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  1. Long time no post! (See I told you in the beginning I could NOT commit to doing this daily) So the last week, I've been ill as mentioned above. Not going to bother posting fitbit stats as they were pretty awful all week. I didn't do any of my bodyweight workouts, I was knackered from cycling to work every day with a cold, which I had no choice but to do as my car died on me again!!! Most days I overate on calories compared to what my fitbit said I was burning so I had lots of red bars, but I still lost 2 pounds on my Saturday weight in so not too bad. Today
  2. This answer is perfection, seriously! Bodyweight workouts work for eveyone who has a body. It doesn't matter what Gender you are, if you have a body you can do bodyweight exercises and you will benefit from doing so. I'm not super fit, I'm still massively overweight and a long way from my goals, but if I can see a benefit from bodyweight workouts, anyone can! My legs no longer get sore when climbing stairs, nor do I get out of breath doing so. I can carry heavier/more bags of groceries when shopping, I can move most of the furniture in my house safely without having to
  3. Bulk fitbit stats, boom! So the last few days have been varied, didn't end up doing the beginners body weight on the Thursday as I was just too sore from cycling, other than that though, Thursday was a good day and still all green which makes me happy. Friday: All green on fitbit stats = yay. Cycled to and from work, walked at lunch. In the evening I did do the beginners body weight circuit. I did 3 sets in total which took me just over 21 minutes. I had to do knee push ups for first 2 sets and wall push ups for final set. Everything else I did unmodified, w
  4. Thanks for all the input guys, I did end up getting some new scales. As luck would have it, Lidl had some come in as a special buy this Sunday just gone, only £9.99 so not a lot of outlay if I don’t find it beneficial and they have a great returns policy so I figured I didn’t have much to lose by trying. So far the weight figures are in line with my previous standard scales and the body fat % matched up with realistically with a previous reading I had done elsewhere at the beginning of February. The water % seems realistic as well considering I consume 2.5-3 litres of water a day s
  5. Soooo, yesterday was good, here's my fitbit stats I did cycle to work, went for walk at lunch time, ate good all day and even visited my mum and brother in the evening, which I walked to and from their house also (about 11 minutes each way). Yesterday I had zoodles for dinner which was ok'ish, a bit weird but I wanna try them again to give them a fair chance as I wasn't in the best of moods for trying something new. I think it's something I can get used to without too much trouble though. Trying this is a huge deal for me because I've severely food phobic so
  6. I figured that it was about time I set myself up a battle log, so here I am. I probably won’t update it daily but I do feel like I would benefit from having a place to easily log my thoughts, feelings and progress. A bit about me: · Female · 29 years old · 230 pounds Current Goals: · Lose a lot of weight (currently aiming for Onederland, then will reassess) · Increase physical fitness · Start doing bodyweight/hiit circuits at home · Progress to ‘proper’ push ups A
  7. Draw a line under it, move on, continue as normal. A couple weeks ago I made the mistake of sitting down to watch The Great British Bake Off with a fresh cup of tea and a 'couple' chocolate digestives. I genuinely counted the calories of 4 biscuits but I ended up dunking them in my tea, it was sooo good and I reached for the second biscuit, and the third. Before I knew it, there was only about 5 biscuits left!!!! I comically dubbed it as 'biscuit Armageddon' but I didn't let it ruin my week. Great British Bake off airs on a Wednesday, I had been good all week up until that point a
  8. Hi all! Thanks in advance for looking at my post. I’m hoping you can help me decide if it’s worth buying some body composition scales? A bit of background info, I’m currently 230lbs and struggling. I’m hitting my fitbit activity targets every day, I commute to work on bike 95% of the time, I’ve cut out processed foods, fizzy drinks and unnecessary snacks. I’m eating pretty decently but the weight comes off very slow and the scales alone are not helping me out much. I have an underactive thyroid so I know my loss is slower and harder than normal, thankfully I am losing wei
  9. You didn't screw up, you just took a bit of a detour, it happens to a lot of us, I'm a recent respawner too so I know how it goes! What matters now is that you're getting back on track and you have recognised where you slipped up before, that sets you up nicely to start again I think. You can absolutely do it, we'll be rooting for you.
  10. OMG I feel you so much on this!!!!! I work 9 hours a day in an office every weekday and my routine is pretty close to perfect these days and I've nipped at work snacking in the bud but I struggle so freakin' much on the weekends! It doesn't help that we have to do our grocery shopping on the the weekends too so there's always the temptation to buy something. 'just 1 pack of biscuits won't hurt right?' or 'I'll just get 1 big bag of crisps and eat them in moderation' (which never actually happens) Weekends are normal life on hard mode for me at the moment haha, it's a brutal 48 hour
  11. Thanks for the kind comments. I'm glad to be getting back into the swing of things. I started using a fitbit two weeks ago (a nice upgrade from my old jawbone) and have beat my 8000 step target every day, I actually average about 9-10k steps a day. I’ve continued cycling to work even though I now have the car back (except for 2 days where I had to drive as I needed to run an errands on my lunch break) and I’ve been for a walk every lunch break. It’s really good to be doing more activity in my days again and I’m loving the changes I can feel on my body for it. I’m not expecting a
  12. Welcome back from a fellow respawner. Work is an essential part of life no doubt but when it goes wrong it really throws the rest of your life out the window too sadly, I've been there myself. Major congrats on getting an epic new job and jumping back into fitness and wellbeing! It's not always easy admitting you lost your way but the important thing is that you're back to it now!
  13. Just asking because I totally fell off it! I'm trying not to beat myself up about it because I've been the victim of some pretty rough circumstances and it's been stuff that I have had little to no control over so I can't be too hard on myself but I do want to get back on it none the less. Some background info for anyone who want's to read it (even if no one reads it, it feels good to just offload at least) My last posts were at the end of Feb this year. A week after that, one of my colleagues, the best person on the team, was signed off work for 9 weeks following surg
  14. Friday 26th: · Water – check · Fruit Snacks – check · Meditation – check · Exercise – NF Body Weight, knees were feeling a bit painful with the squats and lunges so I only did 2 rounds. Added in 3 sets of 10 crunches as well just for fun. Challenge recap: So my challenge goals to recap were as follows: Diet Quests · Drink more water. · Substitute carb crammed mid-morning breadstick snacks for a piece of fruit. Fitness Quest: · Complete the NF bodyweight workout at least 2x a week · Complete additional wo
  15. Thursday 25th: · Water – check · Fruit Snacks – check · Meditation – check · Exercise – NF Body Weight, knees were feeling a bit painful with the squats and lunges so I only did 2 rounds. Added in 3 sets of 10 crunches as well just for fun.
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