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  1. As you can see from my battle log, May was supposed to be the month I respawned. I had fallen sick and also tried a new method of controlling food intake in April, which hadn't worked. And I was so encouraged by my March progress - I wanted to replicate it. I tried to get back on track counting calories, which worked great for about a week. Then we got a new puppy, who we named Frodo, and that sort of became the whole focus of our lives. But he got sick with an infection he had picked up before coming to us. It was really awful - he couldn't eat, he was constantly vomi
  2. I love this challenge! Awesome goals. And awesome display picture. SAME about tracking - when I don't track I'm like "oh this piece of cake doesn't really count". I might borrow the tracking goal for my challenge (hope that's okay). Good luck good luck good luck!
  3. So I finally bit the bullet and started a battle log! (And came back to NF!) Hey all. Quick summary of where I am at, and what I have been doing. Weight: ~80 kilograms, or 175 lb. Age: 23 I gained a lot of weight in college and also developed really unhealthy habits. I want to fix this right now; I feel like it'll become very hard to work on developing new habits once I have real jobs/grad school. It's hard now, tbh. I started the lifestyle change in February. I started going to the gym, and eating ~1200 calories per day. Unfortunately, I was stupid and
  4. BLARGH Well, the 4 week challenge is almost done, and I was doing okay until three days ago...when my sister got nachos...which I then ate. I had Coke with my meal too and they were the worst nachos ever. The pattern of eating shittily escalated - chocolate, soda, pizza, everything bad. To make matters worse, I haven't worked out for four days. I mean I guess four days doesn't seem like such a big deal but I'm also dealing with a lot of SERIOUS job dissatisfaction, the stress of applying to new jobs, finding graduate programs to apply to, and general misery this week so I guess I'm at a
  5. Yep, am definitely on the terry capris team. Leggings are tough, it's so difficult to find a pair that a) doesn't slide down my butt and b ) is properly opaque. I also really like the joggers that were super popular at H&M for a bit - they can be a bit warm but I have one pair that's very breathable AND has pockets. I also know people who wear soccer pants. Also, check out Look Human and Activate Apparel for delightfully nerdy shirts and tanks.
  6. Update: Diet: 1) I've kind of let the carbs thing slide in favour of maintaining 1200 calories a day. I realized it doesn't matter to a huge extent what those calories are at this stage. But I think I have also realized that I get to eat more if I'm eating vegetables or things like beans etc., so that's definitely taking up greater space in my diet these days. I have maybe one or two slices of bread a day - no rice. 2) Protein: This has been a struggle. If I get "enough" to maintain muscle, most of my diet ends up being protein at my current calorie goal. This is a serving at lunch and a servi
  7. Day 6 & Day 7: Diet: Had a bit of bread both days but still at my calorie goal. Workout: I took Sunday as a rest day and today I missed the gym Tomorrow I will go.
  8. Hi blacksheepie. I'm also trying to be more healthy about the sweets I consume. Haven't conquered the monster yet but I feel like I've made a little bit of progress so I guess I'll share? I also have a similar pattern of sugar consumption. But I'm not in school right now though and I'm definitely living a less stressful life, so it has been easier to de-addict. So. Go easy on yourself. But basically, I've been looking at it as though it is a habit. A habit has three components - a cue, a behaviour, and a reward. With you, looks like the cues are dissertation-related stress, and possibly a ne
  9. Day 5 update: Diet: No bread and no rice. Also, I woke up today and I guess I've dropped 3 kg? Workout: Went for a walk/jog with Zombies! Run (best app ever). Last time I did that (which was also the first time I had jogged in a while), I got shin splints - painful. I did a proper warmup this time, from Steve's post on running, and also ran on the road instead of on the concrete in the park. I guess the combination of warmup+softer running surface+my body getting used to it made a marked difference in my comfort level - I ran more, and did not get shin splints. After I got home, I did
  10. Day 4 update: Diet: No bread and no rice. I've also been counting calories more effectively I think my problem was not carbs as much as it was incorrectly counting calories so I think I am going to be a little more lax about the bread and rice and more stringent about calories, although avoiding bread and rice in general is also a good rule of thumb for keeping calories down. Workout: Went to the gym, cardio+lower body
  11. BarbarianBassBro! We have the same goal. I started my "fitness journey" a few months ago, after graduating from college - I was always super low on energy and I have a serious sweet tooth and so the combination of caffeine and sugar in Coke was addictive. Stress was a factor in making me feel constantly fatigued - plus the emotional component of anxiety led to me associating Coke with stress relief/feeling less awful. Lowering stress after graduating college, going back home, and getting a job I somewhat enjoy, and working regular hours, lowered my "need" for Coke. If stress is a factor in t
  12. Y'all motivated me to start weighing things...I found that I had been underestimating my calorie intake (especially when it comes to protein and carbs) so now I'm going to be more careful/weigh more often. Day 3: Workout: Went to the gym, cardio + lower body. Definitely a better workout today. More bodyweight exercises also which are tougher than the machine ones. Diet: 1) Got 100 g of protein 2) No bread, no rice! I had a dark chocolate kitkat though lol. I figured out about halfway through the day that I had been seriously underestimating intake - around lunchtime I realized I wa
  13. Finally pulled out my trusty old food scale this morning to weigh the meat I took to work - you were right Slates, I have been underestimating intake Time to weigh everything! Is it weird if I take the food scale to work...? (the good thing is that that means I've been getting more protein than I thought I was getting). Thanks for pitching in, everyone! Also, DarK_RaideR, that's a pretty great saying Kept that in mind this morning while working out.
  14. Thanks Joshua T! You're right, the best workout is the one that will stick
  15. Hi Sundae! Tracking tightly is a challenge for me - that's something I'm trying to do. I think I'm particularly bad at estimating how many ounces/grams meat is. I did actually go over my calorie goal today but it was mostly protein so I guess it's okay.
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