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  1. yeah I did a bit of research. i was interested in new rules of lifting for women but it seems the program isn't actually available on the internet, only in the book, which I can't afford. so I think I'm gonna go for stronglifts 5x5. I like that it's only 3 days a week. haven't started journalling.
  2. i'm alive! I have however been super sick for the past week which pretty much brought everything to a screeching halt. I don't even have energy to walk home from my boyfriend's house, never mind go to the gym. i've been sleeping like 12 hours a night. this cold is kicking my ass.
  3. so I came down with a wicked cold over the course of yesterday afternoon and decided to skip the gym and I feel pretty shitty today. had potatoes and broccoli for dinner last night, tried to eat some sausages and eggs and hash browns this morning but could only really stomach the potatoes. hoping I feel better for tuesday.
  4. had beans & veggies for dinner last night. the gym was good yesterday too I didn't struggle too much with the spin and we all had a lot of fun with the toning part. today I got a late start so just had my toast and peanut butter for breakfast and 2 hard boiled eggs for lunch. off to the gym soon.
  5. oh didn't realize I was in the wrong area. thanks again!
  6. lunch: 2 pieces of cinnamon raisin toast with peanut butter and 2 hard boiled eggs
  7. I have an old phone that doesn't have room on it for any new apps unfortunately. so I just need something with a good website.
  8. this is helpful! I knew I wasn't being specific enough lol. I track my food with myfitnesspal and I know I need to way up my protein if I'm going to start lifting so I'm slowly adjusting my macros on there and trying to find ways to get considerably more protein in my diet. as I get more into it I'll be upping my protein requirement more and more... my end goal for when I'm ready to lift actual weight is 105 grams a day. currently I struggle to get 30+ grams a day so it's going to require a seriously conscious effort. I think I'll leave 2 and 3 exactly as you've put them here! thanks a lot
  9. I'm looking to start getting into heavy lifting with the goal of body recomposition. if at all possible I would love a program that walks me through every tiny little thing, from starting out with just a bar with no weight to get my form right, including a schedule of how long to do that for before starting to add weight, basically just complete and utter basics, starting out slow, something that won't overwhelm me. Lifting For Dummies sort of vibe preferably that explains things in layman's terms until I pick up the jargon. and if it matters I am female.
  10. tuesday night I had fried broccoli and carrots with some lemon juice and seasoning for dinner after the gym. yesterday I had honey nut cheerios with vanilla almond milk for breakfast a piece of cinnamon raisin toast with jam and one with peanut butter for lunch and fried up some kidney beans with carrot, peas and corn and some peanut sauce for dinner. today so far a strawberry-mango-banana smoothie for breakfast
  11. well this is by far the best response I've received here. thank you. good to know I won't be metaphorically stoned to death if I allow myself the freedom to just post what I want where I want.
  12. so someone said I should just come up with 2 diet things and 1 exercise thing to work on. so for diet.... I need to start eating more protein and.........um............ crap. I honestly can't think of anything else. I'm pretty good about my diet. maybe I'll just do 1 food thing and 2 exercise things. I want to pick a lifting program to start doing and watch lots of videos of the moves and start practicing the movements with no weight to figure out form I guess that'll do. oh and as for a general life goal... I keep thinking I should start journalling. I'm not entirely convinced I'm rea
  13. perhaps I am. I've never encountered a forum with such a rigid structure before, it's totally throwing me off. I just came here to get information and support around learning to lift and now I have to follow all these rules and post specific things in specific places and it's bizarre to me. lol
  14. I haven't been getting many responses that are actually helpful. it's kind of a bummer.
  15. well the thing is, I want to start doing heavy lifting next, which I don't think exactly puts me in the rebel camp.
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