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  1. I've been really busy moving the apartment around and getting my resume out there.. I took a week off the gym too hopefully I can go this week without dying from exhaustion and sore muscles. Thinking since I have A.D.D I should probably look into audiobooks, I have to multi-task to do books.. and listening to something while playing video games seems like something I would do. I'm looking into that while doing all the things.. apartment looks awesome.. dusty though. Must DUST! ahh! but yeah, little things here and there.. life getting in the way of progress and medical just being in the way
  2. Well, I've always loved link... 😜 I wanna just go around yelling Hi-Ya! And break pots Sent from my HTC Desire 626s using Tapatalk
  3. Lol zombies run looks fun 😆 Being an ex-smoker.. damn it was an interesting first training run. Lungs hurt a bit but it feels good Sent from my HTC Desire 626s using Tapatalk
  4. I had a lot of trouble posting the first time posting, but here I am now. Also brownies are friggin amazing! Let's take a moment to appreciate the beautiful delicious *drools*
  5. aw, I hope you feel better, have fun this weekend
  6. Going to be a complete nerd and say Goku from dragon ball z, he was like super awesome when I was growing up. I thought, damn I wish I was strong. Plus the amount of food he can eat and get away with is, just awesome.
  7. hm.. nerdiest thing I've done. Play Magic the Gathering with some friends, although I want to cosplay as something awesome. I just don't know what yet or where.
  8. I use to have a lot of cramps, found out that I was low on potassium.. I eat a banana everyday, helped out a lot. hope you're cramps take a hike
  9. Quick update: Been hitting the gym three times a week successfully for a month and still at it.. going to get an app that Leigh suggested for being a couch potato to a 5k runner, think it's call C25K, see how that goes. I enjoy biking found out I bike for 35mins and got too 6.5km on a difficulty of 6-8.. Going to attempt to go 10km under 1hour. Eee! hehe, wish me luck. The water challenge is going well, slipped up with juice and one energy drink but!, I've lowered my sugar intake a lot which makes me happy. I'm a drink-aholic, I love all the liquids, heh. Going to attempt to allow two fi
  10. Thanks for the advice, every little bit helps... *searches for notebook* must... write... this down. Note taking for the win![emoji404] [emoji2] Sent from my HTC Desire 626s using Tapatalk
  11. Awesome, thanks a bunch! I'm going to book mark the link and check out the gore! Woo!😄 Sent from my HTC Desire 626s using Tapatalk
  12. Anything fantasy, comedy, drama Sent from my HTC Desire 626s using Tapatalk
  13. I should really pick a book first, any suggestions? I usually just read articles online. Would love any links as well Sent from my HTC Desire 626s using Tapatalk
  14. Hmm.. specific huh? Okay Uh.. I should actually track what I do and how long I do said exercise.. Step one : bring a notebook with me to the gym [emoji5] Step two: write little goals I can achieve, that extra mile. Step thee: ??? Step four: profit! Sent from my HTC Desire 626s using Tapatalk
  15. tjayspjs

    First challenge

    think I'm in the right place, here goes nothing... Whew.. My big goal in life and general is to feel comfortable in my own skin again and not pull at my clothing because it's touching my stomach. Mini goals to achieve said goal... 1. Drink mater water then sugary drinks and energy drinks. 2. Go to the gym at least three times a week 3. Eat and record what I have had throughout the day 4. No alcohol - it's bad for my mental health. Personal goals (non exercise) Read more.. anything really Pay attention to the people around me more often, I can get lost in my own head sometimes. And last but not
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