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    I also noticed FitBit gives me steps when I am petting/playing with my animals LOL


    Fitbit giveth, and fitbit taketh away......I'm still trying to figure out how to get my elliptical to show up.  It only counts about 1/4 of my steps.  Need to figure out how to do it manually.....


    trying to find something else to drink when I'm not at home made it even harder. 


    We keep sodas at work, and it's a helluva battle.  Have you considered the individual crystal light type packets?  You can even make custom flavors:. 1 lemonade/1 iced tea for an Arnold Palmer, or my other fav, 1 lemonade/1 grape for a retro purplesaurus rex. (Old kool-aid flavor)



    Yum, that's a great idea. And I definitely would love to hear how it turned out.


    The rest of the week was nothing but backward steps. 


    Diet: back to square one (with the addition of a piece of fruit everyday)


    Exercise: :lol: let's move on...


    Personal: I have been practicing violin and, on some days, I'm improving. Then there are days when it just sounds like finger nails on a blackboard :(  Still, Rome wasn't built in a day. 


    Time to regroup and prepare for the next week.


    Tomorrow is another day.  You can do this.  We got your back!


    How's the head?


    .Now spiders and I are mortal enemies. I have literally thrown books across the room if I turned the page and there was a photo of a spider when I didn't expect it.


    Kill them.  Kill them all.  Kill all the spiders in all the land.


    But seriously, it wasn't the book's fault.  Why take it out on the book?  Find a nice shoe or brick or something....

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    The run was fantastic!  Had time to do a nice run followed by a cold shower!  3.77 miles in 37:22. 

    This weekend has been mostly good.  No damage from diet soda.  I did take damage from talking about myself negatively and then also for lying.  I didn't even realize it until after that I would take damage.  I went out Friday night (health pot fyi!) I got totally girlied (hooker) up.  I do not drink very often, like haven't had a drink since November last year.  So I just tell people "I dont drink"  This guy would not leave it at that.  Kept saying "I am going to buy you a shot"  Then he said "I will make it an easy one for you!"  So my lying self...... "I am an alcoholic and go to AA meetings weekly"  That worked, he stopped trying to pressure me.  He would forget and say he would buy me a drink, then say oh yeah you are an alcoholic.  LOL.  I felt the lying route was the easiest.  =(

    I had great gym times this weekend.  I did not get my Weekly Ranger Mini completed.  Me and two other neighbors got complaints on our dogs barking during the day.  So I am hiding all my animals inside.  I saw on there that the city has a limit on ferrets, which I had no clue.  I am under the limit but I do not want to take them outside for whichever rude neighbor to see.  I accept this failure!  LOL


    Geez.  Dogs bark.  It's what they do.  Some people are just unreasonable, and are only happy when they can gripe about something.


    Yep, be careful with the knee. Sometimes it's an actual issue. Sometimes it's due to weakness in the surrounding muscles. Strengthening the muscles will help stabilize your knee and reduce the strain in the connective tissue in the knee. I used to have regular knee pain, and it's pretty much gone. I do have to be cognizant of form over all else, or I have knee pain. Also, overloading myself when doing weighted lunges will also cause me knee pain because I wind up off-balance and out of position.


    He's demonstrating a reverse lunge in the video, but the form is the same. The biggest issue I see in the gym is people extending their knee too far forward. My rule of thumb is never let your knees go past your toes.


    And all that is about me. YMMV. Listen to your body.


    Thanks!  I knew about the knee/toe thing, but this helped with form for sure.  Hoping that the muscles strengthen up, otherwise I'm so screwed.  Been through PT in the past, to no avail.  Hence the knee surgery.  I don't really want to do that again, even though I have a sneaking suspicion that I may need knee replacement.  I'm too young for that nonsense!


    I'm still alive!  I did manage to work on my goals but my time has been short for getting on my PC. 


    Thursday night I meditated outside in the yard during a bit of rain. I went for a walk Friday too. So 2/3 for that goal.


    I worked out Friday too! 2/3.


    My wife and I went to the gym together and did the following:

    F 4/8: full body

    - 10 min cardio side stepper
    1 - 20, 15, 15 bw squats 1min rests
    2 - DB bench press 30*10, 45*10, 55*8, 60*6, 40*10 
    3 - trx rows, 2 arms 2 feet flat wu, 10, 8
    4a - assisted pull ups 55*7, 55*6, 55*3
    4b - assisted dips 55*8, 40*8, 40*8
    5a&5b - hip adds and adbs (IT band work)


    2 days left.  


    We can only do our best, and it sounds like you didn't do too shabby!  Keep up the good work, and don't beat yourself up if it doesn't go according to your plan, sometimes life gives us detours.  Sadly my detour resulted in lost progress to the tune of 20 lbs.  Sadness.

  8. Bonus round:. Did 5 miles on the elliptical today. Was sposed to do a 10 mile hike/walk with my daughter, but she woke up feeling poopy. (Sorry baby girl)  So I worked out on the hell machine. Go me. Gol I want candy, SO BAD. Talk me down, friends.  Talk me down. Maybe next week, IF I keep it up, as a reward. Maybe. 


    So tomorrow will be a day of rest I think. I'll still log everything tho. 

  9. Oh boy, me too!  (Hope I can keep it up, that is ) I didn't realize how hard it would be.  I'd gotten so very lazy, and didn't really realize it until I realized my pants were too tight.  Dammit, I'm not buying bigger ones.  So, yeah. That's why I'm doing this.  

  10. Day 5:  Made it!  Week one is done!  Woot!!!!  Had a bit of a cheat today, small root beer and 1/2 a twix. BUT I am still under/near my calorie goal. Logged it all, even the cheats. Did my 10,000 steps, plus 3.5 on the elliptical, and my crunch boot camp vid.  Feel quite noodle-y. But damn, I made it through week one!!!!!


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  11. Day 4:  Switched it up today and did my Lo Max step aerobics, step intervals only.  45 minutes, I remember when this was easy.  Well it ain't easy no more. Hurt like hell, I must say. Hubby suggested I wait and just do the elliptical for a bit and let things strenghten back up.  Think that may be a good idea.  But I will stick with the Crunch Fitness Boot Camp vid, as it hurt for other reasons.  Stayed under my calorie goal.  Got in my 10,000 steps. Logged my food. Yay.  Almost didn't make it. Super duper depressed today, which sucks away my modivation.  I usually eat my feelings, so at least I avoided that today.  But it was a near thing. 


  12. Day 3:. Success.  Stayed under my caloric goal, check. Got my 10,000 steps, check. Did three miles on elliptical, check. Logged every bite, check. Now to battle the Dragon of Dispair a.k.a. my battle with depression. Tomorrow, tomorrow, it's only a day away.

  13. 6 hours ago, Tala said:

    Hey Rinna! Thanks for the welcome! Setting a goal of feeling awesome wen you dress up as Black Widow sounds like a good thing to aim for - screw what other people think! <3 It's how YOU feel in the costume that matters <3

    Dragon Age does have romance and some adult themes.  Not sure what the actual raiting is but there is a bit of nudity in some of the sexy scenes - but it's a bit tame and if you don't follow the romance plots you may not see them.


    Good to know. He's 12 and curious/not curious, if you know what I mean. So maybe better wait.  Or hide it.....

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  14. 15 hours ago, Cazamoline said:





    Today turned out better then I thought it might. 


    I didn't take a home made lunch and, rather than hot chips, got a potato pie instead. But the big win came after dinner. I so desperately wanted dessert (like a chocolate ice cream) but we had none in the house. Rather than go out and get some I had a banana instead. It's a small victory but I am going to live it up tonight :D 


    As far as exercise goes: dog gave me concussion so I didn't get a chance to do the BBW workout instead spending 2 hours at the local hospital (which is also where I work) :(


    But I have got up to 4,000 steps. Not my goal so I need to get to 6,000 tomorrow to compensate. 




    It sounds like you're off to a good start.  The universe doesn't always comply with our wishes, so we do our best.  


    Dogs are sneaky little suckers. My Lab dislocated my kneecap once, and on a separate occasion clocked my under the chin and made me see stars. Just like in the old cartoons!


    To quote Dory, "Just keep swimming"

  15. On March 30, 2016 at 3:54 AM, Cazamoline said:

    Any motivation and encouragement, or just someone who likes to geek out on Dr Who, the Avengers, Big Bang Theory, Star Trek, Star Wars......, is very much welcomed. 


    ~These are a few of my favorite things ~Can't watch Big bang much anymore, they go off the rails too often. Don't wanna explain some of that to my son. 


    Welcome to NF!

  16. Day 2:. So far, so good. Tuesday is my cheat day, seeing as we bake at work, and I had a cookie. Okay, two cookies. BUT, I still met my other goals. Hit my 10,000 steps, and did 3.6 miles on the  Hell-machine, I mean elliptical. And even with the cookies, still stayed under my caloric intake goal.  Once again I passed by the evil soda stash.  That one was hard, let me tell you, espescially since they are "diet". I learned the other day that dark sodas inhibit magnesium absorbtion, which explains the awful jimmy legs ( restless leg syndrome), poor sleep, fatigue, leg cramps, etc. so that is helping me stay away from them.  So I have been choosing vitamin water instead, also calorie free, for the vitamins and electrolytes ( needed, since I'm almost always moving, and lose a lot of fluid from activity and the heat of the ovens).

    Someone else I happened upon is treating herself to pampering if she meets her goals.  I decided to treat myself to another helix piercing if I meet my goals.  ( Like I need an excuse. I came late to the peircing game, but am having fun with it. Before long I'll be too old for such shenanigans, so strike while the iron is hot.)

  17. 8 hours ago, BreakingThru said:

    Hi EricMN. Thanks. I don't have a history of knee pain but I've been suffering from calve pain, outside. It flairs up whenever I run and I'm starting to think it's an IT band issue. Besides that, I've never felt good doing lunges. I'm guessing technique issues too, lol.


    Lunges are painful. I had knee surgery years ago, and squats, lunges kill me. Heck, sometimes just walking kills me. After my day one, my knee felt all stiff and weird.  Today will be a brace day for sure.  

    Looks like you're off to a good start, keep up the good work!  You got this!

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