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    Hello Druids! Hope all is well. I feel like 2018 is going to be a good year for me. That's something I don't normally feel. I'm usually of the mind that this year will be full of more disappointment from the last. I just sort of have an intuition that this one will go well you know.
  2. Alright - I feel my last challenge was a success, now it's time to work on getting a little more done. Goal#1: Like my last challenge, I plan on keeping up with my meal plan. Six small meals a day. Hobbit-diet for the win! Goal#2: I'd like to add in some activity. I'd like to spend time each day do some sort of movement. Whether this is a walk or lifting or yoga doesn't matter. I just need to move. Goal#3: I'd like to focus on some spiritual growth as well. I'd like to read my bible or meditate every day. I know my goals are vague, and I know that's not generally a good thing. I'm making them that way, however, so I can again find success. The last challenge I did I felt was successful. I'd like to continue that.
  3. Wasn't perfect - but it's going pretty well! I'm calling this a success, which is what I needed.
  4. They usually have something like this I believe.
  5. Alright - I've not checked in in awhile, but this is all going great btw! I've actually dropped a few pounds as well woot woot!
  6. So things are going well for a start - I've been pretty consistent with only a few mistakes. Today, my focus is going to be water. I'm going to make sure my only drink is water. so far so good on that account. I'm feeling really good today
  7. Thanks all! So far I'm doing alright. I had a few snacks yesterday, but less than I usually do - so that's good right?
  8. I should also say it is more protein based. I try to limit carbs. I add in veggies as well
  9. I eat six smaller meals a day. Breakfast, Second breakfast (a healthy snack), Elevenses, Luncheon (healthy snack), Dinner , Supper ( a healthy snack) Call it the hobbit meal plan It helps keep me from snacking too much and helps me with portion control (the reasons why intermittent fasting doesn't work at all for me). Just by diet alone I lost about 20 pounds. I'm sure I've gained some of that back because I haven't be consistent.
  10. Hi, I'm still new to the druids. I posted one challenge as a druid, and I wasn't successful. I'm returning again. Trying hard to be successful, so I'm keeping it simple. I have one goal for this challenge and it is to be true to my meal plan for 5 out of 7 days of the week. Ideally this will be seven days. That is my hope. I know its not much, but I need success more than I need lofty goals right now. I struggle with depression and things have been very hard recently. That's why I need to be successful. Hoping for some encouragement.
  11. I actually forgot that this started on Sunday and so far I haven't done much of anything. I've been really depressed the last couple of days.
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