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  1. So far, so good! The first day was REALLY hard to get through without watching TV and such, but I'm getting more and more used to it. The food and fitness has been surprisingly easy. Although ... I did give myself permission to have some sweets today for "Galentine's Day" (but everything else I ate was Paleo). Tomorrow, it's back to my strict Paleo diet, plus tightening up a bit with media (I've been watching a lot of things at night, instead of reading, etc.—just watching gospel-related media). More importantly, I'm feeling much better, both emotionally and physically.
  2. Not retired myself, but I so hear this! I've decided to skip social goals for this challenge, but it's definitely the next thing I want to add for the next challenge. I'm interested to hear how this goes for you!
  3. gryffinkat


    I so hear that! Your goals sound really well balanced and achievable. I especially like your self-care goal ... I may have to steal that for my next challenge! Good luck! Following to see your progress.
  4. I haven't really been involved with the forums/challenges for the last couple of years. Things have been fairly good career-wise—finished my PhD, moved overseas (back to the US from England), and started a new (temporary, 1-year) job in my field in a new state/city. But with all that has come much stress, which has translated into much stress-eating, which has translated into extra pounds and generally feeling pretty icky—both physically and emotionally. So! The time has come to take on a new challenge! Especially because I am traveling to another state in a couple of weeks to interview for a permanent job, and I want to look and feel good for that. The best I have felt about life during this past year has a period of about three weeks last autumn, when I set myself a goal to severely restrict my media consumption and instead focus on reading and some crafting. I also took advantage of that time to focus more on spiritual matters. Between those two things—limited media and increased spirituality—I found myself going to bed earlier, sleeping better, waking up earlier, getting more done at work (in the same amount of time), eating better, exercising more, and generally feeling happier and more friendly. With that in mind, these are my goals for this new challenge: * * * * * #1 - Eating Eat a strict Paleo diet. Focus on protein for breakfast, salads for lunch, and meat & veg for dinner. The only exceptions may include: (a) meals during my out-of-town interview, when options may be somewhat limited; and (b) two meals during Mardi Gras holiday (March 4-6), so that I can try some local Louisiana cuisine (e.g., king cake). Additionally, no eating out, except once, during my monthly pilgrimage to Houston. #2 - Fitness Work out for at least 10 mins, 6 days a week. Mo/We/Fr strength training; Tu/Th/Sa yoga. #3 - Spiritual Restrict media consumption. No social media; only gospel-focused TV/movies/podcasts. Rather than vegging out in front of the TV in the evening: (a) read, (b) cook, (c) craft, (d) serve. * * * * * That's it. I don't want to overload myself with too much to focus on at once, but I think this is do-able. And based on previous experience, I know that I am capable of doing it. In coming challenges, I will be adding some adventuring tasks. At this point, I can only expect to be in Louisiana for another 5 months, and there are several things I'd like to do (and eat) while I'm here: New Orleans, a plantation, hold a gator, etc. But for now, I'm just trying to get back in the saddle and actually pay attention to what I do with my body and my mind.
  5. My new Fitbit arrived today, so I'm raring to go again! I lost it almost a month ago, and so had no clue anymore how much I was walking.
  6. Progress Report: Week 1 (30 October - 5 November) Flying: 0 PTS Potions: 0 PTS Charms: 21 PTS Since the clocks changed on Sunday of last week, it's been pretty easy getting up on time. But I have been feeling poorly all week—mild stomach-aches and general yuckiness—which I've been using as an excuse to eat out (or in, as the case may be) and to skip running. I did cook yesterday, so this week is already off to a better start Potions-wise, and I'm planning to run tomorrow for sure. I figure if I can force myself to do it at least once, then it will become easier to maintain.
  7. For the next few challenges, I am going to attend Hogwarts!!! Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Life Challenge Here's the basic plan: I've 'mapped' the Hogwarts school subjects to categories of life goals. For each challenge, I will choose at least three of these to work on; one has to be related to fitness, one to food/diet, and one to other life goals. As I progress in these challenges, I will then have a chance to earn OWLs and NEWTs in each subject, by completing a major milestone. (To see how I've mapped the subjects to life goals, open the spoiler) Challenge #1 For my first Hogwarts challenge, I shall be learning to fly! That, plus some Potions and some Charms. Flying This is usually me with flying. But no more! Complete an 'assignment' from Zombies Run! 5k at least twice a week (thrice, for extra credit!) = 10 XP each Potions Cook twice a week. = 5 XP each Charms Get up before 7:30 every day. = 3 XP each ----------------- TOTAL possible points Flying: 80 Potions: 40 Charms: 84
  8. Sorry to butt in, but I just wanted to suggest a couple of podcasts. (I also tend to listen to podcasts for entertainment.) If you haven't yet, you should check out Good Job, Brain! It's about trivia, and it's my all-time favorite. OK, I'll leave you guys alone now.
  9. This week went better, at least. My biggest improvement, I feel, was that I actually worked out. I only got two, instead of three, but that was a huuuge deal right now! I've been all but sedentary for the last couple of months while I was visiting family, and I was ridiculously sore from the first workout this week. So I skipped the middle one before finishing up with workout #2. It feels good to be more active again and I'm feeling ready to step it up this week for my full three workouts. Plus, I'm certain that I would not have made this progress this quickly after such a long hiatus if not for these challenges, so it's been a great reminder about why I do these. Battle Report: August 28 – September 3 Food 1. Eat 75 g protein daily. = 7 PTS Fitness 3. Walk 15 mins daily. = 4 PTS Specifically, use lunch time to do this on workdays, in order to get some sun exposure. Incidental walking does not count. 4. Work out 3x weekly. = 4 PTS Life 5. Write 100 words daily. = 5 PTS --------------------------------------------- SUBTOTAL = 20 TOTAL points this month = 12 + 20 = 32
  10. That's awesome! Any particular period of history you're especially interested in? I'm working on a degree in medieval English literature, myself, and I've been really loving it. I would love to do something in the heritage sector, like museums and that kind of thing. Best of luck!
  11. Loving this challenge! Just curious—what are going to school for? I came back for an advanced degree after about six years away, in the working world, and it was really nerve-racking at first. Even for someone who (like me) loves school! Can't wait to see progress reports for your cosplay goals!
  12. Week 1 of this challenge was, well, a challenge for me. And I didn't quite rise to it. I only garnered 12 points (out of a possible 27) and didn't work out a single time. Part of that was because both of my housemates were out of town and I was on my own all week, which kind of made me feel like I was still on vacation. So I sat around at home and crocheted all week instead of getting out and really working on anything important. (Granted, the blanket I'm crocheting is for charity, so that's not un-important. But still.) I did make choucroute garnie, and it was delicious!! I also practiced handstands, which was ... "ridiculous" may be the best word for it. But I did do it, and that's what matters. Battle Report: August 21–27 Food 1. Eat 75 g protein daily. = 4 PTS Fitness 3. Walk 15 mins daily. = 3 PTS Specifically, use lunch time to do this on workdays, in order to get some sun exposure. Incidental walking does not count. 4. Work out 3x weekly. = 0 PTS Life 5. Write 100 words daily. = 4 PTS 7. Practice cartwheels 4 times. = 1 PT --------------------------------------------- TOTAL points = 12
  13. Thanks, Sylvaa. I found some similar articles, which is why I'm not stressing too much about 150g for the time being. But even those articles suggested, by their evidence and conclusions, that I should probably be eating more protein than I am. Plus, by focusing on protein, that tends to automatically reduce my icky-carb intake (like sugars and refined flours). I am always up for more reading on these kinds of topics, though, so anything you can throw at me is most welcome!
  14. Wow, this is truly inspiring. And helpful. I was just thinking about this aspect of my challenge today and wondering if it was really possible for people to eat 150g of protein per day (which is about where mine 'should' be). So it's great to know that it's not that much of a stretch. I'm a huge fan of meat, so that's not really a problem for me. The biggest problem, actually, is that I tend not to prep or cook meals quite consistently and when I'm pressed for something quick and easy to eat, I still tend to go with SAD crap, like burgers or pizza. All those carbs tend to get in the way of protein. Plus, I don't do too great with dairy, so I'm probably not as likely to throw in some cheese when others would be. Part of my plan here is to start making crock-pot roasts every week and then work on eating it up throughout the week, along with a few other meals. I think that will do the trick.
  15. Having given it much thought, I've decided I quite like the title [title of challenge]. So I'm sticking with it, at least for this challenge. But I'm working on a theme for the next one, so something to look forward to. I didn't really prepare properly for this challenge, so I'm not sure I'll make my protein quota for the day. But I'm not far off, in any case, and I'm already learning more about the amount of protein in non-meat sources (i.e., fruit & veg). Not much in those sources, but it can still help get me over the finish line in a pinch. The other goals are coming along fine so far, and I'll be making up my standard sticker-based tracking sheet to stick up on my mirror before I go to bed. Nothing like a little encouragement from Kermit.
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