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  1. Forgive my ignorance but are these special shorts or just like, tight shorts or something?
  2. Cataleya

    Career help please. tired of dead end jobs.

    Also worth mentioning but if you've been applying around and not getting anything, part of the problem could be your resume. I teach a college course where I have students turn in one twice during the semester and some of the ones I see, even after workshopping with them, are pretty rough. I'd be happy to provide some feedback if it would be relevant--feel free to DM me. Otherwise, as others have said, unfortunately there is no formula to success or happiness. I think there's a fascination with landing some kind of dream job, probably as a side effect of capitalism (not shitting on it as an economic strategy, but our culture is hyper focused on being productive and finding meaning in work as a result). But for a lot of people, a job is a job. Their meaning in life comes from other things, whether it's being a parent or a runner or a volunteer somewhere or whatever. I love my job, but I could do other things. This is what I'm good at, and I feel a sense of pride when my students do cool things. But I could do other things if I needed to. A lot of my students ask me how they can make a difference. I tell them, look, some people have to make that a part of their career. They take the non-profit jobs, which are often low paying and produce high burnout. That makes them happy. Other people want to be secure, so they take a job they're good at and can make money doing, then spend their off time volunteering or advocating for stuff. There's no shame in making money. Likewise, there's no shame in a job just being a job. It's one thing if you want to move up, really hate where you're at right now for whatever reason, or want to develop new skills. It's also okay if your job is just what you do to get by. I've known dump truck drivers and janitors and electricians and hell, teachers and doctors and businesspeople who weren't passionate about their careers, other than making sure they did a good job. They weren't necessarily going anywhere with it, but that was enough. They fed their families, counted their blessings, and found meaning in other places. So I guess my question is: What are you looking for in a job? EDIT: I just saw how old this post was, so I want to say my offer is open, re: resumes and CVs.
  3. Cataleya

    Improving a Bad Credit Score

    Also worth noting your credit card company can also provide information. My credit card company gives me a credit score every month and tips for improving my score. Mostly to keep my score I pay off any debt/bills I can on time. I only have one card in my name but it's pretty active and paid on time so I think that might work in my favor.
  4. Cataleya

    This is LITERALLY my first step towards success.

    I love a challenge with Parks and Rec gifs. Following and rooting for you!
  5. Cataleya

    Diadhuit's key to stabiliy

    Stability is a great goal. Following along!
  6. Machete is dope. If you have Instagram, you should follow him at @machete_fitness, I think it is. If you need an MFP buddy, I'm on there... I think a link is still in my sig. (Sorry, on my phone and things get weird.)
  7. Following! What are you using to track cardio calories burned? Fitbit?
  8. Cataleya

    Assassin's Den

    Yeah, uh, I'll get right on that. *Hides*
  9. Cataleya

    Lightning tries New Game+

    Glad to have you back! Following along!
  10. Cataleya

    Akura collects XP in Orsterra

    I love your theme! Despite her weird way of talking I think H'aanit is my fave. I'll be rooting for you to level up!
  11. Cataleya

    Cataleya Tries to Regain Her Balance

    Still sick, though I'm hoping to feel good enough to go to work tomorrow. I'm getting a little stir crazy, not going to work. I need to get out of the house and do stuff. Right now I just have some... Not quite stuffiness, but I feel it there and it needs to go away. So if that is gone tomorrow I might try a (leisurely) bike ride or bodyweight workout 1B or something. Not gonna rush it, though. Nutrition: 159g carbs (47%) 54g fat (36%) 57g protein (17%) 11g fiber 1341 calories
  12. Right on! I'll be on the lookout!
  13. I'm back, and trying to start fresh. I'm not terribly pleased with where I am, but I guess who is? I'm starting out small. Here are my goals: * Weigh myself every Monday. Would be awesome to lose 2lbs a week, but honestly any movement down is good. * Take my meds every day. Gotta stay healthy. * Do 30 minutes of intentional activity. This does not include using my pedals at home or walking around my apartment. I need to do some kind of weight training or intentional cardio. Doesn't have to be super strenuous. I just need to start moving again. * Read for 15 minutes every day. Just relaxes me. Non-work-related, though. Not reading during work hours. I'll either accomplish these goals or I won't each day/week. If I manage to do one of the goals 5/7 days, I get a small prize, e.g. a bath bomb or new fragrance. If I can get 5/7 for all three, I get a bigger prize, e.g. seeing a movie or something along those lines. No goals for weight loss. That has the potential for getting toxic. Just monitoring. Hopefully this is a simple enough start. I'm ready to get back into things!
  14. Cataleya

    Eat. Move. Rest. Tanktimus Takes Care of Himself

    Sounds like a good challenge. Godspeed.
  15. Cataleya

    Cataleya Tries to Regain Her Balance

    That's what I was hoping for, but then I woke up feeling like utter shit. I am hoping I didn't catch strep but I fear I might have. When I feel better I do want to do a deep clean. It's gotta be around here somewhere. Damn key cards. Anyway, because I felt like ass and had trouble swallowing, it was mostly soup today. This led to: 185 carbs (53%) 58g fat (38%) 31g protein (9%) 12g fiber 1400 calories