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  1. 4 workouts, 2 hip opener sessions. Food? Who the hell knows. Mood- well still up & down. Went to see the Rise of Skywalker. OMG, mind blown. Felt like it was a good ending to a long saga. Rey was totally not who I thought she was. Huge roller coaster of feels. Workout 4 was a hike up the mountain. Thought I was gonna die many times. Well, slip and fall maybe. Who knew there’d be so much ice/snow on the trail still? Let myself be bullied coerced into walking across the reservoir, which was totally terrifying. Shoe me all the folks ice fishing. Show me al
  2. My knitting group is doing a knit along, Traveling Afghans. Ours don’t travel, though. First project I’ve been hyped about for a long time.
  3. Dude. I was 11 when that movie came out. You’re not old, I’m old. @Shadri I see things, too. But I can’t associate it with anything specific, like stress. Sometimes it’s human shaped. Sometimes it’s my dead cat. Not like zombie cat, just still there.....
  4. it totally is a depression thing. ooh, do you knit or crochet? I do both, but mostly knit these days. I’d love to quilt, but it seems like so much work.....
  5. I dispute that statement heartily. I have had to shovel (have a shoulder issue to prove it) and it TOTALLY counts as movement & a workout. Unless you’re pussyfooting around. Which I doubt, seeing as you’re the Magnificent Bastard of badassery.
  6. Weeks 1 & 2 were a raging dumpster fire. 1 walk. Lots of........sad. This week I decided to start logging food again, just to see what’s what. Fasting is hit & miss. I tend to be starving when I’m supposed to not be eating. 2 walks in so far. Monday I jacked my back up ( Probably rotating the mattress. It’s just a 180 turn, minimal lifting. But still) so yeaterday was pretty miserable. But today is better. Started a new project. First time in a while I’ve been excited about knitting in a while. Traveling Afghans. Every 2 weeks, designers post a new pattern
  7. This. Totally. Makes it hard to give even one f@#* Keep in mind, you use more muscles that you realize when you walK or run. Running is good core work, believe it or not. Gentle stretching, light yoga will help.
  8. Advice my mom’s sister gave me at 16 ( I was the oldest granddaughter, and all her siblings gave me advice on boys, birds & bees). They of course want it. But their balls won’t turn blue, or fall off, and they won’t die if they don't get it. Think of it as having an egg, that you’re waiting to hatch. Will you ignore the other eggs while you wait for that one to hatch?
  9. I tried. I had a sick pupper, which resulted in many midnight potty trips.......plus more than double the daytime trips as well. I swear it was like having a baby again. No sleep, tired all the time. She is on the mend now, thank goodness. As a result of my depression, I lost the joy I found in many things. But I haven’t been knitting much lately at all. I tried to sit down and get a few inches done on a blanket.....(at least until I change my mind again and frog it, again.). But exhaustion had me making mistakes. But I tried.
  10. Someday my child, you too will develop cataracts and need lens replacement. I was told that when the time comes, I’ll only need light reading glasses.
  11. Apparantly, there’s a number of people who had horrible, debilitating pain after, that wouldn’t go away. And they couldn’t deal/live with it.
  12. Me, either. Cataract surgery is my only option. Ever. Lasik doesn’t work for far sightedness, or moderate to severe astigmatism. Plus there’s the whole suicidal tendency afterward anyway, so nope. I’ve never laid eyes on a cougar (outside the zoo) but my honey has. Twice. I heard one once, screaming up the road. Made the hair stand up all over. Have seen prints, once. And one stashed it’s kill under a ginormous rock by our deck a few years ago. The coyotes stole it....... Neighbors up the street had a mama and two cubs in their driveway. It’s wonderful and scary. Wonder
  13. I had water. So no wibbly wobbly for me. Also turned in at 10:30, so I guess I’m over the whole deal. I found Dr. Who on disk at Walmart for a reasonable price. Eccleston & Tennant in one set, Smith in one, and Capaldi in one. Got them all for maybe 75- Not sure Im interested in the “new” Dr. Haven’t heard good things.
  14. I have heard amazing stories. That’s the saving grace, I suppose. I’ve worn specs since the age of 2. It gets old.
  15. I wasn't joking when I said “lions & tigers & bears, oh my”. Except the only tigers are in the zoo.......
  16. M & T fasting went well. Last night I caved and ate a snack. No big, just wont hit ketosis for as long today (if at all). Monday was hella busy with eye appt and errands, so was out of the house for a while. Found out that at (almost) 49 I am already developing cataracts. Yay. My prescription changed quite a bit in the last year & a half due to this, which I didn’t notice until they showed me then & now. The downside: Freaking cataracts, and early at that. The upside: they usually take a while to develop to the stage where surgery is required ( normally found in t
  17. Perfect zero week task. I can ease my way into the challenge.......
  18. Are we wibbley wobbly as well? I need to rewatch Dr.Who, and catch up. I only saw a few of the Capaldi ones......
  19. No, they are not. Not even a little.......,😝
  20. Pretty sure @Shadri was permanently scarred by the ReDeads in Ocarina of a Time...........(I played a lot when she was little)
  21. I *try* do follow 16/8 All valid points. I just didn’t expect it, since she’s been on her own for a year....... Hai mai baybay
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