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  1. Newbie

    Welcome aboard! Glad you joined! I'm all about motivation and keeping after goals so if you feel you need a little push to keep you doing I'm happy to be that person! Now to answer the question you asked about weight loss - let me be frank and say the only thing I can do is give personal advice that has worked for me. I'm NOT a physician (Be grateful too because a lot of physicians are negative Nancies). I've always been told that incorporating some strength training is crucial to weight loss - try lifting some weights, doing some squats, etc. Cardio is great but it can only go so far if you keep your intensity low. Basically use your muscles more because they will help burn the energy your body has stored up. You seem like you have the dieting part down so that's the best two cents I can give you without burdening you with information overload. There is one more thing I'd like to throw out their too: DON'T GIVE UP. If you forget everything, don't forget that. Think about what you want and work hard to get it. That's my philosophy with exercise and life and it's worked out pretty well so far! Hope you have fun on the forums and if you ever need to talk about ANYTHING at all feel free to shoot me a PM!
  2. Adventurer New to NF!

    Hey welcome aboard bud! I'm always down for chatting and motivating so shoot me a PM if the burn has got you down! Heck feel free to shoot me a PM if you just want to chat! On a note more in line with your post I've been thinking about taking a martial arts class myself so if you do that let me know how it goes!
  3. I've noticed there have been quite a few bots starting threads on the forums lately. It'd kind of an eyesore when you see several of them scattered across the forums as the most recent topic. I dunno if anything is being done about it, but I figured I'd at least point out that I've been seeing it a lot lately.
  4. Hi everyone!

    Welcome aboard TREKfan007! I'm sure you'll find what you need on here! If you need someone to talk to about anything feel free to shoot me a PM! I'm all about staying motivated and keeping on task! To answer your question as to what I do first thing in the morning: I drink coffee - black, followed by 5-10 minutes of meditation, and then begin my morning workouts which usually consist of cardio running (high or low intensity depending on the day), doing the golden five - aka benching, squatting, pressing, deadlifting, and pullups, and closing out with minor muscle group exercises like curls, and possibly basic core exercises like crunches, planks, etc.
  5. Hi Everybody!

    Welcome to the forums Recep! Best of luck with your fitness endeavors and if you have any questions or just want to chat feel free to send me a PM! I'm all about motivation and keeping on track of your goals so keep at it bud!
  6. New Here (edited)

    Hello! Welcome to The Rebellion amigo! My name is Roamer and I'm happy to make your acquaintance! I'm not totally new around here but I know enough about this place to keep going so if you have any questions or just want to shoot the shack send me a PM! I'm all about motivation and self improvement which is why I joined, and continue to hang around, this site!
  7. Advice on Learning Spanish

    I don't, in fact, I am the only person I know who is trying to learn Spanish. There are communities in my town that have native Spanish speakers I considered going and practicing with, but I wasn't sure if they'd take me seriously or think I was mocking their language or something. It's a silly fear, in fact it is practically an excuse, but it is how I feel. I'm always down to practice learning with anyone, especially someone else in the process or learning it though.
  8. A Hoth Moment

    It was definitely a creative workout arrangement and it sucks to hear you lost it. But honestly, if it wasn't your property or sanctioned for public exercise it was doomed to happen eventually. You seem like you enjoy working out so why let something as minor as losing a favorite workout spot hold you back? If you want to get Star Wars about it the rebels didn't give up after losing Hoth. In fact they pushed forward and ended up blowing up the Death Star (Again). I know it may be tough but just think of it as a test: You've lost you're favorite workout place, you have no backup plan, and you're essentially pinned to the corner. This is how heroes are made mate. You got this, you'll figure it out.
  9. Can you be a little more specific about why the weather won't let you jumprope outside? I hate to sound like a jerk but that almost sounds like an excuse. If you just don't want to jumprope outside because you don't want your neighbors to see you or for some reason it is not allowed I can understand that, but the weather? I've jump roped in rain, cold, shine, and heat. The snow can make it a bit harder but it is still doable. (In fact the more inclement the weather the more trying it can be) But to answer your question if you still cannot go outside I would recommend either getting a shorter rope or just skipping jump rope altogether. If the ceiling is being hit it is likely interrupting any good sets from really happening. If you put something on your ceiling to protect it, it's just going to decrease your ceiling space making my first point even more applicable. You could also try getting a gym membership and jump roping there if none of these sound like good solutions. That's all I know to do anyway, perhaps one of the more informed rebels can offer a better solution for you if none of mine appeal to you.
  10. Advice on Learning Spanish

    Wow, that's great advice! I think I might start doing some of that as best I can! Thank you! Anybody have any other suggestions?
  11. Advice on Learning Spanish

    So I'm in something of a rut with this. I've been trying to learn a little more Spanish each day but honestly I feel like I haven't been making much headway. My goal since the beginning of this year was to learn 3000 Spanish words. I've kept pretty well on trying to keep up with that but I've gotten to the point where I don't feel like it is making an impact. Like I'll learn 50 new words just to end up forgetting 20 of the ones I already knew. As if that wasn't annoying enough I am still totally lost any time I hear a Spanish speaker talk. I've gotten to where I can SORT OF read Spanish, but when it comes to hearing it spoken I am at a loss because the only thing I can do is translate each word and I get the feeling this is a bad way to learn a language. Basically here is a rundown of my system: Right Now I am learning the top 100 most spoken words in Spanish and I know about 90 of them by heart. I do daily lessons on DuoLingo I am familiar with BASIC sentence structure and conjugation as I learned that stuff in high school and it has stuck with me. I USED to use Memrise but I got tired of its pickiness when it came to translation. For example it would give you a word that could have several different meanings and it would only accept the meaning assigned to it. DuoLingo takes various translations into account and is more accepting which is so much more preferable. I know it isn't much, but I feel I'm ready to start trying something different. I'd appreciate any advice anyone could offer. Also if anyone speaks decent Spanish I'd be happy to hook up for some practice lessons. Or maybe someone has some advice on where I could go to do this (While on a budget).