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  1. i know it's not my post, but, do anyone of you ever had a Wierd feeling when overhead pressing? I don't know how to describe it, and maybe it's bad, it's like, after the bar is just above my head i got this feeling like blood presure in my head-neck-traps(maybe is a traps thing). Oh and to contribute a little, i think we lift +- the same, so one thing that helped me is just: Stay away from the bigger weights, i know it souns silly but one time I staled for like 6 weeks and didn't make any big progress (maybe lifting the weight i used 1 more time or 2 max) until i went from 3-4 rep sets to 6
  2. 1st goal (bw bench press at @156 i think..) check. 2nd goal (2bw squat) on the road (3x5 @187 and i think i can do more now) 3rd and final goal (dream like goal, 3 times bodyweight ANYTHING... thought bench press it would be cool xD). it's possible no? i mean, i think i can do it, but i've only been working out for a year +- so maybe the strenght will stop coming with the time...
  3. for me the best fighter would have this "stats": awareness of how your body works (like... I recently started to "feel" my waist due to core workouts and practicing a lot of round house kicks and stuff... it's like magic), endurace (both cardio and muscular), precision, coordination and power also, mentally speaking, it could be better if one can "seek the fight" and not something like "something not to fear", rage is bad, but in the right side it can connect you to the instinc part of a fight that many average or casual fighters don't have because of the "sport" part of the fights. if you f
  4. thank you all for answering me I'm going to start crossfit as soon as i can and about parkour, yeah it's awesome but it's really hard to find a place were to practice it if your city only have flat streets
  5. ok it's 2 am of a long day and english is not my native laguange (and I don't even have good grammar in my own) so sorry if this seems like a stab in the eyes of someone. (i hope it will be at least a stab of... joy?) I was swimming around the net (yep, internet already kindaped my soul... don't worry we stayed in touch) and manage to find this "ranger" stuff... well... how does one say it?... I LOVE IT, I mean, I want, I NEED to do... to be able todo EVERYTHING (if posible) and fitness related stuff is in my top 3 now (besides of... you know... enjoy my life and... well, eat-sleep-breath, y
  6. the other day I tryed to go out and run like... i don't know... 3-4 laps to a square near my house... like... 1,2 km each one without walking nor rest... Good: I managed to do the 3 laps (3,6 km) bad: After the first one i felt like dying (fuck you ego that make's me run after this point) really bad: 1 of my shoulders started to hurt close to the end. hell: my (translating)... spleen ? (in spanish is called "bazo"... don't know if it is the right word) is still hurting me if I walk 2 or more streets... so.. it's almost a week from this, my shoulder is ok it healed almost after I stoped, and
  7. ok, I do tkd and sometimes feel your pain. The thing that works most of the time for me is just "relax" I mean, really, relax, and do 1 movement or 1 group, then breath and do the next one, practice in your home in your off days and practice the movement in diferent positions (like if you have to do a side kick do it, then do it after a block of your form, then do it 2 times in a row). When you start to feel like your body knows what he's got to do with no need of overthinking, put the strenght and speed needed for a good form, then if you have a mistake it's gonna be more... ... easy to dete
  8. don't say it.... don't say it... don't... aaa what the hell! 9GAG ARMY IS HERE!!!! XD Ok so... if you want to lose weight and you're still young it's going to be really fast... I mean... not fast... but faster than normal, and you're still on a good age to change your whole body shape and ... (i don't know the word.... but it means something like... if you do it now and for a while you'r going to have an easy time keeping you in that state even when you become old like yoda). go slow but never stop, watch your diet (try to eat your favorite healty things... believe me you'r going to find that
  9. So.. ok fuck that title, first of all english isn't my native language so sorry if I made 1-2-89 big mistakes. I've been reading NF since half year vacations of 2010 and it's really interesting, it's full of funy things (and nerdy too) and helps me with a lot of info&motivation like... everyday I want to "level up my life". I remember how scared I was of becoming fat like my father (83kg) with not even twenty years on my back.. This help me for the little push i just needed, I started to do more serius tkd and train with bodyweight at my home like.. almost every day... I've got to admi
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