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    Still wearing it, and loving it so far. Otherwise, it's been a struggle. Trying to nail down how many calories I need to function and lose weight is hard. And avoiding sweets is not going as well as I's like. Especially since that's my go to when I'm feeling blue. But, tomorrow is another day, and I'll keep trying.
  2. Honey child, existing outdoors in Texas, in the summer (or fall even) is just, hell. If it's not the heat, it's the bugs. And yes, everythings bigger in Texas. Born and raised in the Dallas metro, until my hubby rescued me.
  3. Rinna


    I am lucky I guess. I work in food sevice at our local high school, and am on my feet almost the entire 5 1/2 hours. I knew I walked a lot, but not that much. Now once I find the energy to get on the eliptical, I'll be kicking booty.
  4. Yes, Flintstones count. My hubby and I have been taking them along with the kids for years. Dr. said they're just fine. Plus, grown up vitamins make me uber queasy.
  5. Hi Emma! I feel your pain, so to speak. 2 years ago, I was doing good. Exercising regularly, eating better, etc. I had finally lost almost all the weight I had gained since high school. No more muffin tops, heck my pants were comfy! Then, I don't even know what happened. Gained 15 pounds back, in my butt of course. So, I too have returned to the battle. I am new to NF, but already see that this is a great place for support and camaraderie. In short ( or not so short ) You got this!
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    It's been a struggle. My depression dragon has been riding me hard, and I am a feelings eater. But, I have gotten my steps in both full days ( Tuesday didn't count, i got the fitbit in the late afternoon), which amazes me. I discovered that I walk 4 1/4 miles in my average day. Wow. I have stayed close to my calorie limit, under a bit one day, over a bit another. But, baby steps, right?
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    Oh my. There was the friends button the whole time. â˜ºï¸ Never did find the chain link thingy. Luckily my Honey knows stuff, and helped me out once he realized what the heck I was asking. Then daughter showed me how, that whole toolbar is nonexistant on the ipad. So, anyway, Welcome Friends!
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    Hey Fleaball, Jonesy, and lilbichy. Yes I got it last night and have been playing with it ever since. I would love to be fitbit friends, but don't know how to add y'all......(Trying to figure out how to put my Fitbit in my signature. It put the whole huge link in there.). So far I am happy with it, and managed to meet my steps for the first whole day. Woot!
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    Thanks! I just wish my fitbit would get here in time. Maybe I need a shock collar so someone can zap me into moving. To quote the Stones : What a drag it is getting old. Edited to fix typo.
  10. More like whats on my hips.....

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    My goals: 1. Limit sugar intake (Lord help me, I'm a junkie) to once/twice weekly 2. Eat more veggies 3. Exercise daily 4. Read my devotional daily I am joining my daughter here in hopes that it will help me be accountable for my health/diet/exercise. She is a big fan of this site and feels that it helps her, and Lord knows I need help.
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