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  1. Doing other stuff might affect lifting; you just have to decide where your priorities are. Eat more and get more sleep and the detriments will be less.
  2. You can always defer your rewards to a later date. Just write yourself an IOU. Or I guess a UOU, in this case. But from your perspective it'd be an IOI...
  3. It'll depend on how much you can lift. If you're working up to 500 lbs, 10-20lb increments will have you worn out before you're anywhere near the goal. You'll probably have an idea of where you want to end up; take comfortable jumps until you're in the area, then go by feel to add whatever additional weight you think you can handle until you can't get it any more. I know that sounds vague and not super helpful, but it's going to vary based on your work capacity and strength. The idea is to get to your potential max without gassing yourself out, but also don't jump up so fast in weight that you aren't warmed up and ready.
  4. So if you're looking to cut back on conventional meat consumption, bugs and other crawly critters are pretty high in protein and crunchy too. You guys have scorpions there, right?
  5. I haven't gotten around to listening to it yet in its entirety but what I've heard sounds good. DT have soooo many albums already and their sound hasn't changed enough over time to make me terribly interested in new material. Not knocking them by any means; there are plenty of good bands who I'd categorize similarly while still liking them a great deal. Just hasn't worked its way to the top of my listening queue yet.
  6. Damage Done is absolutely the peak of the (sub)genre, so nothing's going to outdo that, but how do you feel about Eluveitie? I've always described them as Dark Tranquillity -keyboards +folk instruments.
  7. I feel this one. Drunk me tends to buy me presents from Amazon too.
  8. Mostly just popping by to say hello as I haven't been on this forum in ages, but also... When I do the calorie-counting thing, this is me as well except it's totally on purpose. I'll spend an embarrassing amount of time poring over labels to decide what I can eat to get as close to my maximum allowance as possible.
  9. If you're trying to gain mass, I doubt the differences between the two choices you've given will matter as much as making sure you're eating at a caloric surplus and that the reps and/or weight are going up over time. As to what I personally do, it varies but I like 3 or 4 sets of 8-12. I'll throw in 15s or 20s every now and then on isolation exercises.
  10. Try to point your elbows down at the ground rather than behind you. I think that's the main thing here. You also need to keep your chest up a bit more, and work on a straighter bar path (closer to a vertical line; you're coming forward a bit much), but the elbow thing will put you in better position for that. Not terrible though.
  11. The only people I've heard recommend CBD oil are the ones selling it. You don't need magic potions to lose weight.
  12. Primarily, anything with a bunch of sugar in it. After that, go easy on grains and similar carby stuff.
  13. Consult with your doctor first. If you don't like what they tell you, consult a doctor who specializes in athletics as they're less likely to just offhandedly dismiss weight lifting as dangerous. After that, make sure your form is correct and as long as there's no pain you're probably fine. My opinion (supported by research, though I don't have sources handy) is that strength training done correctly is almost always beneficial, assuming there's no legitimate medical reason not to do it.
  14. Do it. They're fun and (as far as boats go) very portable. I always wanted an aircraft carrier but could neither afford it nor fit it in my garage so I settled for a kayak. Good times.
  15. Congratulations and prepare for a mountain of paperwork. I've never signed my name so many times in one day as when I bought a house. Oh, the wrist cramps. Couldn't free my willy for a week afterward.
  16. I remember a guitar magazine I once read saying of this style "If people wanted to watch you masturbate they'd put a camera in your toilet." The Dragonforce postulate: Fast & technically amazing playing < good songs.
  17. Eggs I just use some sort of seasoning (salt, pepper, maybe cayenne). I put fruit or apple butter in the oatmeal.
  18. Bacon. Eggs. Oatmeal.
  19. Late response and from the front/side might be a better angle to view, but since no one's posted anything... * Looks like you're letting the bar get too far out in front of you, especially on the way down. This weight looks pretty easy for you so you might not be noticing, but when you put some more on there it'll give you trouble. * You might try playing with your stance width a bit. You're pretty narrow, and while that might be what works for you (everyone's different) it seems like it's giving you a tough time getting the bar past your knees, so I'd have a go at a wider stance. * Hard to say for sure, but it looks like your heels might be coming up a bit. This could be caused by the bar being too far out in front as I mentioned. You want your weight as evenly distributed through your feet as possible. Beyond that it's hard to say as the weight looks really easy for you. Heavier weight usually reveals more issues.
  20. Eat more. I shudder to think how long I spent expecting to gain muscle while eating like a parakeet.
  21. I recommend not using an app to make yourself not do stuff. Just my two cents, but I don't think those lockdown apps lead to changes in behaviour; they just prevent the misbehaviour for a short while. It's like if you put a fence around a cookie jar, kids will just hop the fence or wait until it opens and devour all the cookies. Teach them to moderate their cookie consumption instead.
  22. That's a lot of socializing, you brave social butterfly you. I however am a social moth and would rather fly into lamps than be around humans that much. Best of luck with this.
  23. I'll second this, though the rooftop stuff is (I believe) closed until May.
  24. Do people get out of work for this? I was always under the impression that The Great Calendar Committee just had a blank day that they wanted to write stuff on.
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