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  1. I have brought lunch to work every day this week so that's 3 points total in the nutrition category. Hammered out a squat progression. Wasn't sure where I was at so I started with deep squats and achieved the 3 sets of 8 benchmark to move on so next it'll be Bulgarian split squats. 1 point for my workout goal.
  2. So yesterday I packed up 3 large garbage bags and took them all to the dump. Gunna give myself 4 points for that. I also tackled my mountain of dishes. Didn't get them all done but did a good chunk. I'll allocate 2 points for that. I also showered this morning so 1 point for that. Adding on yesterday's positive that brings my mindset goal up to 8. I'm bringing a lunch with me to work today so that's 1 point in the nutrition column. Workout goal to follow. I have plans to work on my squat progressions after work.
  3. Why Do The Things? Workout Be strong easier to do physical things (ie. less trips when bringing groceries in) help friends and family (ie. moving furniture, opening jars, etc.) Slim down less trouble breathing feel better about my body Feel better better sleep improved mental health Nutrition Slim down less trouble breathing feel better about my body Develop a healthy relationship with food no binging or bored/sad/lonely eating eat things that make me feel good (ie. freggies) Know what I'm putting in my body increase homemade meals decrease fast and junk food Mindset Feel better better sleep improved mental health Reclaim hobbies reading fibre arts cooking
  4. Woof. Rough start this challenge. Not much has happened in the past two weeks aside from work stress. In an attempt to take better care of myself I have given my two weeks notice at my cooking job. Been having nothing but problems at it and decided the my mental health is worth more than $15/hour. Now. Challenge stuff. I realized I haven't been invested because I've been viewing my goals as chores. Things I have to do but have no real motivation to complete. So I'm going to rewind a little and write down a list of reasons why each of them matter to me. Hopefully that'll give me the boost I need to tackle them for the last half of the challenge.
  5. Haven't been keeping track as well as I could. As of today my points are probably as follow. Workout Goal: 2 points Nutrition Goal: 3 points Mindset Goal: 6 points
  6. The issue is I like a clean space. When I'm in a state of good mental health it's easy to maintain. However, it's been more than a year since I'd categorize myself as in 'good mental health' and as a result a lot of trash and dirt etc. has built up. Which worsens my mental health. It's a cycle with no winners.
  7. Managed to do some reading last night and some cleaning up today (bag of garbage, bag of food waste, and 3 trips to the recycling bin).
  8. Very true. Thank you for this reminder. Saw it here on the forums ages ago and it always struck a chord.
  9. Thank you. Options are nice especially because perfectionism lends itself so well to procrastination. Also more options means, hopefully, fewer excuses.
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