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    Atrytone Embraces the Masquerade

    Thank you, welcome!
  2. Atrytone

    Atrytone Embraces the Masquerade

    As I mentioned in my last challenge my recent obsession has been the L.A. By Night web series and Vampire the Masquerade by extension. So I'm going with it. There are three categories of skills - Physical, Mental, and Social - and I'll be training one skill in each of them. Physical Skills (represent personal experience and training): Athletics (sports and movement) Go to the gym at least once per week While I would love to go a consistent three times/week I've been struggling to go at all. Something is better than nothing. I'll aim low and if I achieve more that's great. Every good vampire (and the bad ones as well) is stronger than a mortal. I must build strength and endurance if I want to survive the night. Follow the #journeytosplits program I'm pretty sure I have something called hypermobility which means I'm generally quite flexible. This won't take the full 30 days. A vampire never knows when they might be forced into cramped spaces or uncomfortable perches. I must maintain flexibility if I want to survive the night. Mental Skills (represent knowledge from formal education): Academics (knowledge in Arts and Humanities) Spend half an hour a day on the Brain Story Modules This is a work thing I've been neglecting. Half an hour a day is a reasonable goal to shoot for and it's much more than I've been doing. Vampires must have an intricate knowledge of mortals if they want to avoid detection and the Inquisition. I must understand humanity if I want to survive the night. Social Skills (represent practiced and honed natural knack): Persuasion (convincing others and inspiring their emotions) Attend Toastmasters meetings at least twice Public speaking is a fear for a lot of people, myself included. I've been tossing around the idea of running for municipal government so I need to learn to speak better. Persuasion is one of many methods a vampire may employ to get their way. I must be persuasive if I want to survive the night.
  3. Loving the goals (also food is great and I don't mind sharing a couple recipes if you're interested). Following.
  4. Atrytone

    Cheetah Builds Momentum and Continues to Improve

    Following. Learning that something is better than nothing can be a hard lesson to learn. Good on you.
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    Run Thom Run 2

    This is so exciting! Following.
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    Atrytone Rolls into Another Wheel Challenge

    Wrap up time. I nailed Finances. Did half of my Health goal. Failed Social. Contribution is in progress. Career (7/10) - No change. Still love my job even though there are good days and bad days. Finance (6/10) - Increase of 2 points. I’m feeling a little better about my financial situation now that I know what my average income is and about how much I can spend on a place. It might not be enough for this area though unless I get more hours soon. Health (6/10) - Increase of 2 point. I only went to the gym once but I've started being more aware of what I'm eating. I also went to the doctor and he took me very seriously about my mental health concerns. He's given me a prescription that will hopefully help. Social (8/10) - Increase of 4 points. Playing D&D with everyone is a lot of fun. I also went to Pride this year and it was an absolute blast sunburn notwithstanding. Contribution (6/10) - Increase of 2 points. I've signed on to do a volunteer training session with Haven. Nervous but excited. Recreation (7/10) - Increase of 1 point. D&D is going great. I went to Pride. I've started gaming again a very little bit. I also binged Season 2 of L.A. By Night on youtube. It was fucking awesome. Love (7/10) - Increase of 1 point. One of my friends said I'm the best DM he's had. That felt pretty great. Self-Image (6/10) - Increase of 1 point. Adulting is making me feel a bit better about myself. Doing my finances and getting to the doctor were hard but I did it anyway. Go me. Since I have all my categories up past the half-way mark I think I'll do something different next challenge. Not sure what yet. Maybe something VtM themed to feed my current obsession. I just want to say thank you to everyone for the kindness they've shown me this (and in previous) challenge(s). I've been having a rough time and your support means the world to me even if I'm not always great at showing it. See you all next challenge!
  7. Atrytone

    Atrytone Rolls into Another Wheel Challenge

    Thank you both.
  8. Atrytone

    Atrytone Rolls into Another Wheel Challenge

    Thanks. I hope so too. And honestly this has been something I've been struggling with since I was a little kid. It's about time I got help.
  9. Atrytone

    Atrytone Rolls into Another Wheel Challenge

    tw: mental health stuff
  10. Atrytone

    Atrytone Rolls into Another Wheel Challenge

    Thank you. And yes, I didn't get it. This is a huge blow and I've been crying intermittently for the past 15 minutes or so since I found out.
  11. Atrytone

    Atrytone Rolls into Another Wheel Challenge

    Starting today I'm attempting to count calories. It's less about my actual caloric intake and more about actually paying attention to what I'm eating. The past while (days, weeks, months) I've been eating my feelings. Eating my stress. When I went to the gym my workout gear was too tight. Before it was almost too big. I got back up to the heaviest I've ever been and that makes me sad so I go eat ice cream - which is counter productive. My workout yesterday was very basic; 30 minutes on the elliptical on a lvl 1 hill climber program. I used to be able to do 40 minutes on lvl 7 of the same program and struggle to get my heart rate up. I would be breathing fine and barely break a sweat. That was not the picture I painted yesterday. It kind of drove home how much I've given up. How far I've fallen. It was upsetting but I'm going to use that upset to motivate myself. So calories. Working out will be easier as I lose weight and losing weight will be easier the more I work out. I've got this.
  12. Atrytone

    Atrytone Rolls into Another Wheel Challenge

    Today's positive was finally going back to the gym. It's been too long and it was harder than I would have liked but baby steps are still steps.
  13. Atrytone

    Atrytone Rolls into Another Wheel Challenge

    I'm counting all my walking not just deliberate walking. My previous job - kitchen work - involved a lot more running around than my support work job does. So I'll have to start going on actual walks now probably. (Not that that's a bad thing). I think I'll make my mom a belated birthday cake tomorrow and maybe try for tacos again. Food is my happy place so trying new things is always a delight.
  14. Atrytone

    Cheetah does a little better lately, which is nice.

    Picking up and putting down heavy things is one of my favorite work outs! ;P
  15. I was a big fan of my life wheel inspired challenge last time and I'm going to stick with a version of it this challenge. As a reminder I've chosen eight categories for my Life Wheel: Career: How I feel about my employment. Finance: How I feel about my earnings. Health: How I feel about my health. Social: How I feel about my social life. Contribution: How I feel about my contributions to my community. Recreation: How I feel about my downtime. Love: How I feel about the love in my life. Self-Image: How I feel about myself. My lowest ranking categories are Finance, Health, Social, and Contribution. There isn't much I'm able to do about my Finances that I haven't already done. Now it's a waiting game until August/September. However, I would like to go over my income since February and write up a budget based on my average income. That will help me get a better understanding of where I'm at now and where I need to be to be stable. Health is a two-fold problem. Mental and physical. I need to see a doctor about my anxiety. In my line of work I need to be stable and right now I'm straddling the edge. As for physical health I need to make actual appointments to go to the gym. My goal is 2-3 times per week. If I go 3 times I'll have an upper body day, a lower body day, and a cardio/core day. I'd also like to get out and do some day hikes in the area. Easy ones that are barely more than walking. Social is tricky. One of the parts that bothers me the most about my social life is I'm the one that does all the planning and inviting and whatever. It sucks. I've tried telling my friends it bothers me but it never changes. I'm going to try and go to two social events to meet new people this challenge though. Maybe that'll work out. Contribution is a little tricky too. I don't want to overwhelm my schedule but I want to give back. I'll look into volunteering with Haven and if it doesn't require too much time I'll do that.