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  1. OMG same. Usually I don’t keep it in the house (even chocolate chips for baking get exiled to the freezer in the creepy downstairs). Sometimes hubs will bring home some super nice Camino sea salt chocolate that I looooooove and then all bets are off. I should instruct him to stop doing that (but, I looooooove it). Most things I can enjoy in moderation but not that!
  2. Maybe it’s the lengthening days and the warming weather, but the last ten days or so I’ve been killin’ it on this challenge! Pretty soon I will be, uh, back down to my starting weight 😅 But hey! Currently moving in the right direction, feeling good. I plan to blow right on by starting weight and right into hot babe territory. June 30/July 1 marks a big turning point in my work life so that’s the timeline I’m working with currently. But for now, just enjoying the feeling of being active, feeling playful, mostly not eating like a big self-sabotaging jerk. I welcome any and all musica
  3. Yes!!! Never too late. I’m in the same boat, off the wagon for most of the first part of the challenge and weight crept up. Back on my b*llsh&rt now and scale has gone down each day for the last 5 days! Woo! May is a shiny new month and we can finish strong.
  4. Tuesday was good! I woke up kind of dreading the day (stressful phone calls boooo) but they all went fine. Strength workout early in the day. Went for a long walk and Pokemon gym takeover spree which got me almost to the move goal, but went to bed a little shy of it. Food tracked, 2 days in a row. Tallying up, Move: 1 day so far Strength: 2 so far Tracking: 2 so far
  5. I like the way you think! Only question is whether this is currently March 2020 or 2021. (Shudders, would not really want to go back in time to M2020) Move update: Sunday yes, Monday no. I joined team AZ Sunday night and pre-emptively took things pretty easy the next day. Did go for a run though /flex Strength: level 4 workout on Sunday, another coming up this morning! Tracking: Sunday no, Monday yes. It wasn’t pretty - convinced myself that ice cream and BBQ chips would help fuel my immune system to do its job making post-vaccine antibodies - but it’s all in there.
  6. (Blinks, looks around) what happened to April? Respawning. Refocusing. Stressful leadership role at work ends on June 30th (9.5 weeks and counting, yo.) That has taken all my best energy over the last year, and while it’s important work that needs doing, I need to stop treating myself like a brain in a jar. My goal is to get down to fighting weight (for me that’s 148 lbs, currently at like 155) by that time. Move challenge: Hit daily Apple watch move goal (700 active calories) A: 6-7 days/week B: 4-5 days/week C : 3 days/week F: 0-2 day
  7. Looking at my scale trend I’d say I’m due for a bit of course correction 😅 It’s been super stressful at work, plus provincial lockdown has put the kibosh on my go-to never-fail daily walking commute. I know perfectly well that I could just walk the same distance, or bike, run, etc, but somehow working movement in intentionally is a lot harder than when it just used to be an ambient part of the day. Talking to my choir friends last week, most everyone’s weight has changed pretty substantially over the last year- many way up, a few way down. BIG NEWS here (not scal
  8. Hit my move goals yesterday, thanks to a beautiful sunny warm day that just begged for me to come outside and enjoy it whenever the workday allowed. And choir dance practice was super energetic. So movement side of the equation was strong. Nutrition-wise I would NOT say I covered myself in glory... I did track though and the Bday dinner indulgence (Cadillac mac and cheese, peanut butter cheesecake) was reasonably planned. Just way more calories than needed even for maintenance (2600!! And I think my maintenance level is around 2000 on a good day that I’m running around a lot) 🤐
  9. Oof, weight’s up a bit this week. Yesterday was comparatively solid though! hit my active caloric burn goal, even though I did the responsible thing and worked from home (which means no walking commute, which means no automatic unthinking way of getting the miles in!) tracked pretty much everything I ate Food was pretty reasonable, ~1900 cal, 30%protein 40%fat 40%carbs For first time in ages was not possessed by the dessert zombie that usually takes over my brain about 8 pm that level of self possession was TIRING y’all and I crashed into bed before 10 pm 😅
  10. Just updated the spreadsheet and I’m down, just under a pound. I’ll take it!
  11. Are you me, in some parallel universe?!? I LOVE all things Phantom and perfecting it on piano has been my major pandemic goal. Fun fact, doing so requires hundreds and hundreds of attempts at the famous opening sequence (RIP my family). I have no aspirations towards sewing actual things but will cheer you on if you do!
  12. Ha, he is a Toothless lookalike! Was a very good day! Since becoming union boss I’ve been more diligent about taking weekends off when I can, if only to model some sort of work-life balance. So Pokemon were caught, took some longish walks in the spring sunshine, played a bunch of piano, and tried a new cheesecake recipe 😶 that last is not really advancing me in my challenge goals, but it was pretty great! And light, at least as cheesecake recipes go, as some of the CC was swapped out for skyr. OK, I did Zoom in to a work event that my dept insists on holding on Saturdays, but at
  13. Ack don’t know why the photo is so giant! 😮😳 Well, I guess Ray is over 7 m tall.
  14. Oh, I’d say the Pokemon hunting went well.
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