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  1. My minimal excuse for starting this challenge late is that a) my car was totalled (partner was driving a neighbour on some errands, some poor college student home for christmas misinterpreted a stop sign and rammed her parents' car into ours, everyone was OK except our car), then b) I MOVED TO A HOUSE YAYYYYY in the rental the insurance company provided, trundling boxes of stuff up and down the block over the course of about two weeks. Also c) somewhere in there we had to self-isolate while half-moved until my partner got the results back of a (negative, yay) COVID test. THUS CONCL
  2. tei_

    Mu's 5 efforts

    Oh, I love this'll. and yes— this approach reminds me of a "method" I read a lot about during school (part of my degree was in music education) called The Habits of Musicianship, which is basically just a practical implementation of the "radical" idea that students should be taught to focus on intention and artistry from the first day they pick up an instrument, instead of musicality being something "added in" only after the student is "good enough" technically (which is inevitably going to be after so many years of study and habit-building that suddenly adding in an entire dimension of artist
  3. HOMEMEADE! EGGNOG!!!! That gate vault looks really cool, and actually super useful to be able to do smoothly. (I mean. If you anticipate... situations where you might need to do that. Hahaha.)
  4. Understandable! I hope the vortex spits you out soon. ❤️
  5. Gideon the Ninth was both absolutely delightful and one of those books that took effort for me to read; it's SO heavy on barowie descriptuons of physical environment, and my mental images are not up to par :P Harrow the Ninth was one of the most supremently frustrating books I have ever read, intentionally, and then it alllll comes together 2/3 of the way through.
  6. tei_

    Mu's 5 efforts

    Aaaah, that video is the MOST dramatic, I love it. This thread has given me so much food for thought and also music to check out! I’d never heard of Laban, and the idea of communicating dance through Braille is fascinating.
  7. THANK YOU! And yes, it should be a pretty easy move— it’s only a block away, and we’re going to have an unavoidable overlap of paying rent at the old and new places, which isn’t ideal but means we’ll have all of January to get set up. I also have a (double bass player) colleague with a large van who’s offered to help, so hopefully we’ll be able to get stuff like the mattress over without even renting anything. (I suggested that we just walk the mattress down the street over our heads, but for SOME REASON, partner was not a fan of that plan.)
  8. tei_

    Assassin's Den

    I really shouldn’t watch fail videos because they GET IN MY HEAD and I’m like oh no, dramatic failure is an OPTION here. Buuut I do anyway 😂
  9. Ha— I assume this is something that’s different on rebounding vs. non-rebounding surfaces? It seems like bent arm/leg strength/technique is more important when the surface doesn’t have any give, which makes sense— every time I try to tumble on grass it feels like a one-way train to shin splints and sore wri/“st-shoulders, so.
  10. Oh wow, your hair looks great! What a difference! Real difficult decision, there I’m glad it’s something that can be treated, here’s hoping it starts working quickly!
  11. I am super late but your giants look AMAZING. I am super curious to try them outside/ on a metal bar with no give, no idea if I could even get over 😝 Also, what are you using for Russian? I am doing it on Duolingo but it doesn’t feel... idk, particularly systematic or organized?
  12. Oh my god, all that drama sounds stressful and terrible. WITCHCRAFT. Glad things are getting back to normal for you.
  13. Ooh, this sounds amazing and exactly the kind of cheese that I would theoretically be able to make, haha. I used to make kefir, but didn't really like the taste-- maybe I'd like it if I just used it for cheese, though. That sounds like an amazing thanksgiving dinner!
  14. Ahh, your front handspring looks so good! I'm so impressed with how you just step into it and manage to make it to your feet.
  15. Yeah, it's not really something that's easy to do on your own I used to go to a now-defunct parkour/crossfit gym that had some homemade wooden vaults, but I don't know if I would try flipping over them without... a lot of padding and setup, haha. I did some gymnastics vault-style flipping off of it, but that was only because they also had a janky homemade pit. Right! Also, when you do something wrong on beam you fall off and everyone nods understandingly and goes "ah, that looked difficult," whereas when you run down the vault strip at full tilt and then just crash your torso
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