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  1. The support here IS fantastic. So many times, I’ve felt lost and someone will comment......maybe a simple “I’m here” or “you can DO it”. And you all bring me to tears (although to be fair, it’s easy to bring me to tears). I LOVE YOU ALL!!!
  2. What a darling! Don’t you love that day when you realize they see you? Really see you?
  3. The last challenge went nowhere. Being my first Christmas without my oldest child, it was hard. Plus we had our candlelight service on the 21st instead of Christmas eve, which made it feel like........not Christmas. But it was as good Christmas, all in all. But I need to get over myself, and get moving. My goal is: some form of movement, 5 days a week. stop beating myself up, and try to change my mindset as well as my physicality. maybe try out fasting again.
  4. We had a gallon jar we tossed our change in. When it was finally full, it paid for out patio furniture. Nothing fancy, and we had a coupon. But it was pretty cool. If you keep cash on hand, you will spend it. At least, that’s true for me.
  5. Had an early Christmas of sorts with my baby girl and her new husband. They were in town for a wedding (both were in the wedding party) so we got an evening & morning with them. But now I’m sad. This will be her first Christmas where she won’t be with us. BUT at least we got to see them open their presents. Monday was a snow day. Which has janked up finals for boy-o. They tweaked the schedule so they still get out on time (instead of going an extra day), but golly it’s whack-a-doodle. 1 day down, and 2 to go. 8 days til Christmas. Be happy, dammit.
  6. put henbottle on top of your phone...... 🥺
  7. Sorry, I was having technical difficulties. Fixed now.
  8. Sleigh & reindeer made by my daddy. Santa made by my Memaw.
  9. 12 years ago my stepdad was diagnosed with lung cancer. That, along with other stressors sent me into my first clinical depression. I was freaking the eff out, all the time. My hubby told me this, and it helps me sometimes.....”Don’t bury him until he’s dead”. That said, I know its hard, and grief is such a bitch to get through. And we do grieve, even before the end. My stepdad went to grief support groups, before he got too sick, to help deal. Maybe there is something like that there?
  10. waste of a good coke...... I’ll be using the shredder. Unfortunately, fire would be too noticeable (but oh so satisfying), and I just don’t want to have to explain myself.....
  11. ^^this. Plus, just because you have it/pay for it doesn’t mean you’ll use it. (I went down this road, and it worked for a bit, but then just turned into lost money) Free is good. I recommend Limetown and S Town for podcasts. Limetown is a fiction story, and slightly creepy. S town is nonfiction, and very gripping. And sometimes sad. I started We’re Alive, but as its a zombie survival story, I tend to get creeped out & have to stop for a bit.
  12. I have the NF yoga stuff, and I’ve been eyeing some of the Yoga with Adrienne on youtube.
  13. This seems kinda like the old question “How do you eat an elephant?” ~one bite at a time I tend to agree, brush then floss, for the same reason. But, that said, they always polish then floss at the dentist. Things that make you go hmmmm......
  14. we are looking at an awd of some sort, at some point. (I’m like now, please? Hubby is like maybe next year.....I say fork that, but hey. Maybe the present p.o.s. will die sooner rather than later) I. Am. Not. a morning person. Nor am I a night person. Wonder what that makes me? (Ahem ~lazy~)
  15. Not. I have been itching to decorate for WEEKS. All that’s left is the tree. 🎄 I dont really have a challenge goal in mind, except surviving. I’d like to actually *start* doing some yoga. Semi regularly. And continue my meds, for mental health’s sake. And maybe do my stinking PT. This will be my first Christmas without my daughter. I imagine it will be hard. But it’s her first with her new husband. Pseudo goals then: meds yoga pt be happy, dammit.
  16. I feel your pain. We got 6 inches a week before Thanksgiving, and 18 inches 2 days before Thanksgiving. Roads finally melted, and now it’s snowing again. I have an old front wheel drive.....which is often problematic. I dream of an awd car of some sort.........
  17. 16 inches of snow, maybe a bit more........We had to snowblow twice. First time it almost couldn’t handle it, and it left a lot of crap behind. But hubby did it the 2nd time, and got it down. No more please!
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