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  1. Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    I mean it's not a bad game! Very beautiful men, even men that aren't really my type. Good variety of personalities, interesting historical context, supernatural elements, drama, good music, etc. So not the worst visual novel to play, really. Lots of replayability as well. Play with a guide if you want, or explore without.
  2. Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    If you're going to play Hakuoki it's probably worth playing one of the other ports like on 3DS where you actually get the complete game in one go. I don't understand why they released the game in two parts on Steam. Other than money, I mean.
  3. Cataleya Means Business

    PCOS is a puzzle. I wonder how much the diet industry and stuff make it worse though. I'm not saying it's not complicated, but it's just when you're getting information from 1938091348 different sources AND you likely have glucose intolerance and whatever else people haven't quite figured out just yet, it can take a long time to figure out what works. In general, eating less shit food is a good start, so now it's just about adjusting where I need to adjust. I think what I'm gonna do is start tracking my food again, but focusing mostly on carbs, just to see where I'm at. I'll ride the weight loss out until it stalls again for a while, and adjust from there. I'll keep getting 12k steps a day and start my strength training routine back up, which I had stopped doing for a week or two out of frustration. I did my actual weigh in this morning and was at 198.6lbs, so we'll see if I keep dropping and go from there. It'll give me time to (a) figure out where I'm currently at, (b) what I could realistically cut down to, and (c) what would be healthy/dangerous given my current activity levels. No challenge or anything, just checking in on here. I don't have tennis for a few weeks, so I might do a bit light running a couple times to make up for that lost activity.
  4. ixaera keeps on going~

  5. Walk to Mordor and Back Again (2018)

    Whoops, forgot to update for like a month. Getting fairly close to Rivendell.
  6. Cataleya Means Business

    2018 Road Map Current Challenge So I had a lot of things going on the past several months, including moving, starting a new job, and graduating. I tried to do it all but it was killing me, especially after other stuff I didn't foresee, like my grandmother, and more recently a good friend of mine, passing away. Keeping track of every thing that I was doing and eating was really demoralizing, because it was pretty much, "I got up, worked on my dissertation, shoved my face full of quick and shitty foods, went to meetings, ate more crap, came home, worked on my dissertation, tried to sleep but couldn't, woke up and tried to fall back asleep, contemplated what it means to die, and freaked myself out and couldn't get back to sleep. Repeat ad nauseum." So yeah. Not healthy. At all. But I've graduated, my job is settling into something close to a routine, and I am ready to take back my life. In a more sustainable way, this time. I got back into tennis after I moved and it made me really happy, so I want to stick to it. Running is not my favorite but it did help with my weight loss, so I'm keeping it. I also want to keep weightlifting, which gives me life. Eventually, I want my workout schedule to look something like this: Tennis 1-2x a week Running 2-3x a week Weights 2x a week Rest 2x a week But I can't just start doing that. I will fail. I know this about myself. So I'm going to build up to it, along with a bunch of other goals I have. Namely, I want to drop soda and Starbucks-type drinks (except plain tea) again, I want to get 10k steps a day, I want to clean up my diet (including learning about what my optimum macro breakdown is), get compliant on a couple meds I have been falling off of (and keep up on my vitamins), limit my intake of sweets, get enough water, get enough sleep, and stretch twice a day. That's a lot! So instead of doing a challenge where I focus on one thing for whatever amount of time and end up Trying to Do Everything, I want to do something a bit longer term and builds up a bit more. I do want to keep doing challenges, but I'm going to focus on paring those down a bit from what I normally do, and instead use those 4 weeks to dive into something specific that I want to improve. Like, say I really want my running to improve, I might do a challenge to speed that progress up. But I don't want to do anything too complicated for those anymore, because it tends to backfire. Anyway, right now I'm thinking something like this: Week 0: Med and Steps Week 1: Weights and Protein Week 2: Running Week 3: Soda and Water Week 4: Sweets and Carbs Week 5: Stretching Week 6: Sleep and Fat And anything else I decide to add on as my priorities change. If for some reason I feel I did unsatisfactorily one week, I will repeat that week. If I feel like something falls off that map, I will go back to that week. Nothing terribly structured so I can't feel like a terrible person when I misstep (and I will misstep), but nothing so freeform I can't really keep myself accountable. Eventually I'll move up to something like this, depending on my tennis schedule for the season: Mondays: Tennis Tuesdays: Weights Wednesdays: Run Thursdays: Rest Fridays: Weights Saturdays: Run Sundays: Rest I'm going to need some tools to make that happen. I'll be using a C25K app to track my running progress (in terms of pushing myself forward instead of just running aimlessly for a half hour or something). I'm also going to be using LifeRPG (for now, we'll see how I like it) to keep track of my daily habits, like med compliance. Fitbit tracks my steps, weight, sleep, and water (PM me if you wanna add me, or post your info here and I'll add you). MyFitnessPal will be used for food and any exercises. I'll use Instagram and NF to post updates about my life and how I'm doing. And of course, all of you are infinitely better at this than I am, so I will be relying on your guidance when it comes to learning about best practices for weightlifting or macro balancing or whatever else will pop up along the way. We start Monday. So, y'know. I'm here. And I mean business.