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  1. Decent day so far. Sore throat so working at home, but it seems to be getting better spontaneously so presumably not the covid. Cold and drizzly out, but bundled up into winter gear and went for a medium length walk with kiddo anyway [Tdog has a sprained wrist so doggoes are benched temporarily from extra walks]. Challenge progress: Light: Food tracked, so far! FELT light on my feet while walking, although that may have had something to do with not having my backpack or briefcase with me... Springy: Stretched the ol’ quads out and felt better for it. Powerful: Rocked another strength workout. Identified the do-or-die tasks, got one done (bare minimum that needed to be done for tomorrow, anyway), started on the other.
  2. 😊 Yesterday (Monday) was SOLID! Dog walk, run, shower/breakkie then dove straight into tetchy meetings. Afternoon was catching up on paperwork - still not fully caught up but better than I was before. Food tracked, calories pretty much in line, protein in the triple digits (like 109 g?) which is better than my usual. Worked a little after dinner, then snuggled up with hubs for an episode of Dark, then bed by 10, probably asleep by 10:05! That’s one good thing about the dark days of October, I sleep like a champ. My weakest link yesterday was probably ‘springy’ so committing now to do a mobIlity routine as well as strength workout. And for the mindset side, I’ll load up my playlist with 80s cheese (Total Eclipse of the Heart, I’m looking at you). Spontaneous dancing may occur.
  3. And because every day deserves a soundtrack, the sounds of 1983. https://m.youtube.com/watchab_channel=TheHoodInternet&fbclid=IwAR2CCw94Sl0pDfDd1lORyhyV_oR2GpOH6nNebbT63d44YWF4sVxoQh2ehTE&v=rCaBfx872PA
  4. Current state: lazy but chill Plan for the day: run, or bike, some activity that’s fun
  5. Today was good! I am in a “220 workouts in 2020” FB challenge and hit #220 today. Workout was mostly at home doing bodyweight stuff, with a quick scramble over to the neighbourhood schoolyard to do straight arm hangs. Hitting 220 is pretty much the only part of my 2020 that has gone to plan! Then 8 km walk listening to audiobook, did some batch cooking, then used the last of my LUSH bubble bar on an awesome late afternoon bath. Now stretched out by the fire with the cat and one of the kids, as hubs roasts up a chicken. Had a good piano lesson in there too, and the morning’s market run... coming up on 20K steps 😧 Have not tracked food today (cause I only figured out the challenge rules today) but I feel like I’m rocking the protein. Deliberating a tasty sour beer but I think I’d rather have a super sound sleep and wake up fresh tomorrow. (Because I am An Old and can no longer have both a drink AND a good night’s sleep, apparently. It is what it is.) This should be the challenge where my weight gets back to the 140s! Woot!!
  6. So walking downtown to the farmers’ market today, I passed the running store with an ad in the window promoting shoes that were “light. Springy. Powerful.” I am ALL SET in the shoe department but down to channel those three qualities in myself — both physically and mentally — this challenge. And while I could spin my wheels figuring out the perfect structure and scoring system, that’s paralyzing and the enemy of the pretty-good. So, a bunch of bullet points then. Light (physically): Track food, prioritize protein Light (mentally): Leave work drama behind at the end of the day and DON’T CHECK EMAIL AFTER 6 PM Springy (physically): Yoga studio is closed down 😫 but have the Betty Bender challenge going on in the app. On non-mobility workout days, stretch the old quads for 1 minute each side [do this at the end of a walk] Springy (mentally): When I feel myself getting stressy, it’s time for a cheezy pop song dance break, or something else fun and ridiculous Powerful (physically): Continue alternating running days and strength workout days. Berserxes the Squat King, you will be mine this challenge. Oh yes. You will be mine. Powerful (mentally): Each morning identify the 1-2 most important jobs and set aside time to do them.