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  1. Everything is progressing well. I am really enjoying the Rising Heroes, my personality works well with ticking things off a list of things to do. I am loving it, and am keen to see how it progresses. Reading everything on facebook is motivating as well. Walking every day will eventually become a challenge but I think I just need keep it at the mile most days on top of what else I already do. Even if I walk at the horse when I need to. And those days that I can, especially weekends and in summer, go for longer walks. I have a huge blister at the moment on my foot which is holdin
  2. I am tired today. Body tired. I went for a 10.4 km walk yesterday around the base of Mt Ainslie. I had walked lots of it before but never put it together in that loop. It was a long way and I was tired at the end but I would do it again, this time knowing I was not going to get lost. I would do it in reverse though because a big hill at the end sucks! My eating has been pretty good though each day I am trying to tighten up a bit more. I did have a box of lindt chocolates that have now gone so now really starts the off sugar process. I am going to go to the gym soon to h
  3. Huh, I match my heading so well, starting over... Always starting over. I am not actually starting over, 2016 was great for exercise. I have been at my gym for just over 12 months now and am really good at going. I went for my first swim of the summer yesterday and it is always a good barometer for me of how fit I am. Yesterday 50 m at the pool was pretty easy which tells me my fitness is pretty good. I was really happy with that. I did 16 laps, up was freestyle and back was breaststroke (great for the arms!). Now it is getting the damn eating under control. I eat wel
  4. ITs a long weekend here and I am feeling the need for it. Last night I went to sleep at 8.45 and slept through until 7 this morning. I then dozes this afternoon before going for a lovely horse ride. I was going to go to the gym but did not want to and that is so rare that I went with how I felt. I have eaten very little today, not for any reason, so am cooking some lamb cutlets now and will have some vegies with them. Love cutlets, they are one of my favourites, I have lost another kilo this week, and weigh in is tomorrow so it may be a little over a kilo tomorrow
  5. Well, another good day nutrition wise. I am not drinking enough water though. Ugh, I cant get it all together at the same time! It is so cold here which is why I am not drinking enough water. I was hungry this evening so had some extra food, but all healthy, so I am not worried about it. No point in being starving. I did not go to the gym, and I hate missing it, but I have too much school work to do. Not that I have done it, but I will after I have written this. I will go tomorrow though because I finish school slightly earlier so will make time for the gym, feeding the hors
  6. Stir frys are great, healthy and easy to cook. This week I am making bunless hamburgers (you could have the bun if you eat bread) - homemade rissoles with some eggplant dip, semi dried tomatoes, beetroot ( I am Australian!) lettuce etc. They are tasty and fell like a treat but are super healthy if you make them yourself. I am a huge fan or rissoles so they can be eaten as part of the homemade burger or by themselves. Chicken and vegies with pesto are great ( (again I make my own pesto but you don't need to) Shepherds pie filled with celery, carrot etc, and with cauli
  7. Yay, I am not sick, my body has really fought off this cold - so happy. I do have a bit of a cough and I am taking my asthma meds to be safe, but I am totally not sick. I really believe it is because I am healthy and eating well and I have fought it off. Feels good! I made some eggplant hommus yesterday, not sure I love it, but its good enough to eat this week. And there is so much of it, I will be sharing it at school. I also baked a piece of lamb which is pretty tasty. I will have it for dinners this week, although I had some for breakfast this morning with two boiled eggs
  8. TOdayI feel really ordinary. I have been getting sick for a week and today it has almost arrived. On with life though. It is going to be a quiet weekend, writing reports that are due Monday. I have been to the butcher and bought a lamb roast and mince meat. A roast and I make up some rissoles will be nice comfort food while I am sick. I will go to the farmers market tomorrow morning to get my frit and veg. I will probably have a few days off from the gym although I may go for a walk on the treadmill. It is meant to be heavy rain all weekend so a walk outside is o
  9. Well it has been months since I wrote on here. Time to get back to it. Overall I have been going pretty well. I am not losing weight as quickly as I would like, or maybe I should say as consistently as I would like. I know it is when I don't eat well enough though. I am improving all the time though and I know it is a life long process. I am really happy with my fitness. I am really consistent with the gym. The worst week I have had since January was two weeks ago and I only went 4 times! I know that is still good so was not at all worried. I am still walking on
  10. Continuing to travel well. My eating remains great which has been my biggest battle over the last 18 months so it feels really good to be so back on track. Chocolate was offered to everyone this afternoon and I was not even tempted. Big win. I had a body scan done at the gym last night which was interesting. Basically I am above average for everything. Bone density, hydration, muscle and weight. Obviously weight is a problem but that is what I am working on. The rest was good to know. I will get done again in 8 weeks or so at the end of this gym challenge and see how I have progressed.
  11. Have you tried banana pancakes? Google it but something like bananas and coconut flour and eggs maybe??? The first few times I made them they were great and then I could never get the consistency right. I think they would be fine with your keto eating as opposed to paleo. Worth a look maybe. Pleased you are doing so well.
  12. Saturday today. Feeling awesome! I started today with bootcamp and it left me only with energy to walk to the car. I did not even drive away for 5 mins. It was great but I had nothing left. Eating continues to be good. Lots of veggies and protein. I have bought some macadamias for when I leave work. I usually go to the gym and always feed the horse, so leaving work I am a minimum of 1 1/2 hours before I get home still. So a snack is good and we cant have nuts at school, so in the car leaving seems a good option. Tomorrow I will go for a walk, maybe a run. I will see how I wake up and h
  13. Ugh, so tired tonight. It has been a 12 hour day with parent info evening tonight. I am home now but tired, mainly brain tired but body tired too. Its nice knowing its not because I have not eaten well that I am tired. I continue to eat really well and am tracking my carbs on MFP just to see how much I am eating. Its amazing the foods that have carbs in them - grapes - who'd have known! Not that I am desperate to stick to low carb but am just working it all out and happy to have some lower days mixed up with more normal days. I have to say I am feeling really good (apart from tired!). My
  14. If you look up whole they have a 30 day breakdown of how you will feel. Its pretty interesting, about energy, mood etc. Every time I start again it is a bit easier. At the moment I am doing really well and it is the easiest I have found it ever. It really does make such a difference to your energy levels and how hungry you get. I love it when I can stick to it and I know it is really good for me. Remember your body takes time to adjust getting energy from carbs to getting it from fat/protein. It is worth persevering I think. I bought a horse 9 1/2 years ago. He is a 22 yr old bay tho
  15. Sounds like you have taken a huge first step, so well done! And going public with something that is very private for you is amazingly brave of you - again, well done! Good luck with your journey. Be great to hear your quests once you get there.
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