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  1. Short answer is yes it will likely go away the more you work. This sounds like a muscle fatigue response which means you are doing the work. Hold a little passed the shake point then release. The next set try to hold even longer into the shakes. I'm talking a count of 1 1000 then 2 1000 then 3 1000 etc. Also would advise not using weights without a spotter. Remmeber progress is progress.
  2. I did the beginner body weight training and then moved to homemade muscle in the beginning of my journey, now I train parkour 4 times a week. I tried cardio in the beginning but long runs were not for me. Truthfully I haven't done what you would call traditional cardio since april and saw the change I wanted to see. I'm in total agreement with steve's latest blog post about finding the thing that makes you want to move than taking the journey. so the short version is if cardio is your bag than jump in, but if you just want to do body weight, find a program that gets you excited and
  3. As a body weight convert myself I can absolutely say you will loose weight doing this type of workout, the other half of the battle is nutrition. Rather the other 90% of the battle is nutrition and patience. Fuel right, rest right, and put in the sweat and I garuntee you will see results. I went from doughy to lean to better stacked than when I was in high school.
  4. The qm the have you do in this video can really activate the core
  5. I used mfp religiously when I was first starting out. I've slacked off a bit to tell the truth, but I've also changed my eating and fitness habits a great deal as well. I think the best way to look at it for new people is just to gather the data first then figure out how to act on it. If they approach it as an experiment it seems less daunting.
  6. Started with a calorie tracking in August just to pay attention to what I was eating, which turned into a change in eating habits. Then I found out about nerd fitness back in January and that's when things really got started. I did the beginner body weight work out religiously for three months and started climbing every Friday after work. In April my mom and wife split the cost of an intro to parkour class for my birthday, so now I do parkour 2-3 times a week and yoga every morning, and have cut simple sugar almost completely out of my diet and try to eat a more paleo/p
  7. @minderly So very wish. Next year most certainly grabbing a couple of 3 day passes for me and the wife when they go on sale. Have fun!
  8. So the short version of this is I moved to CO back in August and started paying attention to my diet. I then discovered Nerd Fitness in January and really got started. Since then I've gone from 6'-0" pushing 200# of undisciplined couch potato to 155-160# of flying parkour athlete. I only have one problem, and that is I need to buy new clothes and I hate shopping. I am so very ok with this problem! Cheers! Tag
  9. I've been away from the forums for a fair bit , but I figure it's forgivable seeing as how screen time is one of the things that fell by the ways side due to training. I've recently finish am 8 week intro to parkour class and am now moving on to lvl 2 (instructor told me to look at that and skip the lvl 1 class!!) Re-ran the time trial from the first class and cut 22 seconds off my time. I am addicted! I'd like to keep up with posts but forgive me if I'm sporadic as I'm starting to train for a parkour competition in August 2017! Sorry about the wall of text. I'm just so pumped! Se
  10. @The Saint are there adult classes at the Denver location? I'm looking at taking the course starting at the end of April in Boulder.
  11. That's where I'm looking at taking the intro class. I've heard nothing but good things!
  12. I've heard excellent things about apex movement. I'm going to try the one up in Boulder. Where is your son training?
  13. Been wanting to try it since high school honestly. I've been wanting to try it and finally feel I've gotten in shape enough as to not hurt myself. Do you parkour Matthew? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Just found this thread and wish I had found it earlier. Moved up from Houston last August to the weird not exactly Denver not exactly Westminster area. I'm hoping that we can re open this thread because I'm looking for some rebel friends to adventure with. I climb even Friday and hopefully I can get into the intro to parkour class up in Boulder. PM me if you're around and want an adventuring buddy.
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