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  1. I'm trying not to look at the scale every day, but I did see 207 today, down from 210 last week. I haven't been sticking to my exercise routine as well as I'd like, but I have been trying to stick to the diet. I'm going to try to up the exercise next.
  2. I have MyFitnessPal in my signature. Haven't tracked as well as I should the past few days. Will try to do better today.
  3. Over the weekend, I didn't track my food, but I tried to keep it mostly okay. I'm going to try to get back on track this week. Weekends are hard. But for the superbowl my wife made Turkey meat balls with roasted Cauliflower, and for desert I had applesauce with cashews and raisins. No nachos.
  4. PS, I wanted to attach an image, but couldn't figure out how without hosting it somewhere. I'll get back to that.
  5. We're all nerds and geeks here, right? Geeks love gear! I thought it would be cool to share gear tips and ideas. Anything to make getting outside, and therefore getting healthy, more fun. To get us started, here's my stuff: In/On the Pack (Mountainsmith Haze 50) Sleeping Bag (Marmot Trestles 30) + Liner - 3.5 lbs Thermarest Self Inflating Sleeping Pad - 1 lbs 2 5'x7' tarps (plus a pack cover) - 1 lb Mess Kit & Esbit stove (and fuel pellets First Aid and hygiene Tool Pouch - 2 lbs (6 stakes, Multi-tool, Mechanics gloves (nice insulation yet good sensitivity), Head lamp, Rope, Duct Tape
  6. You can get Tuna or Chicken pouches, which are good. Jerky. You may want to invest in a dehydrator. I got one from my brother, and have made Jerky and Dried apples. The dried apples are great!!! My brother-in-law and I pack out a pack of Bratwurst the first night, and cook them over the fire. I wouldn't pack them more that one day, but that first night, it's kind of our tradition. Allergies can be tricky to buy for, you almost have to make it your self. That's why I like the dehydrator, you know exactly what's in it. There are many recipes for 'fruit leather', including a pumpkin pie fruit
  7. My first night hammocking was in October in PA. I tried it without the pad, and was so cold through the night, even in my 30 degree bag. (It's a good bag too.) The second night I used my pad (Thermarest) and what a difference! Just a little bit of R factor can help a lot.
  8. 2/2/2016 - 1409 Calories 2/3/2016 - 1693 Calories; Plus exercise; Got up on time so I could do some exercise.
  9. They need to bring back Firefly! Netflix is losing Dr. Who!?!?! What's up with that! I'm working through Star Trek again, all the series. Welcome aboard!
  10. For now, I have a 7 minute workout routine and a Wii Fit. I figure, if I can't do push ups and sit ups on a regular basis, why pay for a gym. At some point I'd like to get some free weights for the house.
  11. I do drink a lot of water through the day. I stayed in my calorie goal, even a little under. I'm going to add a little more fruit today, and keep up with the water.
  12. Okay, I thought I had been doing good, watching what I ate, not snacking, eating good. Today I'm really sticking to the challenge, food-wise. Nothing goes in unless it's healthy and I can count the calories. No snacks from around the office, no gum. I'm quite hungry. I must have been taking in more calories than I thought.
  13. So, I'm wondering what 'ADK' stands for. And sorry for the near death... sounds... extreme.
  14. PS, I'm tracking food and exercise in myfitnesspal, link to my profile there is in my signature.
  15. No gum? Okay. I sit at my desk, and like to have something to chew on some times. I do drink a lot of water.
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