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  1. Hand-bike. As someone with a recent knee injury I can attest to there not being many cardio options that don't involve legs :/ You could also try swimming!
  2. I still got plenty of time, the race is July 3rd. I did some more reading re:strength training and it looks like it's a good idea to really train for muscle now and then switch to maintenance once I start the actual tri training - meaning I only do one or mayyybe two (lighter) sessions a week. I also went swimming today and I easily did 750m in about 25 minutes without trying. So add time for cold+open water and remove some for swimming faster and it should be okay. I'm actually more worried about the biking; I'm okay-ish at running and swimming.
  3. If you have a bath tub, try a hot bath (as hot as you can stand without feeling like you're being boiled alive) after the workout. I have never been less sore! Also, I noticed that if I feel still sore from my last workout several days before and I start working out anyway - even if it feels impossible beforehand - the soreness will just disappear during the first set, like magic! (If you do feel that it hurts, please make sure you're not dealing with an actual injury!)
  4. That's some very good advice, thanks! I might just bring the swim sessions down to 1 a week and bike to work instead of one of the workouts maybe. I do want to keep the running and the strength training up, because I also got some obstacle runs (one is 16k, urgh) around the same time/a little later so I need to bring up my distance. Also don't overestimate my prowess, I will never be able to do 5k in half an hour My biggest fear is actually not being able to make the cutoff time.
  5. As someone who is currently recovering from a meniscus injury, I do squats with a gymnastics ball against the wall (just image google "ball squats"). They will take some strain off the knees and are very good as a beginner's/recovery exercise. You can even eventually add some weights to it and then transition to regular squats.
  6. Hey guys and gals, I just signed up for my first triathlon, yay! I'm kinda scared. But ok. The distance is Sprint btw, 750m Swim, 20k Bike, 5k Run. I got myself a pretty good training plan together, with about 6 sessions a week (2x run, 2x bike, and 2x swim) My question to you folks is: where would you stick your strength training sessions in here? Right now I'm thinking doing Arms/Upper on a Run/Bike day and Legs on the Swim days (I'm currently doing Arms Mo/Thu and Legs Tue/Fri). Does this make sense, you think? I tried googling when to strength train during triathlon training but
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