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  1. I swear I'll do a challenge soon right now I'm battling the last breathes of a fierce summer semester! Although I'd like to note that I did win the battle with depression! I know not all days will be easy or the most bright but with the right people in my life, the proper nutrients, spirituality, and a kickass attitude i'll make it through those days like a beast
  2. *A lone Ranger wanders in* So this is what being a warrior looks like
  3. Tis a bloody fine mornin tah be a ranger! A pint o Guinness all round!
  4. Hey guys sorry I disappeared after my last challenge, I took a quick break! I plan on coming back for the next challenge
  5. I believe it is more than just a matter of habit. If we merely build habits to build habits, it can become extremely easy to abandon them altogether. This is why people need a vision to work towards. I feel this is best explained by the quote "A man with no vision to fight for will find the wrong cause to fight for." What I mean by vision isn't so much a goal but moreso a desired self. For me, that means owning my own game studio and embodying a peaceful spirit in life. In this way, a vision differs from a dream in that a dream is something that people think about and a vision is something that someone works towards. Sorry for the whole spill of advice lol I felt to be in a particular writing mood today Most of this knowledge comes from a combination of the book Visioneering, mindfulness, and a life of failures through fighting for the wrong causes.
  6. Completely understand! If you need accountability or encouragement i'm here for ya!
  7. Endurance training is essential to me as a Ranger so something that helps me with running is to incorporate it into my workout days. I usually doing about 15-20 minutes on 3 of my workouts in the week and I find it helps a ton with warming up and doesn't detract too much energy from my lifts . I also vary the intensity of the cardio/running too depending on how tired I am. Afterall working out is about building a sustainable lifestyle not making yourself miserable
  8. Strength Feat done! To my fellow Rangers that are struggling, I tell you that you must hang in there! For the Guild! For the Rangers!
  9. Thank you so much, everyone, for posting and checking up on me and sharing your awesome music suggestions! I plan on listening to all the music It has been an extremely busy week as class has started up and the loads of free time I had has now quickly dissipated lol. Despite this, I have been very proactive in battling my depression. Some new things I tried this week was: Moar Meditation, An adjustment to my workout days, and natural antidepressants until my insurance kicks in. Instead of just focusing on a specific schedule to meditate, I've found that meditating twice a day can actually be quite enjoyable. There are some days where I only meditate once, but I don't sweat it because ultimately the goal is mindfulness and peace (^if that picture is legit then bravo lol) I decided to see how I liked 6 days in the gym compared to 4. Now I know it sounds like a lot and some may wonder about rest and recovery, but what I did was adjust the length and intensity to make my workouts shorter and to where I work different groups with at least a day's rest in between. However, my main reason for 6 days a week is that for once it is something that is doable for me and the fact that it significantly helps to reduce depression. Combined with all the other tools at my desposal my mood has definitely improved this week! On another note because of my increased days, my Strength feat is done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Welcome back Son of Odin! I too have returned after a dark absence that was too long. I’ll be following along and if you want some accountability feel free to hit me up!
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