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  1. I had my first video class with the kids today, and it went great. Was not weird, felt more like a regular karate class than anything I've done in months.
  2. I did not have a productive weekend. No goal progress to speak of. My weight loss is going well, though! 3 lbs left to hit my goal milestone.
  3. Good resolution! I had a come to Jeebus talk with my karate instructor last night. Results: 1) we're moving our regular one-on-one night to a day when he'll have fewer problems and conflicts, and 2) I'm joining the juniors (teenagers) Zoom class once a week so I'll get an additional day of training every week. (Unspoken benefit: even if he flakes out on me again I'll still have a training day.)
  4. Karate teacher didn't show up for my lesson last night. It was my last straw, and I sent him a pissed-off text. He apologized and promised to call me today to make a training plan. We'll see how that goes. Instead, I went for a run last night and did some yoga this morning.
  5. Right??? In non-fitness news, a friend has been running a remote weekly D&D game since the start of the pandemic, and we're close to wrapping the campaign. We're making him a thank-you package with a dungeon master t-shirt and a custom-made mini -- we're debating whether to get one of him as the DM, or one of the campaign's villain.
  6. Hi gang! I'm a little behind on updates, as usual. Weight is doing pretty well. Last I checked, I'm stable at 5lbs lost (another 5 to go). I did eat like a pig last night since Ms. Rogue made amazing homemade lasagna. Over the weekend, I ran EIGHT kilometers without a walk break. Before starting this training, my PR was 5km or so. I'm starting to think I can make it to ten for the race in a month. Took kickboxing class yesterday evening, and I definitely need to add push-ups to my regular routine again. I was making good progress on them for a while, and I've let it
  7. I am a newly minted beginner blue belt. ^ Actual footage from my test
  8. Karate test scheduled for tomorrow. We'll see! (Still haven't gotten my belt from my previous test.)
  9. Some yoga on Sunday to stretch out my legs (cat participated enthusiastically if not helpfully). Blew off kickboxing class yesterday, but ran another 4.5km today. Tomorrow's our regularly scheduled class; I'm at the point where I am once again texting instructor the day of lesson to confirm, and if we don't connect when I do that then I start complaining to someone else.
  10. Hi, gang -- Down but not out. My last weigh-in was 5 lbs down and 5 to go, so I'm happy with that. I ran 7km on Sunday (with a few uphill walks, but still a PR). Have not yet taken karate belt test. My instructor forgot, then had to cancel our rescheduled date, and hasn't yet answered my texts about rescheduling this week. I'm losing patience.
  11. Thank you thank you, friends! The instructors have a policy of not approving us to take the tests until they're confident that we're ready to pass, so I go in feeling pretty good about it these days. I'll do some warm-ups this afternoon before this evening's test. I think it's option B. I still think it was yesterday you were prepping for the LSAT. Thanks bud.
  12. Well, weight is fluctuating (within normal parameters) but I'm feeling good about the eating habits. I did kickboxing class last night which wiped me out, and my bad knees are really feeling it today. I'm going to do some kind of run shortly, even if it's just a short/easy one, to keep my stamina training going. Tomorrow evening is karate belt test (beginner blue belt).
  13. Weekly update soon, but: I'm down another ~3 pounds. I've lost about 7 toward my 10-lb benchmark. I felt amazingly good when I saw that this morning.
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