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  1. New woot! Yesterday I ran a mud obstacle course. 5k / 15 obstacles, feeling great! It was. Good year
  2. I’m planning a one week ski trip this winter and would like it to to be healthier and continue a good fitness improvement trend I had this year. Any suggestions on how to have a fitness oriented ski trip? Obviously the diet aspect will be huge, as mountain fare and alcohol typically negate any gains you made on the slope. Anyone know of best resorts for this? Perhaps some with good activities such as yoga, other classes, healthy food? Any specific programs? being that a day of skiing typically wears me out, how do others incorporate activities? tks
  3. No real black or white, definitive answer here. I like darebee to get ideas to mix it up once in a while. IMHO you should stick to the routine what you feel you fet the most of / works for you and can mix irmão up once in a while to keep it interesting.
  4. It seems that most people accept that up to 50 kcal won’t really activate insuline and end the fasting period when doing Intermitent Fasting (eg, 16/8). I saw that a recommended pre work out dose of Palatinose (Isomaltulose) has about 30 kcal and a low glycemic index. so, would a dose of Palatinose be a boost for a fasted workout, providing prolonged energy and keeping the fat burning from the fasted state? Or am I creating more “bro science”?
  5. New record now, ran 30 min straight for the first time, probably on my life! Not at a 5k pace it, but for the first time I truly know I’ll make it!
  6. My workouts tend to be much more intense when I eat carbs, so I’ve been ciclIng: carbs on exercise days, no carbs when I won’t work out.
  7. Exercise I track with my Fitbit, and for my weight I also use the Fitbit app. I got tired of tracking food using my fitness pal, altough it spreety good. Today I have a better idea of the macros in the food I eat so I’m no longer tracking foood, but occasionally I’ll write down what I eat for a week just to check, an for that I just use my cell phone notepad app
  8. Does anyone here have podcast recommendations that motivate or inspire your fitness journey? I sporadically listen to Rogan and Tim Ferries and they usually have some fitness content. cheers
  9. I’m thinking of signing up for a race such as those in 4 months, it’s 5k with 10-15 obstacles, to act as a final motivation push this year. how fit do you think you need to be to complete one? currently I can run for about 25 min straight, and Improving. I also do some weights and functional exercises, can do dips but have not managed an clean pull up yet.
  10. Hey there, I occasionally attend a group fitness boxing class (maybe 3 times every 2 months) just to mix up my trainning. It is great for my cardio fitness level bit Im sure m not learning anything useful, boxing wise ( eg, not sure of technical when punching bag, I’m sure I’m telgraphing my movements, not sure if my defenses work, etc). As I’m thinking of actually starting a martial arts, do classes such as these help, due to better conditioning, or hinder, due to bad habits and bad form? Tks
  11. I will repeat what everyone said and go ahead and say you look fine, nothing wrong with how you look. Ill also go ahead and say that there is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best and improve some aspects, as long as it comes from a healthy desire and leads to healthy habits. As some have said, clothes do make a huge difference. I am not qualified to talk about women’s fashion, or men’s , but I ave noticed that some girls just seem to like and put more effort into choices and it shows. I also noticed that it’s not about brands or expensive stuff, but about learning wha
  12. New personal record! Getting close to finally being able to run 30min / 5k!
  13. Over the last 2-3 years I have been really working hard towards a challenging professional goal. Now I’m getting near it, but somehow I seem to have lost the drive. I’m not working less hard, less animated by it, tired of my bad lifestyle (getting sick and fat, not sleeping enough) and realized that if I do get the promotion things will not get better. So I have been looking elsewhere but some people have pointed out that it could a psychological defense, eg me convincing myself that I don’t want it anymore in case I don’t get it. any advice olhos I can tell if it’s rea
  14. I’ve taken a bunch of boxer crise type classes. Found them ok, fun enough to burn some calories when I need some extra motivation. At least give it a try a couple of times and see if you enjoy them...no prerequisites
  15. Tks, great advice. I’m , working with target dates to finish off these final pounds
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