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  1. Between taking the name of Smaug and the image of the Cheshire Cat, you seem like the sort of person I'd get along with.

  2. Watching Naruto and pumping iron.

    1. Brawlrus


      Rep that isht, Rock Lee style!

  3. Idk if anyone knows but, Anime is awesome. I work out while watching Naruto Shippuden because naruto is inspiring. He's also the reason I'm trying to learn how to make ramen (real ramen. Misu pork ramen to be exact).
  4. I kept up my clean teeth and their maintenance. Do to my lack of control on food budget I am eating way too many carbs. And I am lifting weights sporadically. Sorry about the hiatus I was battling with a depressive situation. I'm glad it only took me a week to get back on the horse (I will thank naruto and his ninja way for that help).
  5. Okay I have lost a lot of ground. But I have brushed and flossed everyday even getting up after getting comfortable in bed to do so. I am lifting weights and the such but not as frequently. My ulnar nerve is causing me pain (not looking forward to surgery).
  6. I'M BACK. I got my internet back and I'll get back into the next challenge. My week long hiatus was also caused by a huge depressive force known as being denied entry into community college. :(

    1. fitnessgurl


      Yay, you're back. *hugs*

  7. Today has been crazy. I missed registration apparently so I am stuck in liberal arts at college. I am lucky I was able to get help from someone really nice at the college. So today I ate and apple and some sesame chicken... yeah not the healthiest but I did brush and floss. Going for the jog outside got crushed as I have literally no time for it :(

    1. Doaheem


      There's always hard days. Those won't break you Get back at it tomorrow! :)

  8. Okay I thought squirrelbandit just posted here... I don't see anything.
  9. I just saw this. So would I be a warrior currently since stregth training is my priority or would I just jump into the thing I want to be off the bat?
  10. I changed my class to warrior as I am focusing on weight training and muscle building right now. Ultimately I think I am a ranger or adveturer but for right now STR and DEX are my important stats.

  11. Day 1: I would use profanity to scream to the hills of day ones success but alas I want to keep civil. The journey has only just begun although I feel it to be an epic one! Workouts = Smashed! I did some extra strength training as I felt it was too easy and I was loving the feeling. I'm addicted to the phrase "Just one more" I think I'm in love with free weights. I can't wait for surgery so it can be behind me and I can start doing some REAL stregth training. I'm a dude but Staci of nerd fitness is currently my hero. She looks GREAT and she does what she loves. I want to get in great shape but
  12. I did good today. I'm proud of myself. Pat on the back and A for day one victory.

  13. Day 1: Off to a pretty good start I am brushing my teeth right now and I did my afternoon weights. They are easier than expected and I don't think they are going to give me desired results so if anyone wants to give me ideas on upper body stregth training (I only have adjustable dumbells that go up to 20lbs) then shoot me some advice. I did good on carbs today and only had one sandwhich. Water is the only beverage in my belly and I'm glad I had you guys because my mother brought home 2 liters of mountain dew and I resisted temptation. Update are going to continue to come.
  14. For my math and stuff like it I tend to watch really interesting channels on youtube that explain to me all of the cool things without boring me. I reccomend minutephysics a channel dedicated to explaining everyday phenomena in a minute or so. It involves a lot of math and if you go down the rabbit hole you will find other interesting channels like vsauce. I love the videos as they are highly entertaining and educational without boring you to rigormortus (I hopefully spelled that right. I think that is the first time I have ever had to spell that word).
  15. Hi all, Name is Smaug (should be alice but I already talked about that regret lol). I am a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland themed anything I was wondering if any fellow nerds out there embrace the eccentricities of Wonderland. I love Alice so much I am getting a 3/4 sleeve tattoo. It's going to be killer! I am excited to chat Alice with some cool people! Or maybe even tattoo lovers.
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