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  1. While we're on the subject, can anyone confirm that sleeves do in fact enable one to lift more weight? Never tried 'em and can't help wondering if they're a placebo. Every source I've read says their purpose is to "keep your knees warm" which is grand if you're lifting in freakin' Antarctica, but not a top priority for me.
  2. I am jealous of your massive bench strength. Also, in the spirit of "don't knock it 'til you've tried it" I won't mention how awful shrimp chips sound.
  3. Are shrimp chips what they sound like? Potato chips that taste like shrimp?
  4. Stouts are #1 for sure, but I like IPAs. They're an acquired taste in a beverage that is in itself an acquired taste, so I can see people not liking them. First time I tried one I was like "Jesus God, what is this nonsense?" but they grew on me pretty quickly.
  5. Really the best way to improve posture is just to concentrate on doing it all the time. Back straight, shoulders back. Catch yourself when you slouch and get back into the right position. Strengthening your muscles will help a bit, but you can be strong as hell and still have bad posture. That said, some shrugs or other trap-focused work wouldn't hurt.