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  1. Just now, jmk said:

    For those of you that didn't see this week's challenge here it is.


    Also welcome @Rinna to the Dowager Doom!  Feel free to share your intro!



    Rurik is traveling, so your friendly Quartermaster will be posting the task for week 2. Every single ship exceeded the mileage goal by at least Double, so it's safe to say the Frankish Reich was crushed. Queen Lizzie's Revenge got the most with 78.22. You got a star of merit by your name on the Task list. We needed 160 miles across the fleet and turned in 497.93, over three times what was needed. Well done everyone. We'll let the Dread pirate write the story.


    Week 1 was a distance goal. This is going to be a strength goal. This week is about body weight squats. Like mileage from last week, the intent is these will be in addition to what you had already planned. Each crew member is responsible for 50 body weight squats this week. Intermediate calls for 80 squats. Exceptional performance calls for 120 Squats this week. Each ship needs to turn in 500 squats this week, so that means the fleet needs 4000 Squats. Don't forget to check in on your shipmates threads and encourage each other.




    Had to be squats, didn't it.  Oh well, I asked for it didn't I?

    Tank mentioned a Task list, where would I find this list, and do I need to find this list?  I am totally new to the mini thing.....

  2. I am thrilled to be joining the crew here aboard the Dowager Doom.  Sorry about being late to the game, I guess my miles for last week don't count then. Onward to the



    I am relatively new to NF, started in Jan, failed badly, got sick and basically ignored stuff for a couple months.  Came back and completed the Challenge-before-last, missed on due to illness (again!  I work in a school, among a load of germy teenagers), vacation, and relocation ( my child is gone for the summer :confusion:).  But I am back, and ready to kick butt!

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  3. Just now, Urgan said:


    Oh I've done the pillow thing, too. It was a close thing, as my head was on said pillow, but I was able to avoid the worst possible outcome. Do you feel bad for chucking a cat just before they barf somewhere particularly inconvenient? I kinda do; it's a weird thing to experience guilt and profound relief simultaneously. 


    No guilt.  Never.  Have also dragged the dog off the carpet to avoid staining......Maybe I'm just a meanie. :devilish:

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  4. 4 hours ago, shaarawy said:

    Somehow my cat managed to puke ON MY GIANT FOAM ROLLER - like what even, it was a rainbow shape of barf, thankfully easily cleaned but HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN, of all places to hurl - so that was fun and interesting.



    Once upon a time, in the not-so-distant past, I had a cat who was a very creative puker. She was especially fond on standing on things ( like tables, chairs, cabinets.....you get the picture) and just letting go. Not.  Fun.  At.  All.  Current puss-in-boots is not a puker.  Thank goodness.  Cuz the dog?  She is.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Shadri said:


    A bit, but it's been quite a while. I just nabbed it from your signature ;) 



    That's a great week 1!! I'd say your victories far outnumber your losses on this one, m'dear. Keep up this awesome momentum! You're rockin' it. :D 




    1 hour ago, shaarawy said:

    Hooray for Team B+!!  *waves pompoms*


    The last tetanus shot I got was probably around 10 years ago, a cat bit right through my finger, the little turd.  Those shots are terrible... and long-lasting, too!


    Thank you!

    Any shots are awful.  I haye them. They hurt, dammit.  Cats are little turds.  I have one myself, and last year he layed 5 inches of my arm open.  That's how I found out you can't walk a cat.....or at least my cat.


    1 hour ago, Raxie said:


    Hah that's exactly why I got my last tetanus, too!  Terrible stuff, I couldn't sleep that night my shoulder was so sore!


    Great job last week Rinna!! A B+ is awesome stuff!


    Thanks!  I'll take the B, and strive to do better this week!


    And hey, look at me figuring out the multi-quote thing!  Hooray for learning things!

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  6. 15 hours ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:


    Week 1 is done and it feels like one of the best first weeks we've had in a while. Those participating in the Mini are doing really well, everyone seems to be doing well on their challenges. I want to encourage everyone to keep up the good work. Week 2 will come with it's challenges and adversity and we will overcome. We are strong, we are fast, we are powerful and we are united. No force can stop us if we do not stop ourselves. And so I say as we have been strengthening our bodies let us strengthen our minds. 


    Week 2 can only win if it gets you to quit. You will only quit if you believe the lies of week 2; lies that say you are weak, you will always be this way, your effort doesn't matter, you aren't worth it. Let me tell you the truth.


    You are strong, you can change your situation, your effort matters and it will affect change in you, both within and without. You are unstoppable if you chose to be so. You are a machine, wonderfully made and capable of things beyond your wildest dreams. And you are very, very much worth it. You are amazing, and there is only one of you. We need you because if we lose you we can't replace you. You are important, and we care about you and what happens to you. Lies will try and tell you that you are unworthy, unlovable and undeserving. The truth is you are loved and deserve to give yourself what you need. We need you to tell this to yourself and to your fellow Rangers.


    Lets go kill week 2 and its insidious lies. Who is with me?


    Me, me, me!

    Thank you for the reminders.  The enemy is always skulking about, whispering those lies and causing doubts, and I know I need reminders.  WE CAN DO THIS!

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  7. 11 hours ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:


    Good for you. Enjoy your clean home.


    Week 1 was one of the best starts I've had in a while. Despite by back acting up I still managed to get in a workout with Yoga. I start my weeks on Sunday, which is a good thing, since I used a variance today. A buddy I hadn't hung out with in a while and I went to lunch after church. Our order got delayed and we were offered free pie. I did not pass up free pie. It was already a variance, so I figured I'd make it count. Did I mention the pie was free? It was awesome, and at the same time a good reminder why I rarely eat dessert anymore, the carb crash necessitated a 10 minute nap before work. I will probably not lift tomorrow, opting instead for bodyweight stuff with extended stretching. My back is not 100% and I have learned from the past not to lift again too soon after my back acts up. I find myself motivated to put together a kick-ass body weight workout tomorrow. I am also getting more and more excited about dialing in what I eat. I am ready to commit unspeakable and atrocious war crimes on week 2!


    Turning down free pie is a crime.  I'm glad to hear you didn't commit this crime......:angel:

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  8. 1 hour ago, Raxie said:

    Week One Summary




    BLUF: Rangered.


    This week went really really well.  The only goal I didn't hit 100% was getting outside with intent every day, which I missed on Friday.  I did go outside but it was for other reasons (doing errands) and I didn't take a minute to enjoy being outside.  But still that's 6/7 and I'm feeling better for it for sure. In addition to getting Zombies, Row! twice, and finally having stuff click with rowing and really starting to get my stroke rate down while maintaining my speed, I also did a bunch of stuff on top of my goals.  I got in a lot of mobility work, have done yoga and meditated every day, did one SL session, and also got in over 6 miles for the Ranger mini.  I've found some really good stretches to do after rowing so I don't get so tight any more, and I'm feeling pretty good today.  I'm pretty sure I'll be able to get back to my regular 3 SL sessions in week 2 and not have to worry about my hip/back pain.


    The only not so great thing was last night I went to a 10 year reunion concert of one of my favourite high school bands with some high schools friends.  Beers were drank and pizza was consumed.  Definitely feeling it today, but I did it 100% knowing it was what I wanted to do for the special occasion, and I really had a good time! The concert was amazing and I danced (aka jumped around like an idiot) a whole bunch.  Today I went for a walk and ate lots of salad to try to get my tummy and body more quickly recovered.  Not feeling any guilt, especially since I didn't overdo it either.


    WEEK 2... BRING IT ON!!!


    The numbers:

    Goal 1 - Check in here every day - 7/7

    Goal 2 - Go outside with intent every day - 6/7

    Goal 3 - Zombies, Row! 2x/week - 2/2


    Way to go!  Keep up the good work!

  9. 1:5  was a loss.  F-

    1:6  Was much better.  Did 2 hours of lumber hauling.  Only 3 small puncture wounds from old screws.  2 in my flesh, 1 in my cowgirl boots. (Thank goodness for tetnus shots!)

    3.96 miles

    8,927 steps

    only 50 calories over, logged all the foods. 


    Weekly grades:








    Days in the Word: 3/3

    Knitting: 3/3

    Exercise: 5/5


    Al in all, not horrible. I'd say maybe a B/B+ for week one.


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  10. 13 hours ago, maegs said:



    That's the extent of my knowledge! :P 


    I'm going to have to remember this one! :) 


    I'm yet another one on the imposter syndrome bandwagon. Apparently people think I know what I'm doing with this whole adulting thing, but I'm over here like 



    I've been adulting since 18, and I'm srill not sure what I'm doing.

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  11. Today is a new day, darn it.  I will rejoice and be glad in it.   Even if it kills me. 

     The sun is shining, the birds are singing.....going to do some hard labor today, hauling torn down deck wood. Also going to do maintenance on my bicyle, and try to ride a bit in addition to the hellmachine next week. 

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  12. Okay. Lets be honest here.

    Pain? Yes

    Tired? Yes

    But in all reality, a lot of it is depressed. Which equals food. Too much of it. Not gonna log, since I can't even remember it all. Bad, bad me. Bummer of it is, the day started off great.  There is no reason for this. But knowing that doesn't make it go away.


    So, today is logged as a total loss. 

    F-----( that's minus, minus minus etc.. Not an f-bomb)





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