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  1. What app do you guys recommend for tracking my rides? I'm using Strava right now, I like it because of the community and 'trophy' challenges. Are there any others that people would recommend?
  2. My Dad has his bikes hanging from the roof in his garage. He just had some large hooks with a screw end that he drilled holes for and stuck into the roof. Don't put your bike outside, unless it's a junker that runs like a beauty.
  3. Greetings fellow adventurers! I stumbled in here from the local watering hole, deciding that it's time for a change. I guess this is the place to introduce myself? I'm going to go point form: 1) Currently overweight. My goal is to get to 200lbs in 6mths from the 235ish I'm currently at (down from 245 when I first found this site 2 weeks ago). I knew it was a problem when I had to put on my "fat pants" that I had put away a year ago because the jeans I had been wearing were far too tight. 2) My diet has been the biggest stumbling block for me on my quest thus far: Too much unhealthy sna
  4. Hey guys, I'm pretty new here. I see this where I go to get tips on my workout! So, here's where I'm at: Currently I'm doing the Beginner's bodyweight workout that Steve wrote a while ago. I do that three times per week. Currently I'm trying out some yoga on days between BBWW days, which will be replaced by cycling (which I love) once the snow is gone. And then one day of rest. As for the BBWW, I am starting to advance past the difficulty it provides in what I think is a good workout. Here's what I did this morning: 20 bw squats 15 push-ups 40 lunges (20 each side) 15 rows (w/ 20lb du
  5. Also an Edmontonian! Just started on the site.
  6. Hey guys! This is my first post on NF! After bouncing around for a few weeks and getting a hold of my bearings, I went straight for the cyclist thread! I got a road bike last summer and was on it every morning for an hour, my city has an extensive trail system. So that kept me busy... until winter hit. So now I'm just counting the days until the snow and ice melt and it gets warm enough to get back on the trails (I'm definitely not hardcore enough or have the money to winterize a bike and be comfortable). So I'll be checking in a lot more in the spring! I look forward to interacting with
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