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  1. Do you have directions to choose from already, or is discovering them part of gaining clarity?
  2. Main goal is maintaining daily walks of 30+ minutes. (This will be less than fun given that we've finally gotten snow). I also have a bunch of stuff to do for upcoming holidays: my best friend and my dad both have birthdays this week - need to bake a cake for my dad this week and one for my friend next week getting my most recent tattoo touched up on the 4th have to buy a gift for my cousin's baby daddy as per the family gift draw (I have never met him or their kids lol) need to coordinate with my brother to put together stockings for our parents need to buy gifts for my parents, brother, and cat I want to make a Yule wreath this year Other things I would like to do (but may or may not): read for an hour everyday work on improving my posture (maybe it'll help my chronic neck/shoulder pain and constant low-grade headaches?) figure out how to stream (complicated by having a single monitor) finish rearranging my furniture (need help - bookcase and entertainment stand too heavy/awkward to move easily on my own) find a way to reduce my current feelings of loneliness
  3. Week 5 Summary Goal 1 - Eat Well: Had two plant based dinners this week. One was just roasted veg and the other was this chickpea burrito thing. Pretty tasty. Didn't focus on fiber again. Goal 2 - Walk Tall: Went on 5 walks this week. I've been feeling overstimulated and overwhelmed lately. It makes it difficult to do anything involving executive function. Struggling a little with loneliness/depression as well but that's not new.
  4. Week 4 Summary Goal 1 - Eat Well: Had two plant based dinners this week. Fell down on the job a little with making sure I'm eating enough fiber. I probably have been but I wasn't really paying attention this week so I don't know for certain. Goal 2 - Walk Tall: Went on 6 walks this week - didn't go yesterday because I spent the day with family and didn't prioritize exercise.
  5. Walks going strong and I had another plant based meal the day before yesterday - a rice bowl with black beans and roasted potato, carrot, and broccoli.
  6. Oh interesting. Nope, I'm not really into electronica as a whole. The name is pulled from my love of punk rock and the fact that I'm neurodivergent (or 'neurospicy' lol). Also I feel that a lot of what I do can be, lovingly, referred to as nonsense.
  7. Gone on walks everyday so far this week. This morning it was foggy which was fun. Dinner was plant based and small - just whole grain toast with peanut butter and a pear on the side. I had a large lunch so I ended up not feeling hungry enough to actually make a proper dinner.
  8. Week 3 Summary Goal 1 - Eat Well: Had three plant based dinners this week. Potato leek soup and two falafel dinners. Maintaining decent fiber intake with food like rice, rye crackers, fresh fruit, and whole grain breads. Goal 2 - Walk Tall: Went on all 7 walks this week. Struggling with posting a little but I swear I'm doing the work!
  9. 2 plant based meals now. Had rice, falafel with a lemon dill aioli, and carrot and celery sticks. Also went for my walk.
  10. Doing well. I've had 1 plant based dinner so far this week (the last of my potato leek soup) and gone on all 4 walks.
  11. Week 2 Summary Goal 1 - Eat Well: Had three plant based dinners this week. My ginger tofu followed by a yummy potato leek soup (not cream-based) for the past two dinners. Maintaining decent fiber intake with food like oatmeal, flaxseeds, rice, rye crackers, and whole grain breads. Goal 2 - Walk Tall: Went on 6 walks out of 7 this week. I'm slowly adjusting to our autumn. It snuck up this year. Feels like one week it was t-shirt weather, the next it was hoodie weather, and now I'm doubling up on sweaters or toping one with a rain jacket. Usually there's a more gradual change to the seasons here. Not sure if global warming is at fault or if I'm just getting old and pulling a "well back in my day..." Overall week two went better than the first. Looking forward to week three!
  12. Almost didn't go for a walk today because it was chilly and rainy out but I managed to before it got dark (4/7). Dinner was ginger tofu over rice (1/2).
  13. I've done 3 out of 4 possible walks so far. Food has been animal-protein heavy for the first half of this week. Need to smarten up over the next three days. Yes, I was very put out at first because I'm bad with change but this one is much better for me overall. I do miss having a clock on my coffee pot though - I used it a lot when cooking.
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