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  1. Oh man, time really gets away from me this time of year. Sunday: cals 2137/1850, protein 140/138 <— playing on hard mode that day though, visited 3 sets of in laws all determined to feed us salty carbs (sob) Monday: cals 2469/1850, protein 149 /138 <— yeah, no excuses here. At least protein was good! Tuesday: cals 2120/1850, protein 126/138 Pull up your socks, girl, you have a weigh in on Friday and a body comp session on Tuesday! At least workouts have been super consistent. I’m pouting because a cold hard rain is falling, and I want it to be snowing instead! I did get outside for a longish walk and podcast listen, while it was just foggy instead of rainy. One more meeting this afternoon then I’ll either play around with DNA sequences or (if the rain stops) take the dogs to the field. And make a protein shake to stave off the happy hour nibbleys.
  2. WHEEEEE it’s snowing! Rocked the challenge on Friday, cals 1848/1850, protein 153/138. It was a fun day, too, we visited our spring fieldwork site with two of the dogs, had a great hike and were very entertained by them tearing around (and in one case, leaping into the cow pond and swimming enthusiastically across). Ah, dogs. Not so hot yesterday (Saturday), cals 1975/1850 (at least!), protein 100/138. I blame it on a cold rain falling most of the day and trapping me in the house, not having proteiny leftovers for a handy lunch but having leftover pizza on hand instead, and hubs baking sourdough which I ate way too much of. I also booked a BodPod assessment (of bodyfat/ lean mass) for next Tuesday, will be interesting to see how that compares to my bf scale! My theory is that the scale can’t possibly be right and must be thrown off by, I dunno, calluses on the bottoms of my feet. We shall see. I may just have whatever the opposite of body dysmorphia is.
  3. Heyyyy pretty much bang on today! Cals 1855/1850 Protein 132/138 also got the upper body workout in, one longish walk in the sun with podcast plus some shorter walks with doggoes, played piano (my Christmas song game is going to be ON POINT by Christmas Eve), did some science, then a lovely sleepy yin/restorative yoga over the zoom [also with doggoes because they care nothing for personal space, to the amusement of the other yogis zooming in]. Now hubs is watching the Bills game so I’m going to cuddle up with GRRM. Well, you know, with Fire and Blood, not with the man himself.
  4. Huh, the wheels fell a little bit but not all the way off yesterday. Rained hard all day so I was trapped in the house and on the zoom, and if I can’t get out o the house it seems harder to resist snacking. Cals 2000/1850 Protein 137/138 today looks like a good day for a fresh start to a fresh month! It’s way colder, and SNOWING, and no zoom meetings except for an evening yin yoga class. Back at it!
  5. Tried to drop my food summaries in the spoiler space, not because they’re all that scandalous, but because the screenshots are gigantic. Looks like they want to be out and proud, though. Here’s a goofy Monday and a slick Tuesday.
  6. Hello hello! Somehow I muddled through to (nearly) the end of this bananas year. I feel like I’m tempting fate to say this, but every single thing for the year was due either on the first of Nov or the last of Nov, and as of last night all the hard deadlines are met at work/school. In the New Year I have some fun plans for becoming more of a badass, there will be so much lifting! But man, I’m wiped out now. Just time to turn my outlook towards fun and family cheer, so I can have the best time these holidays. I’m wrapping up week 1 of a mini cut. (So hopefully the ‘downhill’ ref in challenge title refers to movement of the scale, not the wheels coming off my life more generally) I won’t have access to a scale for another 10 days or so, and next scheduled weigh in / measure in / progress pics on Dec 16. But so far things are going great with keeping calories and macros sensible. Goal cals = 1850 (the closer, the better), goal protein = 138 g. there are also lifting workouts scheduled, but as someone who looooves to lift and work out, and also loooooves to eat, the exercise side of things has never been my main issue. Wheeeeeee!!! Let’s goooooooooooooooooo
  7. Woohoo! Dusting off this thread. Got back very very late Saturday from a week of holidays. Moms took my brothers, sister, their kids, me and hubs to a beautiful all-inclusive in MX! (My kids couldn’t make it, tragically, thanks to school and job searching.) It was wonderful! The beach, the pools, boardwalks through the mangos, entertaining coatis, cool birds, ocean breezes, swim up bars, super fun water Zumba, amazing restos. I ate so much (dessert w dinner AND lunch!!) but probably less than if I’d been hitting the buffet rather than the a la carte restaurants. I drank so much (love me a pina colada!), but fortunately I think the mixed drinks were pretty weak. I did keep up with workouts (good set of weights in the resort gym) plus various fun activities- beach walking, aforementioned Zumba, dance parties, swam laps every day. Oh and I got to try stand up paddle boarding!! Loved it!! For the week away: Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Water (5) Movement (500) Sunscreen Tanktop AF Nighttime routine Sleep story For this week: (Saturday was 20 hr travel day, so all bets are off there!) Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Water (5) Movement (500) Sunscreen Tanktop AF Nighttime routine Sleep story In other news, just before the trip I finished my big work project. Grant submitted! Now it’s in the hands of the gods* ‘til April. Back to campus today, meeting with some of my grad students, catching up on odds and ends that accumulated while I was away. No lifting scheduled for today, but I’ll have the walking commute plus walking over to another campus for lunch with buddy. Thinking about upping movement goal to 600 - in Mexico I was easily at 800-1000 active calories, but that’s vacation for you. Yesterday was chill. Collected the dogs from their country kennel, walked and caught up with Guga 1, got my flu shot (bivalent booster already acquired pre-trip, thank goodness), did most of my lifting workout save for a few upper body exercises that I really should have done before the flu shot, not saved for afterwards. Rebooting the AF streak (Sat = day 1, Sun = day 2). Slept like a ROCK last night! *metaphorical gods, in actuality, a bunch of hard working peers who will hopefully like it.
  8. This is super informative! Thanks!
  9. Hey somalution! I hope your week is turning around for you! Wow, so you’re a trainer? That’s great that you can diversify your own workouts with ideas from what your clients are into! Monday was productive, got boosted, voted, met with students, had lunch with work buddy, met with art gallery peeps, and worked some on the report for Tuesday (didn’t get everything I needed to done, as is always the way). Tuesday ended up being equally hectic as Monday, probably because i didn’t get the report done Mon so working madly right up to meeting start time on it. Went over well, though! What I _didn’t_ get to yesterday was my scheduled workout. I think I can work it in today, though - should be fine bc the one I missed is all lower body stuff and Thursday’s will be all upper body. Other than that, today is devoted to madly catching up on work so I can submit grant before going on VACATION!!!! Saturday morning we’re flying out to Mexico for a week at an all inclusive! A little cold for a tank top yesterday; maybe that’s why I didn’t get the workout in! Didn’t run a sleep story but had a good reason for it (bomp chicka wow wow) so slept super well anyway. LOL. Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Water (5) Movement (500) Sunscreen Tanktop AF Nighttime routine Sleep story
  10. Solid weekend! Today is shaping up to be bananas busy: meetings start at 8, then walk to campus to get my booster, then more meetings, and somewhere in there have to make time to vote (lines should be fine but walking all the way down to city hall), write reference letters, and prepare report for big meeting on Tuesday. EEK! In other news I’m mildly grumpy because my weight is definitely up a bit. It should come as no surprise bc I’ve been tracking food (which is good) and pretty consistently eating above maintenance (which is not that good). Will have a think about whether to add something nutritiony to this challenge or just stick with the plan. Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Water (5) Movement (500) Sunscreen Tanktop AF Nighttime routine Sleep story
  11. Hi Somalution! Kids are 21 and 20… so, officially not kids at all, but still my babies. And yeah, it was a super nice chill day once I got the workout done, haha. Sort of a mix of BW (glute bridges, split squats) and dumbbell/barbell stuff (goblet squats, deadlifts). Feeling it today
  12. *TWO* glasses first thing?! You are next-level, haha. I just drank glass 1 while the coffee brewed and feel pretty smug. Yesterday was solid… got through all the baby steps on the grid, plus some extra walking, plus a lower-body workout. Some of the walking was a trip downtown with Kid 1, to one of our favourite little clothing stores, and got some amazeballs wide-wale corduroy magic pants with these punk looking rivets down the legs. I love them Also went out with Kid 2 for a walk to the little university campus - no errand, no point of the walk except the day was sunny and glorious and the leaves are super pretty this fall and 2 was regaling me with mythology and classics theory. I’d forgotten to charge my watch so not sure exactly how far I travelled over the day, but it was awesome. Had a late afternoon bath, played around with new skincare stuff, hubs and I collaborated on an excellent dinner (okay, he is the real chef in the family, but I made a dynamite Caesar salad), then we all chilled out with way too much TV. Owl House! Shetland! Money Heist! My calories were looking great until about 9 pm when it seemed like a great idea to have some popcorn with the TV viewing. Not too catastrophic, but I can see why people get into the time restricted eating, no wise decisions get made after 9 in this house. My only other questionable decision was to pick a gothic horror story as my sleep story [WHY DO I DO THESE THINGS TO MYSELF] but I drifted off pretty well anyway and if it gave me nightmares, I don’t remember them.
  13. NOW it’s a party Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Water (5) Movement (500) Sunscreen Tanktop AF Nighttime routine Sleep story
  14. I hate business jargon, but I do like fruit. The last four years have been tough all ‘round, and I’m pretty sure I’m still bouncing back. So while I love a lofty goal, this challenge is all about baby steps. —No, smaller than that. — No, even smaller than that. What are the easiest possible things I can do to move slowly in the direction of my big goal?* Hydration- glass of water in morning, at night, and with/before each meal. I used to be great at hydration! Now I suck at it! See, that’s what happens if you ignore the little things that seem to be below notice, you become cranky and dehydrated. Movement- 500 active cals/day. (I don’t even know how many steps that corresponds to, maybe like 12000 or so, but a lot of my favourite activities are things like biking and swimming and yoga that are not very steppy). Sleep- ugh, I used to be a champion sleeper, but during the last few months that’s been going by the wayside. From experience, two things I can do to sleep better are to avoid alcohol and drift off listening to a sleep story (currently digging Sherlock Holmes). Flex- wear tank top whenever the day’s agenda and temperatures permit it. Honestly, catching glimpses of my new muscles in the mirror is the most motivating thing to keep me from slacking off the strength training or eating like a jerk. This goal would involve short shorts too if we weren’t moving into Canadian November. Skin- I finally found my perfect sunscreen and holy grail nighttime routine. But apparently they don’t do much good if I don’t USE THEM. Do so, everyday. *Big Goal = to continue evolving into a hot and happy badass. For now this means body recomp, killing it on the important things and earning mad respect at work, while ALSO eluding enough garbage tasks to have fun and feel happy.
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