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  1. Well, I never thought there’d be a shortage of eggs, milk, bread, pasta, rice, toilet paper........it’s strange times, my friend..
  2. You can barter with it......just sayin. I have a friend that lives in a very small (very very) town, and the stores are empty. She had to barter for milk for her grandbaby.
  3. You’re darn tootin it counts. Esp. when you don’t wanna.......
  4. I worried it was too creepy, but decided Pooh! And it is cute......and I knew you’d like it. 😉
  5. I totally understand this feeling. It’s me, every time I get sick..... A friend of mine had to call here, and waited 4 hours. For a phone consult. Nuts.
  6. I took pictures in my Walmart and got a look from some dude. I just said that this is a big event and I’m gonna document it. I’m pretty sure that my 91 year old grandma is the only one to see rationing or whatever (ww2), until now. It’s weird..... And how much is the press trying to keep us afraid......so much is just like....what? Are you serious?
  7. You’re a good girl, and a blessing to your mama.
  8. Not interested in two at a time, at least not now. I made one pair, years ago, top down. It went okay. I’m trying again before I give up on them. Hiya!
  9. Luckily I can knit, and download books. And I have oodles of movies. I’ll be trying to knit socks......my friend says toe up is easier.
  10. What. The. Hell. The world has gone officially insane. Last challenge went......okay. Kept up the alternate day fasting until Friday. Took 3 days off to reset. Lost 9 pounds. Didn’t yoga due to rotator cuff injury. Did some rowing, some walking, but not enough. I found it hard to work out on fasting days. I just didn’t have the energy. This challenge I will continue on with the alternate day fasting, with 3-4 days of some sort of exercise. Yoga if/when shoulder stops it’s nonsense. We will be sheltering in place as of today, I’m hoping we don’t have to go
  11. I've heard that when it's late, and the machine has been cleaned for the night, they say it’s not working.......
  12. There are people coming out with extremely mild symptoms......and a few testing positive that didn’t feel sick.
  13. Week 4: Kept up the fasting/non fasting except for one fasting night where I had 2 small pieces of bread, one with peanut butter. I was suffering from heartburn pretty bad, and eating a small thing helped. Got 2 workouts in. School was cancelled for this week. So boy-o gets 2 weeks of spring break. It’s likely they’ll move to remote/online learning after that. I really feel they need longer to prevent spread of this disease. We may choose (fam & I) to shelter in place for a while starting tonight. Hopefully we don’t run out of toilet paper, since there’s none to b
  14. Bake bread cause the stores ain’t got none. 😉. That is if you can find yeast, which is also gone.
  15. This was on our news a month or so ago, a teacher trying to showing kids why we need to wash our hand often..... Soap & water, like @TGP said, is better than hand sanitizer. But I understand where you’re coming from. I put the last of mine in the car for grocery buggy’s & such. Our local Walmart has been out of stuff now. Hand sanitizer, toilet paper, paper towels, facial tissue, canned meat, rice, pasta, ramen noodles...........It’s nuts, and people are afraid. Don’t want to be one of the 2% that get it bad.
  16. Maybe check to see if they can go in polident...... I popped some in a travel coffee mug, it took the stain out of it.
  17. Girl ( @Shadri ) will sing with me. Before she left, sometimes she’d play her uke & we’d sing together. Boy-o does indeed roll his eyes, and says “ do you mind not singing, you’re ruining the experience “. The turd.
  18. Shades of Dr Who...... @Tanktimus the Encourager with my girl, it was You are my sunshine, which my grandma sang to me. With my boy it was The rainbow connection, Over the Rainbow, and Once upon a Dream from sleeping beauty. Caught girl singing Turn the Page (Metallica version) at age 4. I must say, that’s the thing I miss the most from babyhood. Singing to my babies.
  19. 3:4 Fasting Felt good enough to row. 30 minutes 3:5 Non fasting 3:6 fasting. 3:7 Non fasting. Didn’t eat enough
  20. 2:6 Non fasting day. Went a bit berserk with foods. Was seduced by tag a longs and pizza. Haven’t eaten that much in a while, and felt quite wretched Saturday. 2:7 Fasting day. 3:1 Non fasting. Honey & I took boy-o to the guitar shop to play around, then to 5 guys for burgers. 🤤 3:2 Fasting day 3:3 Non fasting day. I’ve been a bit of a slug. Been so tired to do anything. Plus my shoulder is so achy, I think yoga may have to wait for a while. ☹️ Not sure if the rowing was making it hurt or not. W
  21. 2-3: Fasting day 2-4: Non fasting day. 40 minutes shoveling snow. Damn right I’m counting it as a workout! 😝 2-5: Fasting day. No yoga, although it might have done me good. I witnessed a Traumatic Event on my way home from my bible study group. A guy hit a deer with his truck, and the poor thing didn’t die. I didn’t see the impact, but I saw it struggling to get up and run away. This happens, I know. But I’ve only ever seen it after it’s all said and done. I was pretty much a basket case off and on for the rest of the day. Im horribly te
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