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  1. Just starting out so trying to get my head into the mindset of the challenger so trying not to run before I crawl (or however that phrase goes) so here goes : Challenge 1: give up sodas for the month - I was not doing badly with this before, I was only drinking about 1 a day, but feel I can do better and stop them completely. Challenge 2: meditate for 10 minutes daily - I'll be using headspace for this to make it easier to keep the time so I'm not cheating and do less. Challenge 3: increase my steps daily so I start hitting 15,000 - I work on my feet so is easy enough to get to that many. Cha
  2. Hi guys, I'm from the outskirts of edinburgh, just started doing Nerd fitness so glad to find there is a scots area to this
  3. ....or at least heading in the right direction to. Hi everyone, I'm midnightdiamond and I'm 30yrs old from Scotland. My life before finding out about this website and reading the level up your life book was not a good one. I suffered depression at a young age and turned me into a shadow of myself, losing all motivation for life, and binge eating without any physical exercise to counteract it. After many years I have managed to control the depression and binge eating, but now have to deal with what that left behind. Heading towards my thirties made me realise that I couldn't live my life doing
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