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  1. Thanks! It helps to see it working. I think Im liking the turmeric........ It’s supposed to....or so they say, whoever “they” are. 😝. Yesterday was esp. bad due to PMS, which I never really had in the past. I’ve been seeing it the last 4-5 months, right about the onset on my period. Weird mindset, grumpy, ravenous. And I don’t recognize it until.....then it’s “oh, that’s why “. Thank you peri menopause, you beyotch, you. Have mine. No, really.......🤪
  2. I just (and I mean *just*) turned 49. Working on not feeling 49........
  3. Florida’s looking mighty tempting, I tell you. And I’m a mountain girl, not a beach girl.
  4. No. We did that once. 19 degrees, 4 inches of snow. Just to see if we could. We could. Didn't like it. So no, thank you. I’m too old for that shit.
  5. My kneecap wants to dislocate when I pivot (or at least it did before surgery, but I have a hard time trusting it even after 20-some years).
  6. Day 6: Fasting day. Another rest day. Tweaking the goals, so below. Day 7: Non fasting day. 30 minutes rowing On to week 2..... 2-1: Fasting day. 2-2: Non fasting day. 30 minutes rowing 24 minutes NF yoga, water A Changing up the goals. It is hard to get up the energy to row on fasting days. I may continue the yoga on fasting days, though. Not sure. While the not eating on fasting day is *mostly* easy (food commercials are hard, and brief moments of “I want to eat something, anything,
  7. Day 4: 20 minutes beginner rowing 25 day 4 yoga with adrienne 34 hour fast the fasting went surprisingly well. Wasn’t horribly hungry. Day 5: Non fasting day. Still not super hungry. Taking a rest day. Have sore shoulders and a stiff neck. Still on track for the week, if all goes well.
  8. instead, like others have said, look at this as “ I am working to change”
  9. I didn’t realize I was supposed to tell my story. 😬 My name is Rinna. I have been a member of NF for 3 years now. I found it through my girl, @Shadri. I have had ups and down, fitness wise and with mental health. Some who know me remember Tyrath, my depression, which is visualized as a big black dragon. He is seductive, persuasive and enjoys derailing my successes. I was successfully medication free for almost 3 years, but had to go back on recently. But I’m relatively emotionally stable. It has been some time since I was successful in a challenge. I am hoping to be better this go
  10. Can anyone point me to some rom videos (free is good) for shoulder/rotator cuff?
  11. Day 2: 38 minute, yoga with Adrienne, day 2 taking a rest day from the rower. Instead of birthday cake, I got birthday cookie. 😁
  12. I’m very new to rowing. Like 2 workouts in new......so I gues the answer is I don’t know..... Yeah, he has lots of videos, and once I get this down, I’ll go longer/harder. Oh hai! I hurt. 😕
  13. I don’t run, per se. I occasionally jog, which is more of a fast walk/shamble, to escape zombies. I was def tired after. But it was only 20 minutes (I’ll work up to more) so it didn’t kill me. Dark Horse rowing channel Dunno about c25k, but they have quite a few youtube follow alongs. The one I posted earlier is not super hard, but aim def feeling muscles I forgot I had. Once it stops snowing, and the roads stay clear, we will also be walking as well. The rower was for cold/inclement weather days. It’s supposed to work over 85% of the body.....which sounds prett
  14. Edited my goals slightly. Aiming for 5 days a week, not necessarily 7. Don't want to burn out.
  15. Rowing Workouts - The PERFECT BEGINNERS Workout by Dark Horse Rowing. They have quite a few of varying difficulties.
  16. Day 1: 20 minute guided beginner rowing 35 minute yoga with Adrienne, day 1 fasting will likely start Wednesday, because birthday cake, gonna have it. Will then get on the schedule with honey, who’s starting tomorrow.
  17. I am a sympathetic barfer. But when it was my kids, it just turned off. Thats for potty training. Spent the summer outside with boy-o. It clicked when I told him “hey, you can pee on that” make sure it’s a wet/dry vac. 😉
  18. We are going to try 1 on/1 off. My honey just turned 50, and I’m about to turn 49. We are both average......slightly overweight. Being taller, we don’t necessarily look it. In clothes, anyway.😉 He wants to lose 30, I’m aiming for 20-25. But really, we just want to be fit, and healthy and not overweight. Less junk, more good stuff.
  19. Y’all. We bought a rowing machine. I waffled for a week on doing another challenge. I always do well for maybe a week, then I get apathetic and stop doing anything. Not exercising, not checking in here, nothing. But I decided to not give up. If I drop off, I drop off. But Ill try not to. This challenge’s goalz. 1. Do beginning rowing video, daily. Min 5 days/week 2. Do Adrienne’s 30 day yoga challenge, daily. 3. Fast. Maybe. We are thinking of doing it together.
  20. Joker was a powerful movie. My son saw it in The theater, and said it made him feel very anxious. We watched at home, and it made me feel anxious. It was ....... disturbing. Made me feel sorry for him. It was an excellent movie.
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