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  1. [NeverThatBored] Monsters grow in the dark

    I hear you on the news being stressful. I've started to tune out finally, but I'm not a fan of that happening given my line of work.
  2. Urgan Shows Up, Does the Thing

    I'm kind of jealous. Two thirds of our faculty didn't even bother to show up for our academic club's holiday party. Great message that sent...
  3. Hazard Rebirth: The second evolution

    Ooh hopefully it doesn't turn into full blown anything.
  4. Cataleya Means Business

    Well, part of the problem too is that a lot of these sweets are homemade, so it's hard for me to even accurately measure the sugar content in a lot of these. During most of the rest of the year, if I eat something sugary, it's generally something that is packaged by a professional company or I make it myself and have some control over how much sugar is in it. When it's other people's stuff though, I don't know what they did. I'm not terribly strict on my logging (I don't need to find the exact thing, just something like it), but knowing my history with sugar I really am going to need to focus on what I'm taking in once I get to that point. I want to start that journal when I'm not in an environment that screams, "ARE YOU SURE YOU DON'T WANT ANY WHY ARE YOU NOT EATING ALL THE THINGS CAT" because let's be frank my willpower isn't that strong. I just kind of feel like I'm setting myself up for failure if I time it now. I will be watching myself (or attempting to) over the next few weeks, but I don't want to hold myself to the same standards that I do with, say, protein just yet, especially since it's more of an "absence of" rather than a "reach benchmark" sort of goal and that's a little bit more difficult. If that makes sense. It will definitely be a slow tapering off though, because I feel like with diet, huge sudden changes are just not going to stick as well. I also want to note that my goal isn't to cut sugar completely, just to get a better handle on it. Because to do otherwise would be insane. True enough. I did feel like I wasn't playing much tennis when they kept hitting it to my partner. XD But it was still fun, and I'm proud of the nice shots that I did hit.
  5. Cataleya Means Business

    Eh, we lost pretty badly despite me having my best serves yet (two aces even) and a great net game (to the extent they tried not to hit it to me when I was up). We played out in what's known as The Bubble (outdoor courts that have a tent put up, reminds us of a bubble). My tennis partner apparently saw aquatic warfare during her time in the service and the venue reminds her of her time there, and the guy running things tonight knew that but put us in there anyway, so she wasn't really feeling it. Add in that it was hot and I was gassy and frustrated, and by the end I wasn't much feeling it either, though my performance didn't seem to suffer for it. It's not an official league so it doesn't matter, and well even if it was it's not like any of us are going to be playing in Wimbledon or anything so as long as you try your hardest and have fun who cares. Just frustrating that I was playing so well comparatively speaking and it didn't work out.
  6. Because I Refuse to Quit: Tanktimus does a no Hype Challenge

    The Midwest column is too accurate.
  7. Cataleya Means Business

    So yeah. Weekly update and such. Meds and steps are good. Still getting 10k on everything, upped to 3 Metformin a day today. I feel okay now, but we'll see how I feel after tennis. Strength training. I think I'm gonna try to work my way through the NF beginning bodyweight workout for now. Running. I only did one last week, and finals end this week, so I might do an extra day of this, but we'll see how I feel. First day I could do it is Wednesday. Protein is bumped up to 110g/day this week. I ate like an asshole this week. I think TOM is coming, and I had a bunch of carbs over the weekend, and I feel like when I eat more carbs I want more carbs. So I will get 110g today, but everything else feels kind of gross. Weekly digest from MFP is saying that I ate mostly between 1200-1500 calories, with some exceptions. Macros are kind of all over the place; mostly I see I'm still mostly over on carbs, under on protein, and either dead on or above on fat. This is with regard to the 40/30/30 split, not my #g goals right now. Just something to keep an eye on. Soda is officially counted and water are added this week. I'm going to do the standard 8 8oz glasses of water per day thing and see how that feels. If it feels like too much, I'll cut down, and vice versa. I've felt dehydrated lately, so this will be welcome, I think. I haven't had soda for a while, so that should be pretty easy. I might shift my goals a bit, to focus on sleep and fat next week, then stretching, then carbs and sweets. If only because I think trying to cut out sweets during the holidays is going to be its own special kind of hell. Tennis in an hour and a half. I'm playing number 3 doubles (the whole league is doubles this season), mostly because I had dropped out then added myself back in, and we rotate around a lot since it's not an official league. EDIT: Got bumped up to number 2 doubles, and yup, TOM is all but here. Wonderful. Without the pill this month I had no real idea when that was happening. Glad I can start that again next week.
  8. RogueLibrarian travels light

    Layers are a must. I still haven't fully figured them out.
  9. Yeah, it really depends on what you're using it for. I just count steps and run, play tennis, etc., so a Charge 2 works great for me, as it's helpful for tracking sleep, heart rate, etc. Had I been able to get into swimming like I'd wanted to, I probably would have opted for a Garmin or something. I don't need anything too fancy and have a limited budget, so Fitbit worked just fine. There are better watches out there, however.
  10. Sylvaa [Hardcore Druid]

    Re: too many sweets, that could be the opening paragraph of my autobiography.
  11. Unexpected changes and eye bags...

    Also PCOS and hypothyroid here. Weightlifting and reducing carbs are two of the best things you can do for yourself. Start yesterday. I started feeling a lot better after I started to lift.
  12. Dieting myths, and legends

    I think the biggest surprise for me was how little we know about nutrition and our guts. But in recent years, as I've been learning about research and questionable research practices and the pressure to find results that are hype-worthy, I've realized that a lot of what you'll read in the media or from diet gurus is bunk. So it's taught me to be a more critical consumer.
  13. Height and the Bench Press

    Sometimes one of the gym staff can serve as a spotter, depending on the gym. I'd explain my situation and ask about that, if you feel up to it. I know they'll do that at my gym.
  14. I kind of wish it were snowing but I can wait until Wednesday to see it. So like I'm kind of jealous but kind of not? Also I'm a introvert that can pretend to be an extrovert, because that's what is so often required of me as a researcher and a teacher.