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  1. I am in Terrell (which is about an hour away) but my parents live in Tyler so I am out there quite a lot. I'm always down for a meet up
  2. I'm down for a meet up! I think rock climbing and burritos sounds awesome!!! Count me in.
  3. I am in Terrell. Been looking for fellow NF members out this way for a long time
  4. I was there for that show. In their defense, because I have had wonderful experiences other than the (old) venue being too small, it is not the show but the people that volunteer. The day-to-day crowd control stuff is not done by official convention people, it is done by volunteers. There have been a number of complaints about their volunteers and those people do not get to come back to volunteer anymore. They do they best they can to get as many quality people as they can, but a lot of the volunteers do so because they thing they can get free swag from the celebs. Also, if I am not mistaken,
  5. Sorry I have been a crappy partner. You have done great during this challenge. I have not. Proud of you. Although I did manage to quit smoking during this challenge. Was not a specific goal but I will take the victory.
  6. I suck at updating and have sucked at this challenge, but I thought I would make a final post for those who still care........... I SLAYED THE SMOKE DRAGON!!!!!!! I have officially quit smoking!
  7. Happy belated birthday! You are doing MUCH better than I am at this challenge. Sorry I have not checked in. I have been out of touch with the world for a bit. I'm slowly finding civilization again. Keep up the good work.
  8. Thanks for checking in. I have been super busy and away from Internet access for a bit now. This is my fist chance to sit with a good enough connection.
  9. Rita and Zedd banished me to the Island of Illusion (look it up, that is a thing from season 1). Have not been able to do much. I find it poetic that Steve posted about how to stay healthy when you are super busy. Ironically I have not been able to read it because I have been too busy. Here is a quick recap of my progress... Week 1 Diet: B, only slipped a few times Fitness 1: C Fitness 2: C Fitness 3: slow going, but did have a yoga session with my buddy Life: so far so good Week 2 Diet: A Fitness 1: C Fitness 2: C Fitness 3: nada Life: not as good as week 1 Week 3 will be the end of my exile
  10. It was interesting. I am still not digging yoga. I did the workout, just forced it the whole time.
  11. I forgot how hard it is to get back to it. Learning how to use my powers has not be easy. I have had to retreat from a few battles even. This morning Rita and Zedd sent a massive storm that stopped any chance of a workout or run. My son has ballgame tonight so I can't do anything tonight. The rain kept me indoors and the resulting power outage kept me off the treadmill. I have made time for myself this week by getting caught up on Game of Thrones (HOLY HELL THE RED WEDDING!?!?!?!). I have a Yoga session schedule for Saturday morning with my challenge buddy. Not big on the Yoga thing but I am r
  12. I have adjusted this to be a long-term goal. For now, by the end of this 6 week challenge, I want to be able to run for a mile non-stop. I am hoping my strength training and yoga will help.
  13. You are rocking this challenge already! Great job. "See" you Saturday.
  14. I concur. I turn on my DirecTV music channels while I clean. Especially when I am home alone. I dance around with the vacuum like Mrs. Doubtfire.
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