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  1. Last week was kind of a washout in some ways -- I missed martial arts classes, but did my solo workouts. I think I've had trouble getting my brain to agree to go into a class environment. I'll get myself out of that mode with tonight's class and get back on the horse. It is Monday and I've got aching muscles from the weekend's workout. I kind of like the post-workout soreness in a weird way! Overall: mixed challenge but I'm glad I came in for it!
  2. Today: First weight workout since blowing out my back next week. I think I'm fine, but it'll be a fun surprise to find out tomorrow! Hit the elliptical for half an hour of cardio and I feel good.
  3. I'm not going to karate class this evening; taking some food over to my friend who lost her partner instead. I'm going to at least get a nice walk in for some movement. Tomorrow is weights and cardio.
  4. I came in solidly in the middle of the pack! Feeling very proud of how I did; I significantly beat my standard "best time" per KM. Saw so many good dogs wearing costumes.
  5. My back is better today than it was yesterday. Today's Thursday, the 5K is Saturday. No weights until next week just to be safe, I think. My two friends that were planning to run the 5K with me had to tap out. One of them had a baby and I think overestimated how soon she'd be able to do a run afterward, and the other one got Covid (is fully vaccinated and is recovering well and quickly). Fortunately another friend says she thinks she's interested in registering and running with me, even sans costume. I got my Loki For President button in the mail yesterday so the costume is all set.
  6. Right?? No exercise today -- I think I pulled my back lifting yesterday, so today I'm going to recover and maybe do some very gentle yoga this evening.
  7. Weight workout done, and 5km on the elliptical with a good pace! And on Sunday I hung out with a friend and he asked if I had been working out my chest.
  8. Hi gang! Fuck cancer. Thank you for the kind words. I'm trying to be there for my friend who lost her partner, as best I can. I'm getting back on the horse this week. Hey, the Halloween 5K is this weekend! Look what I got. Back to karate class tonight. Oh, and 3 months today since my last drink.
  9. Hi, gang. A friend of mine is dying of cancer, like any day. I have tapped out of my karate classes and test this week. I'm not up for it. I'll test next time. I ran 5km on Sunday. Just came from doing a weight workout and 5km on the elliptical. I'm okay. I'll be back in and out as I feel up to it.
  10. Work from home day: Took a walk and did a mace workout. (Still need to meditate, but shower first!)
  11. Thank youuuuu I'm feeling good. You know, that's fair; I would also have had questions.
  12. Okay, zombies have been run and I made really good time on the elliptical today. I won't be able to go to kickboxing on Saturday with Ms. Rogue as usual, since my eldest son has a vet appointment. My plan at this point is to do a mace workout on a break from WFH tomorrow, and a run on Saturday or Sunday. ACK coworker in the locker room. I do not like that. Guy in the weight room wearing workout clothes and cowboy boots: delightful.
  13. It's almost noon and it's only 62 degrees and I am almost DANCING WITH GLEE at the relief from the heat and humidity.
  14. I actually liked the asymmetry of it! But I had to make a call. Oh, please. I will. I'm actually looking at a Sylvie one-broken-horn one. Haven't decided for sure yet. Thanks! I need and appreciate the encouragement. I feel a lot better about it after yesterday's practice. If I do that (almost) every day between now and test day, I should be good. Wish I had found lifting years ago. I think today is cardio machine day though. It's actually the first jacket day in Atlanta! I bought a jacket from my favorite coat company about a year and a half ago, and wore it for the first time today. So maybe some outdoor running is in the cards soon.
  15. Update: godDAMN but weight lifting feels good. I upped my weight a little bit this week (and reduced my reps). Did half an hour of martial arts practice: just went through everything I need to learn, ten times or more each. Muscle memory is the only way this is gonna work....
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