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  1. Very nicely done, I do something similar, using points as a way to keep track of my progress...The only difference being, yours is much more pretty.
  2. Depends on your goals really. Here’s my advice if it helps, just have a goal and some plan going in.
  3. Welcome aboard, First things first, 100 burpees a day? Wow, that’s determination. You’ll find that the community here is amazingly supportive and just positive and even fun oh, and nice job with the progress.
  4. Short run today! 2k and done, for no other reason than to get out of the house. Oh and made some super delicious (And unhealthy, although they did have an egg in them and that’s healthy ) cookies. Maybe baking can.be my isolation hobby..... I may have to learn healthier recipes though
  5. For sure, During my run today it seemed like every second person I passed had some kind of mask. I suppose one good thing about the whole situation is that everyone seems to move more out of your way when you’re running on the sidewalk. Did a quick 4K today then a bunch of playing in the backyard with out 2 year old. Thought of the day? I really need a good Isolation Project. I just have no read project goals, well, I raked a bit today as it was beautiful, but that’s not really a project Peres.
  6. Well, it’s been awhile since 21 minute 5k. But I managed to today as I wanted to keep with running, but not stay out long, so I went out fast. I was hurting quite a bit after the fact but am glad that I got it in.
  7. Well, it seems like day # 987,988,978 of the quarantine is officially underway. I went to the grocery store yesterday only to find guards escorting people into and out of the store. Then while picking up a prescription, I noted the marked spots where people were supposed to stand while in line for their medications. I got 3km in today, but I have to admit, I’m going a bit stir crazy and this new “No gatherings over 5 people” rule is unnerving. I keep getting the feeling of being in some dystopian movie. Which is both neat and a bit worrisome.
  8. Holy, As tiring as some of the runs have been today I had 3 under 3 kids in the house. I think I ran a marathon just trying to police them and make sure no one ended up dead. I have no clue how teachers or people with 5+ kids do it
  9. All great answers. I’ve heard it as both good and bad. Personally, I recommend it, if you just want to be able to do distance first, without getting gassed. If you want to eventually get rid of the walk, try to keep a constant pace and drop 15 seconds off every 2 weeks. You can also do a little sprint at the end of your run interval, say phone pole to phone pole?
  10. Well, today was a VERY slow day. However, diddling along is sometimes ok when it’s a beautiful day out. I was in no real hurry to get back to the computer today though.
  11. I've been a fan of NerdFitness and Precision Nutrition for years now I've been on here for what seems like forever (Peeking in occasionally and commenting less so). I'll be the first to admit, I've had several setbacks in the past couple of years (This case may see a "Couple" as closer to 5 than 2) but when I've set a goal I've always accomplished it with respects to fitness (I guess I'm a bit too pig headed to quit. Or so my wife might say, using more colorful language.) until recently. Now, I think it's finally time to set a goal again. I want to be a good
  12. Makes sense, I was tumbling all over the place when I did my first class.
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