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  1. Hi Thom nice to see you following again So quite update guys I have decided instead of paleo I'm going to be doing the whole30 challenge this month
  2. Hi Maegs glad you're here ☺
  3. Hi def glad to see you're still following :-D
  4. Hi wild yeah I did sprint training yesterday with one of the military fitness instructors, we did alot of hill work too and a few short distances jogging as recovery... It was only an hour long session but definitely felt like I was working the wholr time haha... may switch out one of the runs to do this session every week instead :-D
  5. Hi guys I'm still pushing for my goal for the with the Reserves - I will earn my green beret :-D Right so this month is going to be a lot more strength training focused along with more endurance runs. After completing a 10k obstacle course in march I'm looking at doing a 10 mile (16k) obstacle course in the summer. I am still going to be swimming 3 times a week, still doing martial arts and military fitness, but really looking at building on my running this month and switching the focus from speed e.g. trying to increase the speed which I run a set distance to endurance e.g. increasing the time I can run without having to stop. I do have a fairly good level of cardio built up over the last 10 months since I started training but there is still plenty of room for improvement. So the goal is to increase my runs from 2 a week to three but only do one run against time and use the other 2 to increase endurance. Each of these runs will be without stopping or walking (must be non-stop running) 2 x 30 min run week 1 2 x 40 min runs week 2 2 x 50 min runs week 3 2 x 60 min runs week 4 Second challenge is eat a paleo diet while doing intermittent fasting And my 3rd challenge is to try to update you all following me on here with my daily progress.
  6. Sorry guys I did a 10k obstacle course for charity and it was Easter last weekend and I normally only get the chance to update this at the weekends Week three went great I have started swimming 3 times a week before work which is the maximum I'm going to be doing for a while (I have to get up at 4:30 am to go swimming before work!) I have been reading alot more on general fitness, bodyweight exercises and general healthy eating and nutrition as well as how to create fitness plans and military fitness, which I am finding really intresting. I also managed to fit in a few hundred push ups, squats, sit ups and even more lunges in week 4 So all in all pretty good month, I'm going to be looking to expand on my strength training as well as concentrating on nutrition for the next 4 weeks... I'm still looking into the possibility of taking a week off work in April and visiting family and really smashing the military fitness workouts and martial arts training during the day while they are at work and spending some time with them in the evenings... but that's still to be confirmed.
  7. Hi guys... right so two weeks to update you all on... Tuesday the 1st - didn't go swimming as had a pretty tough krav session Monday night did the usual 2 mile run and then went to reserves training after that as usual. Wednesday I got up at 4:30am and went swimming again I only did 750m, and after work I had my last krav session before grading! Thursday I took it really easy and only did a little 2 mile run and Friday I did nothing as I had grading coming up on the Saturday. Saturday I did a 4 hour long krav maga grading... Which I had been working towards for months and I aced it! 😆😆😆 Sunday morning I did military fitness as usual and then went for a 7 mile cross country run in the afternoon. Monday the 7th got up and went swimming but only managed 500m as was still feeling the after effects of the grading in my shoulders and didn't want to over do it, then did krav in the evening as usual. Then my evening training stayed the same but I didn't go swimming again until the Friday (yesterday) so 2 swims in week two so far... I did military fitness again this morning and went for a little walk in the afternoon as we actually had sun 😲 I'm going to check out the swimming pool schedule for Sundays now and if I can get a swim in before military fitness tomorrow morning... I went to the library this morning but as they are in the process of moving to a new building at the end of month I couldn't seem to find the sorts of books I was looking for - but I managed to find one on circuit training aimed at teaching personal trainer's how to make up circuits for their classes and another on bodyweight exercises so I'm going to use these to come up with some ideas for next month 😊
  8. Yeah us Cronuts have just been training so hard we've not had the time 😜
  9. If everyone wants to keep a personal tally for now and I will set up a Google sheets document tomorrow so that we can all view and modify everything on it then we can work as a team to get it all crossed off 😆
  10. Not bad thanks cat. I absolutely destroyed all the fitness challenges I set myself and overall ate about 75% clean which isn't too bad... so now I'm looking to build on the fitness and healthy eating over the next few months.
  11. Right so today's been pretty good I got up at 4:30am to go swimming... I didn't manage a whole 1K swim... but forgot to take into consideration that I haven't been swimming in almost 5 years haha but 750m wasn't to bad for first try 😠Just got back from martial arts so gonna grab so sleep now then hopefully I'll destroy this 1K tomorrow 😆 night guys
  12. Go on Megan, I'm sure you'll smash this one... gonna stalk this just to make sure though 😜
  13. Hi Rab I see you're a friendly neighbourhood stalker ðŸ˜
  14. Hi guys thanks for the support not sure what books yet probably going to teach myself about sports nutrition and learn a bit more on sports raining and performance... and maybe get back to read some of the classics. Anyway it's 4:55AM here and I'm just about to leave for swimming so I'll get back to you later Thanks guys 😊
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