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  1. Laghail Therin on the Peak of Dragonmount

    This is unusual in an interesting way. Feel free to say more words about it as they become available.
  2. Spezzy keeps health a priority.

    Out of sympathy for your eye problems, I hereby restrain myself from making a joke about "seeing" the neurologist.
  3. Laghail Therin on the Peak of Dragonmount

    What is this? Edit: Do you mean a family member? I'm feeling pretty dumb over here. Edit 2: I see Grumble asked the same question and I feel less dumb.
  4. Cutting plan

    As you mentioned it's a pretty slow pace. If that works for you then all is well. I personally loathe cutting regardless of how drastic a deficit I'm on, so I'll go pretty hard in order to get it done faster. It's all a matter of personal preference.
  5. Barbell bench press and alternatives

    I have never in my life come anywhere near hurting myself when failing a dumbbell press rep. Even if you can't finish the press you'll still have enough left in you to keep the dumbbells from doinking you in the head or whatever. A tiny bit of common sense and caution is all you need.
  6. Barbell bench press and alternatives

    Dumbbells should be fine. If you fail you just drop them off to the sides. As to getting into position, I usually set them on my knees and propel them into position as I lay back.
  7. JustCallMeAmber squat, etc form check

    This is a good idea; I'll try this.
  8. CM tries not to die

    If I may contribute to the "hot sauces that are very good" theme:
  9. JustCallMeAmber eats that frog

    Experiences are worth more than material stuff IMO, and if you don't see that band today they might not be there tomorrow. Last time I decided I'd skip seeing Type O Negative, Peter Steele died a few months later. Also bands break up a lot.