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  1. Longtime NF reader, first time poster here. Please forgive the long-windedness. I'm currently in my first semester of Primary Care Paramedic training in Toronto, and our lift requirements have got me concerned. We're currently into our second week, but lift tests are coming up fast (week 5), and I'm only just finding out that I haven't got the strength. 3 weeks from Friday, we're supposed to do 5 different lifts with a 170-lb "patient" (weighted mannequin), and proper form requires that we squat deep (in one case, on stairs), lift, and hold a weight for an extended period of time. I'll a
  2. I'm pretty sure Oshawa counts as being in the GTA – I always figured it ended around Clarington. I'd be inclined to join in on ridiculing the 'shwa, having lived here my whole life, but I'm moving to Scarborough for University in the fall, so I guess I'm not really in a position to throw stones. It's probably just as well I joined the Assassins, because I may be doing some running, if need be.
  3. Well, I suppose I've missed the deadline, being that this is technically the 15th, but I thought I'd grade myself anyway. Diet: As paleo as possible, allowing 1 "cheat" day every week (my hobby is cooking/baking, so hopefully I'll come across some interesting paleo recipes along the way). -C: I can't say this was a success, but I wouldn't call it a total wash either. Except for the regrettable lapse, I stayed pretty much to this format, and found it quite agreeable. Even though my six weeks are up, I'll be trying to stick to this as much as possible for the forseeable future, hopefully elimi
  4. Well, it's been quite some time since I posted last, and I have good news and bad news. Okay, bad news first: -The paleo eating went great, and I was feeling amazing, alive, and well... until finals week... and the week after that. I started to slip from exam nerves, and started eating outside of my diet because of stress. After they were over, celebration was rampant, and – like an irresponsible teenager – pizza and pub food were pretty rampant. I stayed probably 50-60% paleo during this time, because I knew I was letting myself down. I'm nearly back on track now, but the lapse is regre
  5. Whoa. Good call on the chili sauce, mate. Poached eggs, sweet chili sauce, and some black pepper were even better than I expected. And so incredibly simple. Today I tried poaching eggs the old-fashioned way (in a pot of simmering water, stirred, etc.) instead of just in a plastic thing in the microwave. And they turned out beautifully. The eggs could have been fresher, so they kind of separated in the pot, but the yolks were perfect! My old egg-poacher was temperamental at the best of times, and had a tendency to overcook things – not to mention, it needed to be greased (and I'm happy to l
  6. Vengefulpear, So far, it really depends on the day. I've found some amazing website-based recipes that I'm dying to try, like these burgers and this beet salad: http://everydaypaleo.com/moroccan-burgers-and-beet-salad/#more-5442 I'm also looking for a local place to get fresh, unprocessed meats etc. Apparently there's a farmer's market in my city that I never knew existed (But I confess, that's probably because I tend to sleep late on Sundays). If I haven't bought any special ingredients, I've also just tried experimenting. Today it was a poached egg on some leftover tuna. Sounds pretty
  7. Well, I find myself at the cavernous entrance of my first six-week challenge, and feel like I presume every adventurer does, after they are started out of their complacency. But I suppose every master has to start somewhere. My name is Chris, I'm 18, and I am a novice assassin. I climbed everything when I was a child, which eventually led me to gymnastics, which I did for some years when I was young (maybe ages 7 through 11), though I wouldn't have called myself proficient by any means. After I stopped, I started putting on weight, and after years of misery, I decided to do something about i
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