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  1. TiogaGirl

    TiogaGirl tackles Awe-gust

    OH and my sports medicine doc sister informally prescribed me a bunch of knee strengthening exercises to do that will supposedly get me run-worthy again. But apparently these exercises only work if you actually do them. So, worked through the set yesterday and will put them into my calendar.
  2. TiogaGirl

    TiogaGirl tackles Awe-gust

    Still grinding! Tracking food is ON. A. ROLL. Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun, everything. Calories are a little higher than I planned (~2100 most days) but lots of activity too, which if I trust the burn logger should put me in a slight deficit ... looks like between 100-400 cal/day. But I am soooo much happier increasing activity than restricting food... Still no running (sore knees, waiting on docs advice) but lots of walking, some cycling (22 km yesterday! Woot), and some yoga Realized I could resume strength training, just swapping out squats and lunges with dumbbell glute bridges instead! SO much easier on my knees, and I welcome the glute burn :) So did that yesterday Have been solid about sunscreen and face washing. Pretty good about screen time and sleep time, and have been sleeping soooo well. Drinking tons of water, but I have been falling down on the tracking there (need to establish that habit firmly by fall, as water becomes more of a challenge for me once it’s cold out) Piano: practiced most days, mostly for well above minimum time. I memorized the first five pages of the song!!!! (Just 10 pages more, haha, but it gets into a bunch of repetition so I figure I’m largely there) Feeling good
  3. TiogaGirl

    Salinger's twenty-forth challenge!

    I love your taste in music! And good job on not going out drinking. Sometimes a chill evening with Netflix on the couch is just what we need (and chocolate is ALWAYS a plus) (she says, on her own couch with chocolate) (but cutting down on booze AND on chocolate at the same time is madness, madness)
  4. TiogaGirl

    TiogaGirl tackles Awe-gust

    I had not heard of that and it’s pretty epic! I’m working on Sugarfoot Boogie (link below — tho I am not that good!) Super fun and challenging enough to keep me occupied for a good long while
  5. TiogaGirl

    TiogaGirl tackles Awe-gust

    Hi Rangers, Without getting too far into the weeds and details, June was a rough rough month for me and the Tioga-fam. We spent July mostly trying to recover emotionally from some devastating family losses, and somehow here we are kicking off the last month of summer?! OK, let’s make this count. #AWEgust My Big Why is unabashedly vain, I want to get back to my original state of looking awesome with or without clothes! And the confidence that comes with it. Can’t blame my extra fluff on a bad June, it’s been creeping on for a few years now. Easier to start rebuilding good habits in the summer than once the crazy of fall term hits, so here we go... This is mostly a body focused challenge (nutrition, activity), but what sort of Ranger would I be if I didn’t throw in a smattering of other secondary goals? Mostly these goals are behaviours, that I can, in theory, do. Italicized ones are (weight) outcomes rather than behaviours... in theory if I do the body stuff they should follow naturally, but haha, scumbag body could have other plans. Body: Track food in MFP Daily deficit: either ~500 cals/day after accounting for activity, or cap cals at 1750. (My master plan is to accommodate days that I’m super active and correspondingly hungry.) NF strength workouts, every other day. General DOMS is now my b*tch so I’m onto Level 2 bodyweight (she said bad-assedly) Galloway Easy 5K, on the alternate days Bonus points for yoga! I loooooove getting hot and sweaty, but I’ve been getting complacent about yoga counting as my workout and fully neglecting formal strength and cardio Weight below 152, for 2 consecutive weekly weigh ins Weight below 147, for 2 consecutive weekly weigh ins 1” off natural waist measurement 1” off belly button measurement Self-care Sunscreen every day (face, neck, chest) 10 cups water, tracked in MFP Night-time routine (wash face, use the nice serums and moisturizers, floss) Screens off by 10:15 Find the silver lining: one point of gratitude each day Bard side-hustle Practice piano, specifically the song I’m working on memorizing, at least 15”/day. (It’s Sugarfoot Boogie by Matthew Ball; my big goal here is to be able to play it from memory, so that I can duly impress peeps at social events or at random airport pianos) Don’t quit your day job Except for holidays and weekends, write for at least 2 pomodoro sessions each day. Two highest priority projects are Student Genetics Project (SGP) and Popular Science Book (PSB): could do both pomodoros on one, or the other, or one of each. Loot system to be determined later, after I (hopefully) have some solid successes under my belt! It’s good to be back.