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  1. And correlation demands causation, therefore you caused me to return!!!!
  2. No worries, I used dis https://wordcounter.net/
  3. MFP on da daily On. Da. Daily. Sleep 6.5 or more hours, Sunday night through Thursday night Yeppers. Write 100 words or more, every weekday 150 words mes chiennes!!
  4. Dude. Been reading dis book and I can't tell either. You know how when you're reading a mythology that's patently trite and you can clearly see the cultural currents underneath the teleology they're frantically retconning into existence, but then, just before you throw the book across the room in disgust, a paragraph hits you and wrecks your mind for a little bit? Yeah, that.
  5. Here for the dutchie nudes and bubble gum. Also, we all out of bubble gum.
  6. Hey, following for Scottish screen name solidarity!
  7. How are you at five pages already? Christ
  8. Hey folks, rocking out a three goal challenge with a weekday posting strategy. MFP on da daily (tracking this one is on you bitches, I put my shit on MFP and you can creep on it there, aint gonsta post about it lessen I fuck it up) Sleep 6.5 or more hours, Sunday night through Thursday night Write 100 words or more, every weekday Might end up writing about hippy stuff, might end up ranting about religion, def will shitpost bad webcomics, but who gnows.
  9. Hahaha, so glad that no one here reads the same webcomics as me. Y'all would quickly realize I steal most of my material.
  10. PR's are basically viagra. Which makes doing cool-down stretches awkward, but you earned it.
  11. Elsie, my yorkie, we have an understanding that we both get to appreciate other puppies. There are so many adorable puppers and doggos in the world, that we both recognize our need to give love outside the traditional one human/one pupper arrangement. #polypuppery.
  12. I’ll Liam Neeson call you if I get kidnapped. Just offer them amateur fitness coaching and hope that’s why they taken’d me.
  13. It's another evee the ewok post but it aint loading. I'm off to the Dominican for a week or so. I'll holler if I get human trafficked.
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