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  1. Fantastic Spicy!!! Congratulations on quitting smoking! I hopped on that band wagon myself over 6 years ago now and I've never looked back! It's amazing when you have that turning point and smell them and go....geez, what did I like about this exactly!? Good for you! Cheers! Mishka
  2. and thank you for uploading the pic and what went into it! I will absolutely be making this soon....looks yummy!
  3. That's fantastic!! Congrats on your deadlifts! It's such a fantastic feeling, isn't it?
  4. Woot!! That is fantastic!
  5. Congrats! Nice work! I'm still working up to unassisted chin ups and pull ups myself....I'm gettin' there!
  6. WAAAHOOOOO!!!! Congrats on your hard work! Well done!
  7. I haven't really posted in a while, but this I have to share.... Thursday night I successfully pulled 225 5 times! WOOT! And I'm so thrilled friend Laura was there to catch this pic! OMG!!! I want to lift EVERYTHING! Cheers! Mishka![ATTACH=CONFIG]4899[/ATTACH]
  8. That's great!! No pain and being able to bend over are wonderful things!
  9. Congrats!! That is fantastic!
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