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  1. But did you know that tomorrow is......wait for it.....
  2. The Dude abides....... And am I the only one who thinks Jeff Bridges is skanky-fine? There's just something......
  3. I wanna be normal, I wanna be sane I wanna look at you and feel something other than pain I need shelter, safe haven I want a quiet place to go and wait out the rain I want a woman, I want a job I got an urge coming on to get in trouble again I wanna wake up, and feel loved Will you look me in the eyes, tell me I'm not dying? [Chorus] I’m losing air, I'm not prepared for this I'm tired, I’m sick I'm waging war on everything I'm wired, I'm licked I'm addicted to everything But I'm not prepared for this Tell me I'm not dying [Verse 2] I want a hole, to crawl in I wanna sleep till I can't feel anything I want a fix, I want a friend I wanna cut these nerves from under my skin I need a woman, I need a job I got an urge coming on to get in trouble again I wanna wake up, and feel loved Will you look me in the eyes, tell me I’m not dying? (Panic attack by The Glorious Sons) So this song has been my anthem lately. For whatever reason, my mental state has been.....weird. Some days I swing emotionally for no reason. I feel disconnected from my mind/body. I feel like I'm gonna have a breakdown, or like I don't fit inside my own skin. It's weird. So, anywho, I'm here. I'm still alive. Fasting isn't currently working for me. We're doing a lot of heavy (ish) labor, and I need the calories. I guess I need to stop looking for a quick fix and work to not binge eat jelly beans (or whatever). Goals: Exercise of some sort. Watch food intake. Try to not go crazy.
  4. How about a new(er) angst rock? My challenge is going to revolve around this song, which has been stuck in my head for a while...... Also, Hi Tank! The tankling is adorable. I love seeing the pictures you share with us......
  5. Hey, I’m fasting too. (When I’m not wallowing). I’m doing alternate day.....
  6. my fave 1. Merrell Moab 2 Mid Hiking boot for hikes/muddy conditions (on my 2nd pair. comfy right out of the box) 2. Saucony grid excursion tr12 trail runners for walks (also on my 2nd pair)
  7. I have subjects that trigger me in big bad ways......mine is infidelity. I had a boyfriend (before my husband) who cheated on me with someone very close to me. So that subject is touchy for me.
  8. I have known people who just couldn’t be happy. Couldn’t find happy anywhere. (Some who actually seemed happier when they had something to bitch about....?) This is a hard time, and we have to take our happiness where we can find it. You can’t give up your happy just because someone else doesn’t have/can’t find any happy of their own. Be happy friend. ❤️
  9. 🤢 🤮 I used to make coconut cashew chicken. I didn’t use flour. Just dip in egg and then a mixture of coconuts cashews, coconut (both pulsed in a food processor) and panko crumbs. And salt/pepper. I used tenders, and baked them until crispy, and they were yummy. Only reason I stopped making them is because I got 2 batches of coconut cashews that were off. Which put me off....... Burpees and lunges can die in a fiery hole.
  10. Fair enough. Fair enough. I forget that some places can’t even go outside. Where I am we can still go out walking or hiking, as long as you aren’t licking people.....🤪 And I wasn’t referring to small, or even smallish kids. I’ve seen people struggling with older kids. And yes, it’s all understandable, and it sucks big giant eggs. I’ve been there in the past, with a small one, limited things to do, and a husband who had to sleep all day and be to work at midnight. Try keeping a 2 year old quiet in an apartment. Or keep the dogs from barking at every damn thing. I definitely wasn’t trying to offend anyone, sorry if I did.
  11. Double post.....oh well. When my daughter first moved away, her fiancé was still here.....for a year. They would have skype dates. They just went about their business (homework, creative stuff, etc) while on the skype call. No constant conversation, or even looking at each other, just knowing they were there, and could talk.
  12. I was surprised by how many people can’t seem to deal/don’t know what to do with their kids........ We also saw that some think there will be another baby boom after this.......
  13. Nothing wrong with how you’re starting out with your training plan. If you start out too hot & heavy, you’re more likely to burn out/give up. (IMO). Stick with this for a bit.......then add on.
  14. So, the last two weeks have been a dumpster 🔥. The Dragon locked me in the darkness, and force fed me many jelly beans. The mulligrubs and dunwannas kept watch. Evil little beasts. And, It’s been snowing. Again. Social distancing, pms crap, normal brain crap have been weighing heavy on me. I try to remember that I am blessed, I am loved, this won’t last forever (or will it?) etc. Add in all the weird propaganda type commercials I’ve been seeing, and I start getting paranoid. We decided to plant some potatoes that sprouted in the pantry. Just to see what’ll happen. And some onion bulbs. And soon, some sweet potatoes, once the seed potatoes come. (My local store has no potatoes of all things. But I did find some toilet paper.....) So we are becoming potatoes farmers. We even built a compost bin. Once the weeds start growing, we’ll be able to start that. I continue to knit my sock. Will be done soon (ish) and start the other. I’m *thinking* of trying two at a time, once this pair is done. Why not? I never thought I’d be knitting on 2 circulars, but I learned. Not a whole lot else to do, so lets learn more things. Didn’t fast last week. Was not anywhere near the mental place needed for that. Not really there now, either, but I’m gonna try again. Feeling grumpy and blue, but trying to not be. Thank goodness my honey is being super understanding. And doesn’t flee when I start crying all over him. 😫 TTFN my lovelies.
  15. I remember that movie. Scared the shit out of me as a kid.......that and some movie (or twilight zone episode?) about a guy who had to wear sunglasses because his white eyes killed people. Weird ass movies back then. Like kudzu...
  16. Everything is weird, the world is currently crazy, people are sick, confined etc. You’re bound to have feelings, some negative, about the whole effing mess. I too have found myself irritated and irritable lately. (And compensating with food, which is no good at all). There’s not a lot we can do right now, but do our best. Today our best might be bitchy, tomorrow not. Love on your Jacks (my kitty is named Jack......officially Master Jack Sketcher, along with Lady Freebish von Blackshark and Lady Miss Harley Quinn Rocket. What can I say, we’re weird. 🤪) he knows you’re out of sorts. Let him comfort you.
  17. The last several times I’ve cooked pork it’s tasted off......Not rancid or anything, just.....wrong somehow. Very possibly it’s the pork from Walmarts issue. I know that was the issue with chicken for a long time......until we started shelling out for the better chicken. I guess once the madness passes, I’ll have to see if there is a pork alternative. (Free range hormone & antibiotic free)
  18. Thank you, and I don’t know? I’ve talked about it before........
  19. Life-lines will save your work.....and your sanity on a difficult (or long) project. You don’t have to frog (or tink) as far back. One shawl I did had 4 or 5 in it!
  20. Dental floss. It was my first time doing the fish lips kiss heel, so I ran life-lines in case I made a major boo-boo. It’s on the back burner right now, tho. Some of my knitting buddies and I are participating in the Traveling Afghan project by Lion Brand Yarn. The newest square just came out so I’m working on that right now. And I’m going to learn how to do the next sock on 2 circular needles. Nothing else to do, so I’ll learn new things and knit. Sorry, too much information ..........😃
  21. Here is the sock that I'm learning to knit. I got to the heel yesterday....spoilered because it's a huge picture.... Last week: Fasting went well. 2 walks/workouts in @ 3.2 miles each. This week: Fasting is going okay. Yesterday was hangry tho, so only fasted 24 hours instead of 36. 2 walks so far; 1@ 2.8 mi, 1@3.2 mi Plan on walking today. Will do a darebee Hiit thing later this week.
  22. Theres a show? Gah, I played that on..... a nes? Super nes? Gee, I don’t remember.
  23. Oh yeah, those closed too. I will try to do the Hero Maker darebee workout. It doesn’t use the things that hurt. (Tendonitis in rotator cuff)
  24. Here it’s liquor & pot shops. They tried to close them, and everyone ran to the damn shops, to get their stash before they closed. So they deemed them essential, so people would maybe stay home more. My prep has been getting ready to batten the hatches. We don’t want to go out until absolutely necessary, so I did my hunting (everyone is out of everything) and gathering (getting what I could in he face of the shortage of everything). We are as ready as we can be.
  25. My Grandpa was a GP doctor, and always said kids who ate dirt (not necessarily literally, just getting dirty) were healthier than the kids who had parents who didn’t let them get dirty..
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