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  1. I read a lot in German, and I have family in several francophone countries. shrug
  2. Put your own mask on before helping the passenger next to you. Is she actively asking for help with groceries / nutrition? If she's not, and she's just kinda dragging your nutrition game down in a way you're not comfy with, maybe the answer "I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed with 2020 and that's too much logistics for me right now" is pretty neutral.
  3. Glad to have you! Just make sure to drop pics of the bambinos now and then. My Y closed in march and I got back in around June I think. Lower body lost some capacity but bench came back fast. Oh what're you working on? Me too dude. You still raiding with WOW? I'm really happy to have you! Can we trade tips on the care and feeding of gender queer friends?? Belgie stalkers are best stalkers.
  4. But for real. I have a tiny 3 month old nom'ing everything he can reach ATM.
  5. Wait, how is Jordan still alive this far into 2020?? I had even odds that you'd have soy-lent'd him back in April.
  6. HorrifyingRectalMutilation.GIF
  7. Happy to follow along. I ran 5/3/1 for a while and it heavily influenced me as a lifter.
  8. Laghail

    Heidi: Amazoning

    Yep, I remember that. I dimly remember there being a gal pal in the picture? Am I going senile?
  9. Sorry you lost your doggo friend. If its okay, can we see pictures of them?
  10. Numbtongue's Language Lessons Streaking with Saliss 1 day streak Grimalkin's Cruel Tutelage Made a covid DL pr yesterday at 475. 505 is doable by end of year to match lifetime PR DL #. Made 1x3 315 bench today. I need a 1x5 at that number and I think 365 1x1 for a lifetime PR is doable to close the year. Made a clean rep on OHP at 185. I don't think 225 1x1 is doable by EOY but imma set my cap for that number anyway. Likely a bunch of push press and negatives over the next few weeks at 225 while I get a clean rep of 195 and 205. Octavia's Workbench Aight, projects pending are: 54 bead mala - one of my own daily pieces, I used waxed cotton with 8mm beads and a lovely 24mm guru bead. Dumb. I'll restring with elastic to compound the bad idea, and that will eventually bug me and I'll complain here before I restring it with wire, like god intended. No knotting involved, so its nbd. 27 bead mala- 6mm Larvikite with two pyrite 4mm spacers breaking them into 9 bead stretches, with a 9mm pyrite coin as the guru. I need to dremel some characters on the pyrite coin and that's been my holdup. 27 bead mala - see above but garnet instead of larvikite 27 bead mala- rose quartz and obsidian with hematite rondel trios in two spots, and then 9 rondels for the guru bead. This one might be too large for a more narrow cis man's wrist, so the hematite might get scaled back. Re-string 108 bead mala - A lodolite and obsidian piece with a brown agate guru bead shaped like a blunt claw, I need to swap out the narrow diameter claw pendant for a wider green quartz nugget. I used waxed cotton again and the narrow pendants tend to cause the surrounding knotting to stretch and that bugs me. If I'm careful, I should be able to splice and glue in the new guru bead without restringing the whole thing. Someone remind me to work with nylon string more. 108 bead mala -Sigh, this one is way overdue. I need to knot 6mm sodalite, charoite, and howlite, with a sodalite teardrop for the guru bead. Going for an upper chakra color scheme and all three stones have a complementary opacity and black veined surface. I think I have enough material to make two and save the extra for a Christmas gift, but this is top priority. Naturally, I plan to start it this weekend, at the soonest. #PlannedADHD Stav and Tein - this is a today project. I think 9 bells (bc auspicious) interspaced with rosewood and olivewood beads, which I'll hang on the stave by setting hooks near the top and draping the thing in a cluster. I have a strand of lacquered brazil nuts I might work into the piece for a clattering to accompany the jangling bells, but I don't want the sound to get too cluttered. The stav is a driftwood piece with cool worm eaten tracings, and the hippy friend that's getting the piece is pretty excited. Garden of Sanctuary Yesterday was 15 mins with some singing bowls, but no afternoon sitting time. Anytime I split gym trips with Mr. Laghail so someone can be with the three month old pup, like today and yesterday, I end up sacrificing my afternoon sitting time to get home sooner. Doing some mound sitting after work at one of my favorite places in the city. 1,000+ year old grave mounds a few blocks from my house, and some mound preservation geeks are coming with to nerd out over the coolness of it all. Dis gunna be good. Olesm's Chess Journal Thursday the players and I are looking at a google map of Milwaukee and layering on our consensus opinion on supernatural turf wars in the area, on where the redlight district is located, and what the major power groups are that they want to interact with. Char creations to follow, I'll let y'all know what they come up with. The only pieces that I know for sure are the Milwaukee PD is going to have lycanthropy as common thing in the department. #ACAB
  11. Laghail

    Heidi: Amazoning

    That is a beautiful family. Did your partner situation change over the last year? Mine did as well, if that's the case.
  12. Aaaaalmost like we all should be in one mega guild or something?? *innocent whistling
  13. All languages, I was up late and I got some xp logged 😛
  14. Laghail

    Heidi: Amazoning

    I'd be delighted if your reading and responses showed up in your challenge, your research interests are really close to home for me. Is it okay to ask what percent placement you have with Vivian? Listen, you didn't go into the humanities to do math equations, you started a graduate program because stacks on stacks of mad money the business world throws at academics. Honestly, those can be the best sessions. Your body needs what it needs.
  15. Yep; get in loser, we're doing mental health and butt stuff.
  16. Oh just overhead press. Not a competition lift, but one I care about. Any favorite accessory lifts for you?
  17. Added! Also, does your doctorate program have a language requirement?
  18. what's your WoD campaign doing?
  19. Laghail

    Heidi: Amazoning

    No, that ship has sailed, even while the boats are burning. #2020 Mind sharing snippets of your readings? I'd be curious to hear about your research interests.
  20. Laghail

    Athletic h3r0

  21. Hey your challenge looks beautiful; mind if i follow?
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