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  1. Thanks for the welcome messages all, and thanks for the link fluffy - will start reading that now. I was about to go have a bacon sandwich, but think I will go for an omelette instead. Small steps, but a start!
  2. I'm no expert, I'm fairly new to workout routines. But I'm going to start this on Monday - http://www.menshealth.co.uk/fitness/let-your-six-pack-go-viral-april-2015-needs-video-link-pics, bringsallyup 28 day push up challenge. I think it's worth giving it a go, your first day will probably be a rubbish time, but drive to beat it everyday coupled with noticeable progress could be good motivation. I've heard that mixing up your routine every now and again is good for progress, being able to do push ups will help. Push-ups can be varied to do different muscle groups, but work chest muscles as well as arms.
  3. Hi! Right now I'm nothing like Steve Rogers, at the start or end of The First Avenger. I'm more like Chris Pratt with his dad bod, and I need to get a bit more like Star Lord. But either way, things need to change. I use to be in good shape, but unfortunately starting work full time and snapping my ATFL ligament I've stopped playing rugby and started eating a lot worse. I have had an op to repair the ligament, but I'm still using it as an excuse and I need to stop. There's no excuse for eating badly at the end of the day. I've managed a few runs and want to start building up my distance (on 1.6 miles atm). Maybe even a marathon one day, but for now getting to 2 and 5 miles would be great milestones. Im on about 15.2 stones, and want to see that going down to about 12.5 stone. I'm 5'11", being 6' would be great, but I know that's an unrealistic target. Are feet, stones and miles the units to use on here? Or do we go more metres, pounds and km? Clearly I don't have the motivation/discipline to do this alone, some support/guidance would be appreciated. Hopefully one day I'll be in a position to dish out the guidance. I've ordered the 'level up your life' book, and will start reading this straight away. Looking forward to getting stuck in and figuring out the class system. If anyone's got any advice on where to start, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
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