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  1. I'm a poor barefoot runner. I had some cheap canvas shoes with rubber soles that I ripped the lining out of to make even closer to the ground, but it didn't have much toe room, so I switched to karate shoes - Feiyue. They are super cheap, but have great ground feel, and are heavily reviewed on amazon. Plus it makes me feel cool to wear martial arts shoes. Unexpectedly, they look really good with jeans and have become my all around favorites for casual wear. That said, great reading to keep in mind when I finally get a pair of vibrams!
  2. Hi all! I'm squirrrel. Other people actually call me that irl. I'm sure it has nothing to do with any resemblance to squirrels. Absolutely sure. Anyways! My sort of fitness story is like Staci's a bit, and reading that account of her journey is what actually got me here, all signed up and writing. I've never been overweight, am an off and on barefoot (with shoes, because that makes sense) runner at about 12-30 miles per week, never really dieted, but also never felt... healthy. Or particularly strong. My weight has been creeping up a bit lately, and an excess of free time had me doing some r
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