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  1. Greetings! I'm a new member of the academy, and I wanted to give the official "Hello" to this most excellent community! I've been wastefully running on lame auto pilot for the last few years, and I am super stoked to start adventuring in this world again! My husband has promised me an epic battle mace to train with once I reach level 20, so I can fulfill my childhood dream of being Conan. I might even see a mythical mermaid tale in my future, if everything goes as ripped as planned. Thank you all for being such a magical group of folks! Its really changed my attitude around! Warrior yell "HUZZ
  2. oh my glob! Keep up the great work lady! Stay shiny! (From what you're saying you're into, i think we might be soul sisters), I just joined the academy (warrior class) and am on day four of intense working out after years of mostly playing fall out lol. Stay postive! I know finding this community and leveling up myself from work out quests is absolutely the strategy i needed, working out has never been so fun. Huzzah!
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