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  1. You should focus on building a strong aerobic base. Go on long runs, bike rides, swim, anything that gets your heart pumping; you should be working for about 40-60 minutes, at a comfortable pace (don't go all out and quit halfway through). Like Malenfant said, your legs are the main power source for rowing. Do some squat jumps, box jumps, and hill sprints to get your quads ready for the punishment. Also, make sure you're working your core, as the entire force of your legs is transferred through your back, and you won't go anywhere if you're flopping around in the boat like a noodle.
  2. I had a pair of Skullcandy earbuds (Fixd, I think) that worked pretty well. They had a bit of a hook on them so they sat well in your ear, and the sound was good. I think they were $40.
  3. Eat Move Improve has been running a handstand clinic of sorts for the past few weeks. I'm following it very loosely, but there are some good tips that helped me get started.
  4. Pretty sure canola oil isn't paleo...
  5. I have a ridiculous amount of extra time lately, all of which has gone into training. I just joined a real gym (for the first time ever) and they have all the equipment I could ever ask for, including kettlebells. My primary training focus is rowing (I want to gain some serious speed and become recruitable for college). Now I'm doing: 40-80 min steady-state cardio, 5x/week Starting Strength, 2x/week (might push it to three) interval sprints, 4-5x/week bodyweight circuits 3x/week (might lower number/replace) I know kettlebells are good for the posterior chain, which can always use more work, a
  6. I lift alone, so the embarrassment isn't a factor (I shame myself enough when I fall out of a squat). The worst part for me (at 150#) is rolling the bar over my hipbones. Otherwise, I can't sit up, so I just end up stuck in a weird crunch with the bar in my belly.
  7. Can you tell I try really hard to come up with names for these? Anyway, I just want to put my squat here (255#) to make sure everything is where it should be. I struggled with 235# for a while until I fixed my form, so I'm wondering if there are other changes to be made.
  8. Just get it AWAY from you. Drive your arm down next to you, and get the KB out from above you as quickly as possible. If you swing your arm by your side (like it would swing if standing), the motion doesn't put you in a particularly unnatural position. Once it's down from overhead, you can drop it if you need to.
  9. I had a whole two months off of lifting (due to the crew season), and I made it back to my maxes in just a couple weeks. Like katscratch said, work on mobility (check out ) while you have some time to shake things out. Doing anything will also keep you in the habit of working out—I know from experience that getting back to the weights after a total lull can be a pretty unappealing if all I've been doing is sitting around.
  10. I'll second the power clean. It's the main difference between Starting Strength and Stronglifts (other than the beginning rep scheme and Medhi being a tool). You could essentially switch programs with few (if any) losses. Also, cleans are immensely fun once you get the form down.
  11. Great start! I've been doing SS for a little over a month, and my upper body lifts are just now coming above 0.5x bodyweight. Are you going to keep working with the trainer? I found that some of the problems I attributed to higher weights were actually just form issues that came out under more load, so having someone to watch you could come in handy.
  12. Corbab


    It's a mental thing. I'm "in" three of them—Warrior, Ranger, and Scout—but I'm not heavily involved in the Guild goings-on. When the next 6-Week Challenge starts up, you can declare your allegiance.
  13. This popped up somewhere else the other day, and it fixed the squat problems I was having. It covers all the proper body/limb positions, so it's handy if you're trying to work out a little kink or two.
  14. As everyone said, I'm not a fan of pads for squats (or any lifts). They slip, you don't have the same contact with the bar, and haven't you always wanted a back callus? (This doesn't really happen.)
  15. I really admire his intensity and focus while moving essentially as little as possible.
  16. This is somewhat simplified, but it's 100% good information, and it's handy, especially as you're starting out. As long as you're not aiming to lose huge amounts of weight (or go into ketosis {an accelerated fat-burning state}), potatoes and fruits are totally on the menu. Do eat: Meats (all of them) Plants (all of them) Healthy fats (olive oil, coconut oil) Nuts Fruit Don't eat: Grains (wheat, oatmeal) Refined sugars Artificial additives/preservatives (nitrites/nitrates, things you can't pronouce) There are some grey areas (dairy in particular) that some "paleo" eaters allow and some don
  17. I've had the opposite problem when consuming large amounts of fat (those bags of almonds are just so tempting), so I think adding in more may be helpful. Just for good digestive housekeeping, you should have some fermented foods occasionally (sauerkraut, kimchi, greek yogurt) to keep your gut bacteria healthy. I don't imagine that's contributing to your current problem, just something to keep in mind.
  18. ...when the highlight of your weekend is filling the fridge up with 20lb of meat.
  19. Pretty sick. Welcome to the realm of the barbell.
  20. Yeah, I tried low-bar for one set and it wasn't pretty. Keeping the bar over your feet means you get into the hole in a completely different position than the high-bar squat. There's a good graphic I saw in another thread that explains it well, but heck if I remember where it is. I'm sure somebody has it...
  21. Looks like a lot of presses and posterior chain work. Is there a particular reason you don't have any benches outside of assistance work?
  22. I'm not a Crossfitter, but the pullup/muscle up seems to be a hallmark (and just an all-around cool thing to have under your belt).
  23. If anyone was wondering, yes I can. I can also do cleans and OHPs. **woo double post**
  24. Is it safe/practical/wise to do power cleans with regular metal plates as opposed to coated bumper plates? I don't drop the weights, so I'm not going to shatter a plate or break the floor. The only "soft" plates my gym has are 10# that go on a 15# bar, and I'm getting tired of loading a foot of plates on each side as my numbers climb.
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