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  1. Thanks. It's pretty but a pain. Plus side I got a snow day from work!
  2. Half points for Monday. I walked a total of more than 5 km but didn't do a 5 km walk. 1/3 stretches complete. 7 km walk unlikely to be completed. We got positively drenched in snow here this week. I did, however, shovel snow which is a great (read: painful) workout.
  3. It's not cheating - it's reconnaissance and strategic retreat. 😜
  4. It's snowing. I might have to take my Monday 5 k to the gym. Assuming I gather enough willpower to actually be active.
  5. I have a serious case of the Dun Wanna's this morning. Fingers crossed that coffee is the cure.
  6. 6 km walk complete. All goals complete for Week 1.
  7. Last month my mom suggested we participate in our community's Coldest Night of the Year walk. They have three distance options - 2 km, 5 km, and 10 km - and we both agreed to the 10 km one. Unfortunately it's been a while since I've walked 10 km. I have until February 22nd to train. Goal 1: Walk 5 km every Monday morning before work. Goal 2: Walk an extra km/week on one of my days off (Week 1 - 6 km, Week 2 - 7 km, Week 3 - 8 km, Week 4 - 9 km, Week 5 - 10 km) Goal 3: Stretch 3x/week All donations I receive for walking will go to those hungry, homeless, and in need in the Oceanside community.