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  1. Grimalkin's Cruel Tutelage

    Did a bench and a DL day of pyramid up to 95%, then 3x12 at 60%. Feels doable and when I lose access to the heavy weights, I'll just do 5x12 and then HIIT accessories. C'est la vie covid.




    Octavia's Workbench

    Moss agate and copper paired bracelets for a friend in soil conservation. Note the 4 star beads on the one piece, and the pair of star beads offset by a third star bead opposite the strand on the second piece. This lets the meditator cycle 108 beads by breathing/counting/chanting 27 times on one bracelet in their primary hand (with a single star bead to mark halfway through and a pair of star beads as a guru bead), and then count up to four repetitions of that 27 by cycling through the four star beads in their non-dominant hand. Kinda a white girl version of nikka juzu.






    Garden of Sanctuary

    Helped a member of my covid bubble start the cleanup and refitting of an attic space to turn into an entheogen grow room / meditation space. I don't have the patience for most of the tetchy cultivation steps involved, but i can lift heavy totes and haul trash, as long as they're willing to play mycologist. 


    Interlude – Strategists at Sea (Pt. 2) | The Wandering Inn

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  2. 16 hours ago, Mike Wazowski said:

    Ahhhhh right, forgot that winter is a real thing for some places (as opposed to the joke that it is down here in Texas - I literally wore shorts and took my shirt off mid-run this morning).


    It's honestly been shockingly good - I'm getting social stimulation from lots of different angles: the dance crew (smaller, but still present at our little studio), the college kids I teach (again, fewer of them, but they're still fun), a weekly game night with a mix of in-town friends and new friends via them, the occasional movie night, lots of digital ways to keep in touch, good rapport with coworkers even virtually, and a new BF. Good stuff all around!

    Texas winter man, they sound good for the soul. 


    Kuddos on the social support you've built around yourself, that sounds like sanity!

  3. 1 minute ago, Mike Wazowski said:

    But tbh, if it doesn't suit your goals, don't bother! I picked it up because I wanted to get a bit more of an aerobic base for long dance days of practice and as an excuse to get outside more.

    Nah, just Wisconsin winter running isn't my jam. Spring through summer, I'm your guy for a few plodding 5k's a week. How's quarentine life treating you with social support?

  4. 13 minutes ago, Mike Wazowski said:

    Can I interest you in a running program to go with the sets of 20? :P

    Which one are you doing? But nah, I have an elliptical and I have cardio lifting for this winter. I'm debating grabbing snow shoes or a set of nordic skis for funsies this winter, but I'm not sure I trust myself to use the things enough to justify yet another hobby investment.

  5. 57 minutes ago, Mike Wazowski said:

    I know that the fitness bit wasn't the most important part of that update, but did I hear you'll be starting PHAT if the lockdowns happen? :P

    Nah, probs just go to 50% of 1rm, and grind 20 rep sets with 10lb increases every week. Come out of the home gym hiatus with a better base to return to low rep work in a few month.


    57 minutes ago, Mike Wazowski said:

    Good on the Mr. for pushing you to do the things that help you feel better!

    He's literally the best. 

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  6. Grimalkin's Cruel Tutelage


    Like the [Muscle Magus] of Pallas, I'm a bit confused as gyms potential shut down and covid risk is spiking. The home gym is coming along, even while I'm not ponying up the cash to equip more than 300ish lbs of weights. The plan is to outfit the gym slowly until we get a firm shutdown order, and keep using lysol on everything we touch at the gym until then. So I'm switching to a high volume plan in order to make 300lbs meaningful for my lifts. Still disoriented by the pending loss of my third space, and kissing end of year 1rm's goodbye again. It's okay to observe small losses, and those don't invalidate the massive losses experienced by my friends and neighbors and family.


    Category:Fanart-of-Grimalkin | The Wandering Inn Wiki | Fandom



    Octavia's Workbench

    I managed to salvage a dead necklace of my roommates and use the spare parts with some rose quartz to put together the piece below. It's for a cabaret singer friend, and I wanted her to have a little bling with her zen. I had trouble getting a decent photo, and the smarter thing woulda been to wait for better sun, but meh.





    Garden of Sanctuary

    Lovely time last night. Mr lagail has been helping bully me into consistent self-care and last night he banished me to go drum and chant and sundry hippy nonsense. I also brought a yorkie, bc mood. Speaking of hippy shit, anyone use entheogens in their meditation practice? I have my eye on a garden of morning glories for next year, for reasons. 



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  7. 21 hours ago, Scaly Freak said:


    That they have not demanded any energy investment. (I don't ration spoons... I have bars for health, stamina, and mana, that slowly replenish when I'm not taking damage. ;) )


    I come here, post my challenge, post updates or not, depending on how full the bars are. There is no expectations or demand to spend energy I can't afford to spend, and as a result, I can come here, read posts and make comments, and feel the health bars refill just a little bit faster than they normally do.


    17 hours ago, KB Girl said:

    Taking stock of everything every 5-6 weeks is really valueable to me. I could theoretically do that on my own, but.... well, I coach people for a living right, so I help them set goals and sub goals and I evaluate their progress with them and re-set the goals etc. They don’t actually need me for this, but because of me they sit down to do it and get regular reminders and things like that. The NF forums do that for me. 

    And I try to set it up in such a way that updating also brings me something.. talking out loud, journaling.. it helps me take note of the positives.. and sometimes it makes me do something I’d rather not because then I can post about it x) 


    And I get something out of reading other peoples threads. Like your question. Unlike Scaly I do feel a bit of obligation to post/comment simply because I know how much I appreciate it so I want to spread the joy. But it’s very worth it because I try to only follow threads that I find entertaining or educational or interesting or thought provoking or inspiring or wholesome or... :) 



    You both are gorgeous souls. 

  8. Hey thanks for the kind words folks. Honestly struggling to make this challenge meaningful. I’ve been writing about my fitness on these forums since 2016, and I’m not sure if the spoons investment still makes sense. 
    What’s kept the forum challenges relevant to your needs lately?

  9. 19 hours ago, Big_Show said:

    Apart from tomorrow night of course - the regular weekly grocery shop for us and my parents, and tomorrow is also the last evening before full lockdown so it should be interesting!  Luckily we're not low on toilet roll and we have a stock of bread rolls in the freezer, but no doubt this week's meals may have to get improvised according to what's actually available...

    I'm so here for covid cuisine pictures

  10. Grimalkin's Cruel Tutelage


    Ended up doing 90-95% singles for heavy work this week. A bit at a loss as Wisconsin goes into a 3rd wave of the pandemic, and gyms may be closed if sensible leadership is installed tomorrow. I currently go to a YMCA that serves low income communities, and they're unable to enforce their mask rules on the affluent white lifters, whose fees and donations are required to feed low income children. So, I go, I mask, and I spray everything before using it. Meanwhile Mr. Laghail is slowly acquiring pieces of a home gym to get us through, should another lockdown be enforced. 


    Octavia's Workbench

    Octavia Cotton/Gallery | The Wandering Inn Wiki | Fandom


    So here's the replacement piece! 



    Garden of Sanctuary

    Mala was the order of the day yesterday, and I also got a printers drawer hung to hold different meditation aids. Imagine the picture below but stuffed with a rock collection, chunks of wood, and a few small bowls.

    DIY Craft Storage Shadow Box from Repurposed Printer's Tray - Southern  Revivals


    Olesm's Chess Journal

    Any dresden fans here? I'm crafting a dresden's milwaukee for my setting and I'd be curious to hear what power groups you find interesting to play with.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Scaly Freak said:


    That is entirely possible. Like The Borg, my company is everywhere and assimilates greedily. Alternatively, every tech company in the world has realized that pictures of cute and happy animals are an easy way to increase morale in an unexpectedly drawn-out WFH situation ;) 


    And that is good news about the full consent. I will put the sharp weapons away, for now.

    Hrm, mine too. I work for FIS for the last year. Love the company culture so far, and they do pretty good on work life balance. 

  12. 3 minutes ago, Scaly Freak said:

    My employer uses SharePoint online for company wide communications, because that's the easiest way to do it when you're a large global company. They have create a social feed (works like Facebook, more or less) they have named WFH with Pets! where everyone they encourage us to post pictures of our pet office mate. There is a sub-channel dedicated to collectively trying to figure out how to reduce the separation anxiety and possible trauma that will be inflicted on these pour creatures as the workforce starts leaving our home offices to go back to the corporate ones full time. I have genuine concerns for my Happy Sidekick.



    With her full knowledge and consent, I hope! If not, formal complaints need to be made with every possible authority and oversight committee.

    Do we work for the same company? Mine has the same thread!


    with her full consent. She fires doctors fast, and has assembled a world class team of women. When she trusts the ladies take care of her, she’s very on board with letting students learn from her unique case. 

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  13. Also, miss Laghail says she’s getting a guestbook for her vagina; every visit to the ER or doctor or clinic has a medical professional bringing a bevy of medical students to learn from her unique case and deliver a classroom experience while she’s in the stirrups. 

    people with vaginas are bad-ass.

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  14. On 10/28/2020 at 10:28 AM, Mr_Willes said:

    Warning: not my usual happy go mad type of posting


    But still something i want to write off of me a little. The Corona Shit Show in Belgium.


    Just found out the first hospitals are getting "Bergamo types of shit" by this evening: 

      Reveal hidden contents


    • First hospital is reporting running out of rooms people needing to wait in the hallways.
    • First confirmed dead COVID patient, cause IC was full, and the hospital they wanted to transfer the patient to was also full.
    • 11-6 all the hospitals in Belgium will be at max capacity.
    • Confirmed cases still increasing exponentially
    • At this moment cancer patients aren't getting the treatment they need because of COVID patients (trading in one death for the other)
    • Planning stages to get extra hospital room with help from the military. Using their dedicated hospitals and temporary military hospitals.

    Be safe everybody!


    Sorry brother. It's getting bad in wisconsin as well, the ER visit last week was a nightmare, due to covid filling every bed in the building. 

  15. 38 minutes ago, Scaly Freak said:


    Good point.


    Optional parts of the Warrior Uniform include chalk, belt, sweatpants and pony tail, but the chucks are more or less a must. Or some other kind of shoes with hard and flat soles. 


    I've actually been lifting in these for a minute now, and it's not the worst for non-cardio. Kinda like deadlift slippers. 



  16. Streaking with Saliss

    Saliss Oliwing/Gallery | The Wandering Inn Wiki | Fandom

    Medical emergency continues! Spent ten hours driving yesterday to take a family member to the Mayo ob/gyn. If I bottom out on this goal as of end of week, I'll edit it from this months challenge.


    Grimalkin's Cruel Tutelage

    Grimalkin scribble by DemonicCriminal


    Light pull day on Tuesday and travel day yesterday. Should be doing heavy bench again this evening, goal is 5 reps at 315.



    Octavia's Workbench



    Finished the sodalite, charoite, and howlite mala yesterday; just in time for miss laghail to steal it. Miss Laghail has impeccable taste and I've been trying for the last three years to make a piece that i'd enjoy and she'd actually wear. Her theft yesterday is actually an honor, even while that means I need to make a replacement mala - I'm thinking amethyst, obsidian, and  hematite. It's for a buddhist friend who's also in the kink scene, so Imma try and make it come off more parts sleek than crunchy.



    Garden of Sanctuary


    So I take miss laghail to mayo like, every other month, and it's wonderful to sink into some extended sitting practice while she's in her appointments. The Center for the Spirit is pictured below and it's my Mayo clinic home base while Miss Laghail is in surgery or talking with the docs. The pic is a canned picture from the site, and it doesn't show the meditation labyrinth, or the piles of prayer rugs for my muslim neighbors. 




    Olesm's Chess Journal

    Is this what the liscor valley would look like? : WanderingInn

    Dnd tomorrow actually, I'm rocking a ghostwise circle of the moon druid, and at level 6, he's past the crazy power phase of the build's levels 1-4, and I'm finally past level 5 where most wildshape level 1 forms are suddenly irrelevant. Time to cause trouble as a telepathic polar bear!

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  17. 23 hours ago, Big_Show said:

    I have absolutely zero ideas as yet - it gets particularly stressful, because as soonas I come up with something and buy it, I then only have a month to think of Christmas presents as well!  It's very inconveniently timed, I should get him to change it...

    Covid makes it harder, right? Most "experience" based gifts are off the table in the lockdown, bringing us back to the sacred trifecta of hobbies, books, or a new dog. 

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