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  1. Hello to Y-Not, my lone follower this challenge! Posting for accountability purposes; I appreciate you hanging in there. Last week went completely sideways. That head cold knocked me out for good 5 days, resulting in only 1 workout last week. Work was a complete sh*tshow the likes of which I have never seen in my 6 years here (a student bit me, for crying out loud!). Things are just now starting to feel normal again. Writing off last week as a fluke and working towards refocusing on my goals. I can't believe how tempting it is to throw up my hands and say, "Screw it!". I've had a month and a
  2. Closing in on the end of week 2! Checking in to inquire if things are going well!
  3. Thanks, Y-Not. This "bit of a cold" has evolved into "someone chop my head off please!" Have made it a goal to get videos up by the end of the week.
  4. If I did record myself doing some moves that I'm unsure of, like pushups, are there some Assassins out there who'd be willing to help watch me and provide critique? I plan on doing the workout tonight (though perhaps a shorter version as I'm fighting a bit of a cold), and I could record some of those moves I'm not sure about.
  5. Week one complete! Got my vegetable each day and did manage to get in two different ones some days. I did have 3 sodas this week instead of only 2; however, I did get one of those at a restaurant and denied a refill! I got in my time with the kiddos, but sadly no game night this week. I like the bodyweight workout. I've progressed from barely able to complete one circuit to barely able to complete three circuits. I do sometimes wish I had someone to watch my form and let me know when it's getting sloppy. I discovered I've been doing pushups wrong my entire life because we were always taugh
  6. I hereby declare my Assassinhood! My goals this challenge are an extension of my previous challenge in Rebel guild. I've kept the original goals and built a second layer to them. Diet goals 1. Eat one vegetable per day; aim higher for two different veggies each day. 2. Only two sodas per week; aim higher for no refills at restaurants. Fitness goal 1. Beginner bodyweight workout 3x per week; aim higher for 3 full circuits each time. Level up goal 1. 10 minutes each day in a non-electronic activity with the kiddos; aim higher for one family game night each week. Looking forward to meeting fellow
  7. Great to see you in the Assassins! Here to follow and support!
  8. Yeah!! We made it! Here to follow along!
  9. Glad to see you in the challenge forums! I'll be following along!!
  10. Week 3 is complete! It's the home stretch here, people!! Week 3 report: Workouts: check! Kiddos: check! New bunkbeds provided all sorts of fort-building fun! Veggies: check! Sodas: .... um.... check minus? Ok, I had 4 sodas. If you would've asked me at the start of this challenge what the hardest part would've been, I would've said veggies - hands down. Now, two weeks in a row, it's the sodas that are tripping me up. I don't have any in the house, I haven't been buying any at work; I discovered it's when we eat out and I order a pepsi at restaurants... and then get a refill. I don't know wh
  11. Welcome, BeerRanger! Thanks for taking the time to respond, even through errors! It's great to know there is at least one other Rebel in the state!!
  12. If you use the word "Assassin" with airport security, I think you should get extra challenge points.
  13. Tonight was the first night since I've begun the challenge when both my husband and my niece opted out of working out with me. They've taken individual breaks, but tonight I was on my own. A large part of me said, "Grab a cookie from the kitchen and get to the couch! You've only seen Sherlock: The Abominable Bride once and that's nowhere near your goal of infinite viewings!" But then my obstinate, competitive side kicked in and countered, "Are you doing this for them or for you??" So I changed my clothes and hit the circuit without them. And wouldn't you know it, my ire fueled me to work harde
  14. Well, week 2 is done. Workouts: check. Kiddos: check. Veggies: check; sometimes with gusto (carrots and hummus with salad!) and sometimes by the skin of my teeth (thank you sad lettuce on fast food taco). Sodas: fail. Was doing well at my last post with only 2 consumed, but drank 3 in the last 2 days. My willpower points were expended elsewhere and I made some poor choices. But this is a new day and a new week in the challenge. Yesterday's choices are behind me. Managed to stay off the scale this week which is good. A gain combined with my lack of motivation would've been a recipe to give up.
  15. You crack me up! Way to go, extending your plank time! Once we are aware that our body can do something new (30 sec vs 25 sec) it becomes hard to ignore. Keep improving! You're doing great.
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