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  1. Heyyyyy the protein cookies are actually pretty good! Falling right into that sweet spot where they are tasty enough to function as treats but not so tasty that I’m liable to lose all self control around them. Thanks @Rurik Harrgath🥰
  2. Oooh protein cookies, that’s a great idea! Do you have any recommended recipes? I just mixed up some batter now, based on a big bag of chocolate protein powder that I don’t like the weird taste of [artificial sweetener is way to sweet, boo] -but hope the addition of PB, coconut and eggs will dilute. Also good idea to fill up on veggies and veggie dishes. I just now made some begun Bhaji, my favourite Indian dish of all time. This is not quite as nice as my favourite delivery place but comes pretty close!
  3. Hmmm, well you should take my advice with a huge grain of salt because I am nowhere near 0.4 kg lost yet and you are GOALS! And I don’t know what you are eating currently. But maybe tweak your macros to focus more on protein and fat, or lower glycemic carbs? Especially in the morning, when I eat things like bagels or pancakes I can literally feel myself getting hangrier, whereas blowing the same calories on a frittata, veggie scramble or a protein shake sets me up for hours and hours. ETA I hope you’re feeling better!
  4. I am still grooving on Dry Jan. Yesterday was my 7 week mark, making today day 50 🤩 Waking up feeling good most every day is hard to beat. I’m still not sure why this goal is coming relatively easily this time, whereas over in the weight loss PVP I’m doing [whatever is the opposite of killin’ it]. Anyway, so glad to have excellent nerd company along the way!
  5. All right, I might need to dial up the effort a leeeetle more (she says, looking at a 0.1 pound loss over the last 2 weeks). Activity started off pretty strong early in Jan, but we got hit with another stay home order this week 😭 While outdoor exercise is still allowed, I have been mostly working from home so losing out on my usual walking commute. There’s absolutely nothing stopping me from walking the same distance, either as a hike or even just walking up to campus and turning around/heading home! It’s just a matter of building/changing the habit. Strength training is going well
  6. Does anyone else here use the app My BVI? It scans you from front and side and spits out estimates of visceral fat + bodyfat %age. I have to resist the tendency to compare the measures from my smart scale and from the BVI app and ‘pick’ whichever one I like better. I suspect neither is all that accurate in terms of absolute numbers, and I should pay attention to trends over time, but curious to hear other people’s experiences. I got underwater weighed one time in my 20s (the joys of having a kinesiologist for a dad) back when I was super fit and lean... that’s supposed to be super reliable, bu
  7. AWESOME!!! You met up with that gremlin and you punched it right in the face.
  8. Oooooooo! Major nerd chops for your hack diet pre spreadsheet spreadsheet. I do something similar, have my scale send measurements to trendweight and then try to just pay attention to the ‘trend’ (smoothed) number. I think my mental health first thing in the morning is better being spared the highest highs as well as the lowest lows!
  9. Yeah, I have to admit it is a lot easier to eschew booze when all the pubs are closed anyway!
  10. Ooooooh! I hope you find some good ones!!
  11. And... I am exactly where I was this time last week, to the decimal place. Re-measured waist and that is still down so I’m cool with it! And realistically, while activity has been solid this week I have not been eating to deficit... so it makes sense. Going to step it up just a little this week, food wise, and keep up the good exercise momentum. We got this!
  12. Oh wait, my weigh in day is Monday, not Sunday. Whew! But waist measurement seems down half an inch, which is either nice progress or measurement error. Hoping it’s the former! Fine tuning my approach a little for the upcoming week. Activity has generally been good, but I could be a lot more consistent about tracking food. I just find MFP soooo tedious especially late in the day when my brain is already exhausted. But when I use it, I consistently lose weight, and when I don’t I don’t, so I’m thinking it’s just one of those habits I should entrain. Also fine tuned the o
  13. Hi gang, [checks calendar] wooooooooo we are in double digit streak mode!! WTG! This is actually my 6 week mark as dry January could not come soon enough. But the first week was absolutely the toughest. Now I’m just happy to be facing down the world’s drama with a clear head and buoyed by a good night of sleep. I feel like with a good night’s sleep and a clear conscience, I can do most anything and do it in style and with a sassy attitude. By contrast when I’ve had a lousy night’s sleep (or none at all) I’m just a trash pile. How’s everyone doing?
  14. Whoa way to go aussies!! will check in when it’s Sunday morning for me! 😊
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