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  1. Huh... where I'm from, a pull up is palms toward you and chin up palms away.
  2. 1. Result: 12 pullups, 10 chinups, bench 85 5x5 Grade: F Stats: +0 2. Result: 100lbs 5x5 Grade: F Stats: +0 3. Result: 3/5 Mile Grade:C Stats: +1 STA 4. Result: 25 Deg. Grade:B Stats: +3 DEX 5. Result: 91% Grade:A Stats: +2 WIS Overall Analysis: Progress was solid during the school gym class due to external motivation, that is desire to not disappoint others. Progress stopped when the class ended, instead of going outside and doing bodyweight exercises in 90 degree weather I gave in to the desire to sit inside my cool house and do nothing. As soon as I stopped exercising regularly the standard
  3. Status Report of Doom: High school just ended, so I no longer have access to a free weightroom. Luckily I've got a playground not 3 blocks down the road... but still, the going is going to get tough. @danjf: Been at it for 2 years in my current bout, but studied for another 2 years when I was younger.
  4. Status Report: 10 Pullups & Chinups - Bench press 85lbs 5x5 Half mile run without slowing to a walk Added 15 degrees of flexibility (estimated) Precalc grade: 86.3% B
  5. Elf Sentinel STR 2 DEX 4 STA 1 CON 4 WIS 1 CHA 3 Challenges: *30 Pull ups & 30 chin ups & (65 pushups OR bench press 110lbs 5x5) (+3 STR, +1 STA) *Squat 150lbs. 5x5 (+1 STR, +2 DEX) *Run mile without slowing to a walk (+2 STA) *Regain 30 degrees range of motion for legs (splits and spreads) (+4 DEX) *Complete Precalculus with A (+2 WIS) Grading: *A(30/30/[65|110-10x3]) B(25/25/[60|100 - 10x3]) C(20/20/[55/100 - 10x3]) D(20/20/[55|90 - 10x3]) E(15/15/[50|85 - 10x3]) *A(150-5x5) B(140 - 5x5) C(130 - 5x5) D(120 - 5x5) E(110 - 5x5) <-- probably going to edit this figure, don't know how
  6. Just don't practice the punches and kicks in such a manner as to make the form you use habitual, unless you've received proper instruction on form. You don't want to walk into the dojo with a habit of throwing bad punches and loose kicks, you'll end up breaking something when you try to hit something REALLY hard and that something probably won't be your target.
  7. I don't eat gluten because of an allergy, so I'm not paleo... but if you want a breading for your chicken that isn't wheat-based, try a corn-based breading.
  8. In martial arts training we do something like the jump squat, but we add a 180 degree turn at the top of the jump. I'll add that to my list of things to do. I should also mention that I can break through 1" oak boards with a palm-heel strike when I'm properly focused. One of my instructors (a local police officer and Tang Soo Do master) tells me that an oak board has about the strength of a forearm in that respect, but a forearm won't break with a quick strike because it has too much give... but ribs and ribs are about the strength of good ol' pine
  9. For now, the pre-weight room leg work is more than enough for me. We spend a solid 15 minutes doing killer leg exercises across the gym floor and back. But yeah, leg work is important for martial arts. I need to be able to move faster... so I'll start squats and deadlifts as soon as I can do all of the things we do before hitting the weight room. Any suggestions for how I should divide the exercises up between the 3 days?
  10. Background: PED is a class that has us in the weight room Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and working on endurance/cardio Tuesday/Thursday. Normally for sports training, I'm using it to improve my martial arts ability in terms of explosive power and speed. In the weight room, I have access to barbells and dumbbells 10-70 lbs (10-110lbs at home), pull up bars, dip handles, and various hammer strength machines. I've ticked off the hammer strengths as a no go and assumed yes on doing chin ups and dips. So, can anyone suggest a good combination of workouts for this class? I have the Rebel Strength G
  11. A guild dedicated to those of us who will survive a zombie apocalypse! Readiness tests (strength/endurance requirement to be considered "ready"), 'bug out' planning, stories of epic battles against the zombie hordes (video games or fiction). Just something to have fun with?
  12. Alright... does that give the same sort of workout as a regular deadlift?
  13. Alright, so I only have access to a pair of variable-weight dumbbells for my workouts. Trouble is, I'm not sure if I'm deadlifting correctly with them. I've looked at the suitcase deadlift video provided in the rebel strength guide and given it a try, but a few questions about it: Would using a dumbbell in each hand instead of a single dumbbell be more beneficial? Can I use the same technique as a barbell deadlift, just without the bar? Should I be feeling most of the burn in my legs, not my upper body? (I actually have no trouble with my upper body, I feel it all in my legs) Thing is, my legs
  14. Anyone know which of the good-tasting proteins have the highest calories?
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