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  1. 9 hours ago, Slates said:

    Woohoo on your day 1 :D Awesome job on staying away from junk food. 


    I'm also having a hell of a time logging my calories as I'm eating.


    Thanks!  It was a battle, let me tell you. We sell Little Debbies where I work, and it's sheer hell looking at them.

  2. 9 hours ago, Hilary_W said:

    The boot camp sounds like a powerful way to kick up the intensity.  Way to go.


    Oh, it totally kicked my a$$.  It's only 30 minutes, but 30 minutes od squats, lunges, pushups, and hand weights. I feel like someone beat me with a stick. 

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  3. 8 hours ago, BreakingThru said:

    You had a great day!  Whenever I exercise, I just tend to not want bad food.  It's when I don't exercise and am totally stressed out I go for the food.  I know what you mean about the soda at the work place.  I did good on that today too.  Soda is evil.


    Yummy yummy evil.......I am a coke addict. Coca Cola, that is. 

  4. Day 1:  sucess!  I logged all my foods. I ignored the sodas in the fridge at work. I logged 3 miles on the eliptical, in addition to my 4.5 just walking at work. And, get this, I did my Crunch Fitness Boot Camp video.  I now feel like a giant noodle. A very sore, painful noodle.  Obviously, I can't keep that pace up daily at this point, but the boot camp will be Mondays and Fridays at this point.  The eliptical will be daily, I hope.  Yay!  I done good. Now for a bowl of ice cream. Just kidding. No ice cream for me. Especially after all the crap I've been esting lately. 

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  5. On April 3, 2016 at 4:45 PM, Shadri said:

    I'm glad you're back, Rinna! What kind of exercises are you going to be doing? I've eaten way too many sweets lately too, so I feel ya. MyFitnessPal really helps me stay on track though, so I hope food tracking works for you too! :panda:


    Well, it does when I use it......but then I see all the, ahem, stuff I ate. :angel:

  6. So, I tried this in January and failed miserably. Then I ignored the next couple of challenges, fell into way to many sweets. So here I am again, hoping to do better this time. I have gained even more weight, and I refuse, REFUSE, to buy more pants. I will not have fat pants!  


    So my goals are as follows:

    1. TRY to eat moderately, staying away from candy and sweets as much as humanly possible

    2. Remember to log Every. Stinking. Thing. I. Eat

    3. Exercise daily, in addition to my 10,000 steps

    4. Try not to sink into the depths pf dispair when I slip up, cuz knowing me, I will. Repeatedly.

  7. So. All my lives are used up, and I am at the respawn point. I will keep my same goals, and hope that stress/depression and more importantly, illness don't interfere so damnned much.

  8. Darn right, sugar is an addiction


    Everyone has poor challenges. I know I've had my fair share. The point is to keep trying! :) That's what I love about NF - it's the only thing that's kept me from giving up altogether.





    Interesting choice of gif thingy.  We just watched that a couple days ago!  And today, A Small Victory.  I resisted  both the cookies and the sodas!  And I'm hoping shoveling snow counts as a workout, because after being sick for 4 days I got nothing left. 

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  9. Glad to see the fitbit is working out for you =) I love mine.  Can you think of anything else that may help with the blues?  I am the same way, food seems to conquer feelings.  Also instead of cutting all the crap at once, have you tried to set a goal to limit then eventually cut out?  Like right now, I have cut 3 things out of my food groups.  Next month I hope to add something else.  Start simple and small.  Soda is freaking hard.  I am 18 days soda free and still battle it daily.

    I have meds for the depression, starting to think I need to up the dosage, even though I don't want to. My belief is that it's hormone related, as I am approching that age. But Docs all say I'm still too young for it. But am I really? Plus, I don't handle stress well, at all. Come by that honest, as my grandma would say. Runs in my family.

    I like to think I know better than to go cold turkey. That's why I let myself have sugar in my weekend coffee. But, then I get overtired (or sick, thank you lovely family) or depressed and reach for the candy. Or soda. I believe that sugar is an addiction. And I'm a junkie. I try to say "one soda a week" and then I don't sleep, and need (or want) the caffine, and wham! it's daily again. One cup of joe is all I can handle, more and I get wiggy. Granted my one is a 10oz cup. So, still taking those baby steps, and wishing it wasn't already 2 weeks into this challenge, which I am failing miserably.

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  10. Sounds like your Fitbit is working well for you! I have a Polar Loop and it has really helped me increase my activity level. Have you gotten the alarm to work on it yet?

    Cutting back on sugar is hard. I have the same tendency to use food as an anti-depressant. Have you tried using Stevia? I used to it to help me get off drinking sugary sodas, which is what really helped me to start losing weight.

    I tried stevia once upon a time, and found it....nasty. The aftertaste. I used splenda in my coffee most days, but yeah, sodas are my downfall. And lemonheads. I love those suckers. I also need to go back to gluten free. But, bread! Also a downfall. 😙

    Got the alarm to work, use it weekday mornings. Only scared the crap out of myself once. (My face was laying on it.) And it's less startling than the real alarm.

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  11. Just checking in and wondering how you are doing?


    Are you still wearing your fitbit? My Mom loves hers and is always tracking how far she walked.

    Still wearing it, and loving it so far. Otherwise, it's been a struggle. Trying to nail down how many calories I need to function and lose weight is hard. And avoiding sweets is not going as well as I's like. Especially since that's my go to when I'm feeling blue. But, tomorrow is another day, and I'll keep trying.

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  12. Hills create all sorts of running badassness :)

    I would say mix it up. Some days do the whole route- some days tackle the hills like a maniac! When I ran my Spartan Beast on Halloween of 2015, I was glad for all the hills I did because there were some 45 degree inclines that I had to hike 100+ feet up lol... With a 50# sandbag. #EmbraceTheSuck and I was thankful for the hills I decided to face during my training.

    I still don't like running though, unless it's in nature/on the trails. Running in Texas heat sucks butt lol. But, at least you're still doing it :)


    "Let the Broomstick do the talking."

    Honey child, existing outdoors in Texas, in the summer (or fall even) is just, hell. If it's not the heat, it's the bugs. And yes, everythings bigger in Texas.

    Born and raised in the Dallas metro, until my hubby rescued me.

  13. Grats on getting your step goals and staying close to your calorie limit!



    I second baby steps being the best! I found it interesting how little I walk. I know I have an extremely sedentary job but wow was it an eye opener.

    I am lucky I guess. I work in food sevice at our local high school, and am on my feet almost the entire 5 1/2 hours. I knew I walked a lot, but not that much. Now once I find the energy to get on the eliptical, I'll be kicking booty.

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  14. Sleeping pills!  Yeaaaah.  I was so tired yesterday.  I made my post and just was out...so maybe I don't need pills...but usually have a hard time getting proper sleep.  lol  I should also maybe take vitamins....do Flintstones daily vitamins count???


    And you have way more interesting exercise than me... whoa  :chargrined:

    Yes, Flintstones count. My hubby and I have been taking them along with the kids for years. Dr. said they're just fine. Plus, grown up vitamins make me uber queasy.

  15. Hi Emma! I feel your pain, so to speak. 2 years ago, I was doing good. Exercising regularly, eating better, etc. I had finally lost almost all the weight I had gained since high school. No more muffin tops, heck my pants were comfy! Then, I don't even know what happened. Gained 15 pounds back, in my butt of course. So, I too have returned to the battle. I am new to NF, but already see that this is a great place for support and camaraderie.

    In short ( or not so short ) You got this!

  16. So glad to be fitbit friends. How are the other things going on your challenge so far?

    It's been a struggle. My depression dragon has been riding me hard, and I am a feelings eater. But, I have gotten my steps in both full days ( Tuesday didn't count, i got the fitbit in the late afternoon), which amazes me. I discovered that I walk 4 1/4 miles in my average day. Wow. I have stayed close to my calorie limit, under a bit one day, over a bit another. But, baby steps, right?

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  17. Oh my. There was the friends button the whole time. â˜ºï¸ Never did find the chain link thingy. Luckily my Honey knows stuff, and helped me out once he realized what the heck I was asking. Then daughter showed me how, that whole toolbar is nonexistant on the ipad. So, anyway, Welcome Friends!

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  18. Hey Fleaball, Jonesy, and lilbichy. Yes I got it last night and have been playing with it ever since. I would love to be fitbit friends, but don't know how to add y'all......(Trying to figure out how to put my Fitbit in my signature. It put the whole huge link in there.). So far I am happy with it, and managed to meet my steps for the first whole day. Woot!

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  19. Thanks! I just wish my fitbit would get here in time. Maybe I need a shock collar so someone can zap me into moving. To quote the Stones : What a drag it is getting old.

    Edited to fix typo.

  20. My goals:

    1. Limit sugar intake (Lord help me, I'm a junkie) to once/twice weekly

    2. Eat more veggies

    3. Exercise daily

    4. Read my devotional daily

    I am joining my daughter here in hopes that it will help me be accountable for my health/diet/exercise. She is a big fan of this site and feels that it helps her, and Lord knows I need help.

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