas. I can do elbow planks if regular ones are to painful......


    2 hours ago, Elastigirl said:

    Sit down on the floor and stand back up 5 different ways

    reach your arms over your head and touch the top of the door frame 10 times

    stand on one leg for 30 seconds (or in sets up to 30 seconds)



    I like the idea of doing something, and agree with Tank, you can keep the numbers low. The idea isn't to punish yourself for a snack(I hope) it's just to disrupt that a bit , so that sometimes you will decide it wasn't really necessary to have the snack, or even if yo do now you have done some movement

    It’s totally to try and distract myself from mindless eating.  I eat when I’m bored/depressed.  This is an idea I’ve been toying with to change the habit.  Not to punish/reward.

    I like the balance idea, I need to work on that......sadly I don't have to Stretch far to reach the top of the door frame......


    Okay tentative list:

    1. Do squats for 5 minutes

    2. Do a plank until failure, elbow or regular as able

    3. Do jumping jacks for 5 minutes

    4. Alternate standing on one leg for 5 minutes

    5.  10 minute yoga quickie - neck, shoulders, upper back

    6.  Maybe pushups?  Have to try one and see if it’s doable with my shoulder......


    1 hour ago, loire said:


    I like the idea of adding some mobility exercises in here, especially if certain spots are feeling funky - GMB has been huge for me in improving my shoulder mobility (I did bits of Elements years ago and still incorporate a lot of it into my workout warmups), but they also have a lot of good articles that aren't programs that are free too!

    Thanks, I’ll look into that!


    51 minutes ago, aramis said:

    Step ups might grease up your knees a bit if done slowly and low. 

      Reveal hidden contents



    BTW, nice snack fighting technique :D 


    I’d have to do a much lower step.  My knee would not allow that high of a step ☹️
    And, thanks!

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  14. I’ve been playing around with an idea.  Since I’m an bored/emotional eater, I am compiling a list of 6 things, where using a random number generator I “pick” a thing and do it for x amount of time/reps.  This is not a punishment for having a snack, or a way to get rewarded with a snack.  It’s to retrain (or train the first time?) my brain and eating habits.  If say, after I do the thing, and I’ve waited, at least 30 minutes and I’m still peckish, have a small snack.  If I’m truly hungry.


     Tentative list:  pending me trying out planks & pushups to see if they hurt too much.

    1. Do squats for 5 minutes

    2. Do a plank until failure, elbow or regular as able

    3. Do jumping jacks for 5 minutes

    4. Alternate standing on one leg for 5 minutes

    5.  10 minute yoga quickie - neck, shoulders, upper back

    6.  Maybe pushups?  Have to try one and see if it’s doable with my shoulder......


    Thanks to @Tanktimus the Encourager and @Elastigirl for idea help.   

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  15. @Tanktimus the Encourager  prickly pear?  How very Texan of you.....😉



    Okay Rangers.  I need your help.  I’ve been toying with an idea.  I want to have 6 things.  Movement type things.  (Squats and jumping jacks will likely be 2 of them). I need 4 more.  My knees and shoulder are janky at this time, so burpees and lunges are out. (Plus, I DON’T LIKE THEM).  Planks & pushups are iffy, and reps of those would be low.  I have a random number generator, and every time I feel the need to snack, I will pick a number between 1& 6, and do that thing for X number of minutes or reps.  For example:  bored, snack happy?  Do # (?) for 5 minutes.  Or 30 times.  Or something.  I’m still refining.  Can you help?  Pretty please?

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  16. Spoiler



    I wanna be normal, I wanna be sane
    I wanna look at you and feel something other than pain
    I need shelter, safe haven
    I want a quiet place to go and wait out the rain
    I want a woman, I want a job
    I got an urge coming on to get in trouble again
    I wanna wake up, and feel loved
    Will you look me in the eyes, tell me I'm not dying?

    I’m losing air, I'm not prepared for this
    I'm tired, I’m sick
    I'm waging war on everything
    I'm wired, I'm licked
    I'm addicted to everything
    But I'm not prepared for this
    Tell me I'm not dying

    [Verse 2]
    I want a hole, to crawl in
    I wanna sleep till I can't feel anything
    I want a fix, I want a friend
    I wanna cut these nerves from under my skin
    I need a woman, I need a job
    I got an urge coming on to get in trouble again
    I wanna wake up, and feel loved
    Will you look me in the eyes, tell me I’m not dying?   (Panic attack by The Glorious Sons)


    So this song has been my anthem lately.  For whatever reason, my mental state has been.....weird.  Some days I swing emotionally for no reason.  I feel disconnected from my mind/body.  I feel like I'm gonna have a breakdown, or like I don't fit inside my own skin.  It's weird. 


    So, anywho, I'm here.  I'm still alive.  Fasting isn't currently working for me.  We're doing a lot of heavy (ish) labor, and I need the calories.  I guess I need to stop looking for a quick fix and work to not binge eat jelly beans (or whatever).  



    Exercise of some sort. 

    Watch food intake.

    Try to not go crazy. 

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