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  1. Welcome!!! All 3 puppers doing great! Baby Pepper is growing fast and loooooves to join her big sibs for a walk. Snow is only up to their ankles but mid chest for her, haha. I had a cozy lazy day at home so there were lots of doggy snuggles to be had.
  2. Oooh I don’t want a lot for Christmas… I think a mini challenge, with mini scope goals, will be just my speed. It’s been a looooong haul of a year, bringing good stuff but also many stressors on the personal and professional fronts. So nothing too big or grandiose this challenge. Base level will be: track food in MFP, 5 days/week stay alcohol free, 5 days/week 2 km on the rower, 3 days/week Bodyweight strength workout, 3 days/week checking in here, every day! Anything else - caloric deficit, longer rows, yoga flows - is awesome but not needed. These base level habits will see me through to 2022 and I can start to ramp up fabulosity from there. And for today: tracked everything so far alcohol free so far rower done strength done Here I am!
  3. Yesterday was good! Of course it was - Saturday, after all. Kid and I managed to keep puppy related chaos reasonably contained Practiced piano for ~2 hours before lesson and played quite well Don’t tell anyone, but I’m getting into the Christmas spirit! (This is because if I want to learn any C-mas songs or carols for piano I have to start learning them in like October, so I’m usually the first in the fam to start belting ‘em out. This year, All I Want for Christmas is You & Last Christmas are my focal songs. AIWFYIY is nearly where I want it to be, actually, but the arrangement I have of LC is pretty challenging! Did the assigned strength workout and feel just the right amount of modest gentle soreness today Got out for a walk listening to frivolous audiobook and doing some damage to Team Rocket Found and beat Giovanni; took his shadow Lugia With spouse away, cooking falls to me, so I whipped up a spicy African peanut stew. Was pretty great! And there’s leftovers for today! Watched Hamilton on Disney+ with the kid - have seen it a few times in theatres (I am so lucky) but only seen the filmed OBC version once before. Even on the TV, most of act 2 still makes me sob like a baby. Weak points were tracking food (petered out after brekky) and I never did get around to yoga. Tackling both of those today! Today’s yoga is live (but online) so I know I’ll do that. Puppy had me up several times in the night and boy was it hard to get up at 5:30 this morning. Right now the chaos is in a lull, and she’s sleeping very sweetly at my feet on the couch. Just contemplating getting up to prep a second latte… I think I need it… ETA second latte acquired! Puppy still calm! That’s what I call a win.
  4. I’m not disappeared! This workweek kicked my ass, and hubs is away for the weekend leaving me to hold down the fort with puppy (harbinger of chaos). If I’m being honest, husband does like 95% of the household chores, including cooking, so when he’s gone not only do I miss him but I have to work a lot harder. Yesterday I walked in to work, had a meeting in person, then did a walk and talk with friend before settling in to spectate a long and entertaining Zoom meeting. After that, there were a few balls I had really dropped that I had to finish up before heading home- meanwhile the weather had turned from mostly sunny, to super windy and weird-lighted, and finally started raining hard on me for the walk home! Yikes! But kiddo had taken good care of the pup and other pets, so came back to a pleasant and reasonably non-chaotic domestic scene. Ordered pizza, yay, and while waiting for that some new boots that I’d ordered showed up too. Super cute little yellow stompy things! If that’s not a cure for November dark days, I don’t know what is. Calories were pretty much bang on maintenance. Yesterday I did the benchmark test for the new NF workout challenge, and plan to start back on that today! Also piano lesson coming up (better get practicing) and big plans for some stretchy stretchy yoga. Happy Saturday!!!
  5. Oooof sore feet and legs today! But for a good reason. Yesterday I took part in a river cleanup and as a side benefit, all exercise rings easily closed. Glad I wandered back here and saw my note of resolve to hit 145 by 12/31. In all the new puppy chaos things are falling by the wayside, just making it through the very short term and it’s good to be reminded of the somewhat longer term 😂 Rookie - I WISH we got that big dump of snow. We did have enough to make things look pretty for the morning, then melted away in the sun. I would have needed about a football field’s worth of area to scrape together enough for a snowman! Ooh, I joined one of the yoga studios for an intro month and went to first in-person class, and the owner/operator is one of my favourite teachers from the old one! It sounds like she left old-studio for the same reason I did. Had a greeeeeat yin yoga mixed with self-massage class Thursday night then slept like a rock. And Saturday I nosed around the online class library and found one that speaks to my weakest area (squats), so played around with that — very sore muscles afterward but I think I’m going to like it here Tracking food has not really been happening (beyond breakfast, which is easy cause it’s the same every day). But at least I’m maintaining weight, not gaining. Maybe for the next challenge I’ll focus on strength over weight.
  6. Had not one but two meetings in person today. I don’t think that has happened since march of 2020! Felt pretty great to be back to interacting in 3D. Then walked home to watch over new pupper. (She’s still great! Very cute and learning fast.) Passing by the primary school that my children used to go to, just as school let out, it started snowing and the kids went BANANAS. 🤗 All rings closed on watch, also for the first time in awhile. Didn’t do any formal strength training, but I did do a strength focused YWA so that should do the trick. Now just hanging out in an Epsom salt tub. Food is tracked so far, not sure about whether I’ll end up in deficit-land as my step counter isn’t on speaking terms with MFP today.
  7. Oh FFS. Kid 2 made a glorious peanut butter and chocolate cheesecake to welcome home kid 1 over the weekend. I wisely insisted Kid 1 take half of it home with her, but the other half’s here, and hub is pointing out we need to either finish it off for dessert tonight or toss it. WE ALL KNOW HOW THIS WILL END. Haha. Just cuddling up on the couch, listening to Six soundtrack as hubs fixes dinner. Life’s good, and if my worst problem is an excess of cheesecake in the house, that’s not the end of the world.
  8. She is SO PROUD of that ball it isn’t funny 😄 So … I had no idea that Reese’s cups stuffed with Reese’s pieces were a thing. But apparently they are, because we were giving them out for Hallowe’en, and oh my gosh they’re like the perfect candy. Tried valiantly to give them all away to the trick or treaters, but it started raining hard a little after 8 pm leaving us with the leftover candy bowl. SO GOOD, y’all. SO GOOD. Worked at home today, in order to keep an eye on the new pup, so I worked sort of half heartedly but the pup still managed to pee on the floor a few times - downside of split attention. She’s doing pretty well with the house training though, for one so little. On Saturday I learned something that forced me to quit my yoga studio so I am for sure in the running for a new activity. Yesterday I did an online flow with Adrienne and while it didn’t feel tough at all at the time, my quads and core are TOTALLY feeling it today. So may stick with Adrienne until I find a new place that is serious about following public health regulations. I have found two possible studios where I could do in person yoga: one hot, one not.— weirdly both of them just popped up in my emails after I’d made the tough decision to quit my old place! One door closes and another opens, I guess. Then there’s rookies’ suggestion of rollerblading combined with XC skiing, how fun would that be??
  9. New puppy acquired! Meet Pepper 🌶 ❤️ (pics below, sorry they’re so giant) She’s wonderful. Super friendly, went bouncing up to our much bigger labs tail a-wagging and ears a-bouncing. So far she seems to love to play, sleep, and eat. Wise girl! Yes!!! Doing even just a quick gratitude list BEFORE checking email (or worse, twitter) is great to set a positive tone for the day.
  10. Yeeeeessssss puppy!! Black lab, from the same kennel our other two are from (so, some sort of cousin or niece to them both). We had been on the waiting list since sometime in late spring, but the breeders had advised us it would probably be early 2022 before one would be ready to come home. Found out this week there is a little girl whose family has had to delay their reservation and would we like to give her a home… YES PLEASE! Going to head up to pick her up tomorrow afternoon. Happy dance! Rookie, Dead hangs are what I call just hanging passively, straight arms, from a chin-up bar. Maybe there is another less creepy term for it? When I was doing the NF pullup challenge that was one of the tasks. I think the main goal was to work on grip strength, but it also works as a super nice deep stretch for shouldery upper body parts and counteracts much of my poor posture at computer all day. There are definitely times when your idea of dramatically draping oneself over a chair and just hanging like that appeals! Yesterday, I think the only one of the challenge goals I hit was to do a strength workout. BACK ON IT TODAY. Woke up full of resolve to get down to a certain weight by end of 2021, which apparently is sneaking up soon… I think I should be able to do 8-9 pounds in as many weeks. It will take buckling down and getting serious about tracking and deficits, but I am educated enough about the value of veggies, water and protein in filling me up that at least I know what I should be doing. Will see about making a visual tracker!
  11. G’morning! Clambered back onto the MFP tracking yesterday and got everything accounted for. Cals were (a little) below maintenance and hit protein goal. Got activity goal too! Between those and the strength workout, good on all goals yesterday. 🔥 Today, working at home, so I need to take care to build in intentional walking breaks (or dance breaks, or dead hangs, something physical). Honestly, I am in awe of people whose commute does not afford them any exercise and still manage to stay active each day. Also work on eating as well as I do when based at school— when I pack a lunch for school, it’s just one decision to make, but when I’m at home it seems like constant decisions (how about a snack now? How about NOW? Etc). Eesh. This will be a long day, 7 h of meetings, plus a bit of prep time/homework for each, then choir in the evening, so not done until like 930 or 10. But I am energized by some very exciting potential news yesterday, about a new puppy. (Happy dance) will update as decisions are made!
  12. Well, if I waited for the sun to come up to get myself out of bed, I would still be in there. Instead, got up before 7, bundled up, took doggoes for a brisk walk in the dark, and knocked off bodyweight workout. Woo! Now showered, drinking smoothie, and on track to head in soon. I may tweak this challenge to include an out-of-bed-by-0700 goal — I am digging the extra time in the morning this affords!
  13. Tuesday morning and I’m propped up in bed sipping latte, snuggling with T-dog and hubby. It even SOUNDS cold outside today so I’m digging the coziness while I can! Not happy with how much I’ve been eating the last several days. Scale is showing it, too I think the sudden change in the weather has got me drifting towards hibernation mode, even lazier than usual and wanting to eat a lot. And my go to healthy meals that I love over the summer (big salad for lunch, smoothie for breakfast) are not as appealing when it’s cold out. I did stock up on bath stuff though (thanks for the hot tip on Epsom salts Rookie), so that plus books and new piano music may work to sub in as a non-food treat. And one area I’m fully prepared to give in to the season on is sleep- I can shift bedtime earlier if I’m consistently draggy during the day. Today is a new (cold) day! Walking the dogs as soon as the sun comes up, then got a strength workout lined up. I think there are leftovers in the fridge i can take for lunch; walk to school; morning meetings; quick circuit of campus to play some Pokemon; prep for afternoon meetings; take the meetings; and should be done by 4:30. After that I have a bit of letter writing to do, then hopefully heading home a little after 5. This evening I have mostly free, so taking some time for personal practice on choir and piano. How is it not November yet? This week feels very Novemberish, haha.
  14. Monday end of day update: Tracked everything in MFP (it wasn’t pretty, but it’s in there now). Protein goal hit. Uh… that’s about it. A little over 600 active cals burned, nowhere near deficit territory, and no strength workout got done. That will wait til tomorrow. Tonight it’s time for my fab jammies, a lil skincare routine and tooth brushing, then bed!
  15. Oh man, now I need a Fortinos side quest… haha Oh this got my brain gears whirling and I’m thinking how cool would it be to have a home rowing machine. Hubs has been angling for one for awhile, like even before the pandemic, but I used to just hit the campus gym and use equipment there so never saw the appeal of home gym setup. Now he and I are both talking one another up and getting more and more on board, thanks Rookie! Thanks 😊 I hope yours was good as well, or as good as a Monday can be! I need to find your thread and post there, too!
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